Saturday, November 18, 2017

MaiTai Collection collage #20

It always is with great joy that I post a new collage.. it is really a wonderful treat to see items of the collection styled with such aplomb and creativity by fabulous women from around the world, and the still-life pictures always provide fresh ideas for new color and texture combinations. Because of the many contributions received there is more to come; part two/collage #21 will be posted next Saturday (November 25).

And there is more reason to celebrate since this is the 20th edition of the collage! An enormous thank you to everyone who contributed over the years or purchased from the collection. Without your support the dream of the collection would never have come true. 
To mark the occasion I've launched a special four-week pre-Christmas sale with items that are either perfect festive accessories, or make great gifts for the holiday season. The sale items change weekly and revert to their  regular prices afterwards.  To access the sale and find out more about the schedule and items in the sales coming up in the next three weeks, please click here

Now over to the swans and ladies... thank you so much for participating, dearest Barbara A, Cecilia, Desert Mermaid, Faux Fuchsia, Happyface313, Hrvoja, Jerrine, Joanie, Jonathan, La Contessa, Lauren, Macs, Manuela, Marla in the OC, Megan, Naomi, Random_Photo_Diary, Rumiko, Tanja and Trudye - you and your pictures are beautiful and inspirational!

Links in alphabetical order to everyone who has their own blog or IG site:
Barbara A:
La Contessa:
Faux Fuchsia: 
Macs Vie(nne):
Marla in the OC:

Todays contributions are from: Arizona, Australia, Austria, California, Colorado, Croatia, Denmark, DC, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Hong Kong, Maryland, Japan, Philadelphia, Singapore, Texas and United Kingdom.

Marla in the OC with a De La Mer Au Ciel 90 carré tied as a belt (basic bias fold + basic slide) with a Grande Classique scarf ring in dark Mother of Pearl (available here)

Still-life by happyface313 with a Picotin inVibrato and a Chasse en Inde 90 carré. Scarf rings: Lacquered Grande Classique and Shawl ring in purple and a Grande Classique in honey

Still-life by random_photo_diary - Scarf Collector's Book in gris (available here) and lacquered Classique scarf rings in Or (Grande and Moyenne, available here)

Hrvoja with a Double Anneau necklace in noir/argent (available here)

La Contessa with a Pearl statement necklace in bronze/copper (available here)

Happyface313 with a 90 carré tied as a necklace with lacquered Grande Classique and Shawl ring in purple

Cecilia with a Crystal cluster necklace in cinnamon rose (available here)

Jonathan with a La Ronde des Heures 90 carre tied in a criss-cross knot with a lacquered Grande Classique scarf ring in ivoire (available here)

Still-life by Tanja with a Vintage 90 carré and a lacquered Anneau Infinity scarf ring in Vieux Rose (similar here)

Tanja with a Maître de la Forret 90 carré in a reverse basic bias fold, tied with a lacquered Anneau Infinity scarf ring in Vieux Rose (similar here)

Still-life by Rumiko with Classique scarf rings: Petite in Mother of Pearl and Moyenne in rosewood (available here)

Faux Fuchsia with a Parures Oceanes 90 scarf, tied with a lacquered Shawl ring in Vieux Rose (similar here) in the basic slide

Still-life by Cecilia - Kelly 28 in black box with MaiTai Collection Mink charms (Duos) in various colors (available here)

Manuela with a Waterfall necklace in black (available here)

Cecilia with a Crystal flower necklace (available here)

Joanie with a Parures des Samouraïs 90 carre in the basic bias fold and a MaiTai Collection long gemstone necklace in Gris/Prehnite/Garnet (available here)

Barbara with a Gavroche/Pocket Sqaure tied into the basic slide with a Moyenne Classique scarf ring in black horn (available here)

Still-life by Lauren - Panthera Pardus 90 carré, with a lacquered Anneau Infinity in Light Taupe (similar here), a Grande Classique scarf ring in Mother of Pearl (available here) and ribboned scarf ring boxes

Still-life by Jerrine - Bleu Nuit/Gris Muette SO Birkin with a Ludovicus Magnus 90 carré and MaiTai Collection Mink Poms Duo in sapphire/dark grey (available here)

Collage by Barbara - variations with a fox fur collar in midnight blue (available here)

Desert Mermaid with a Mini Caba bag in navy/stripes (similar here)

Naomi with a Ors Bleus d'Afrique 90 carré in a cowboy knot and a long gemstone necklace in Gris/Citrine (similar here)

Still-life by Trudye - Parures des Samouraïs 90 carré with a Tassel necklace in Mocca/Or (available here) and horn bracelets

Megan with a Parures des Samouraïs 90 scarf tied into a Waterfall knot with a Grande Classique scarf ring in rosewood (available here)

Macs with a Poneys de Polo 90 scarf tied in a criss-cross slide with a lacquered Grande Classique scarf ring in orange (available here)

The tutorials for the featured scarf knots featured can be found here

Have a wonderful weekend and happy Thanksgiving Week ahead everyone.


Coming next: part two


  1. Dearest Mai Tai,

    Thank you for including me in your collage. I'm so happy for my waterfall necklaces and for all the other items. To see photos from the other ladies is very inspiring! Have a wonderful weekend my dear. Big hug, Manuela

    1. I can't imagine a collage without you, my dearest Manuela. You have been in every one, from day one! Hope you will always be part of them. The waterfall necklaces look so pretty on you and I love the way you wear them in winter too (just saw the pic on IG) Much love xx

  2. I'm honored to be included with these lovely ladies and gents! I get many compliments on my fur collar...such a glorious color! Aren't Hermes lovers a stylish bunch?

    Hugs, Barbara

    1. I'm so honored you participated, dearest Barbara! Love your fur collar pics and am not surprised you get many compliments! Agree with you on the Hermes lovers <3 Hugs

  3. Everything is such a treat! Thank you
    for always brightening our days MaiTai! Marguerite

    1. Thank you so much, dear Marguerite! So happy you enjoyed the collage!

  4. Delightful!! I always enjoy the collages so very much! Everyone's contributions are beautiful and I am always inspired by them! Thank You, Cathy Wong (Nova Scotia, Canada)

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment, dear Cathy! I am always inspired by the beautiful pictures too, they are such a wonderful treat. Happy Holidays!

  5. MT!!! I am so honored to be included in the 20th edition of your collage. Thank you! That scarf and skirt are one of my favorite combos--held together by your little scarf ring! Sorry I've been such a slacker about sending photos. I think of you often! xo

    1. The scarf and skirt are a killer combo, dearest Marla! They've obviously been made for each other.. Absolutely love your stylish pictures, please keep sending them! Hugs and have a wonderful holiday season xx

  6. Another collage, how fun! It's great to see some faces I haven't seen since the last collage, like Desert Mermaid and Macs. And the still lifes are really artistic, just inspired. Last but not least, a sale!! Maybe I can get something even after paying the plumber -- who, by the way, was worth every penny. I would have flooded the bathroom if I'd tried that particular repair myself!
    Much aloha to everyone,

    1. Dearest Fifi, so glad the repair worked out and hope it's the last one for a while! Hopefully the moving dust has settled and that the holiday season will be peaceful and relaxed. Missed you in this collage, but perhaps one day soon again! xx

  7. Dear Maitai,

    Am always touched to be included with these stylish ladies and I love seeing how everyone is wearing their scarves.

    You've created a a great community. Isn't it nice how our love of accessories unites us?

    Don't ever change xxxxx

    1. Dearest fabulous Faux Fuchsia, - thank you so much again for participating! I can't imagine a collage with you and I love your blog. Wishing you and your family a wonderful festive season! xxxx

  8. S-A-L-E! One of the best "clean" four-letter words in the English language or I suspect, in any language. I perked right up when I saw that. Thank you, MT.

    Everyone is looking marvelous in their finery, made even finer with your elegant touches.

    Gobble, gobble USA-based Swans. (We're about to indulge in the annual feeding frenzy known as Thanksgiving, followed by a turkey-induced stupor and then a few days of credit card melting Christmas shopping . . . ho, ho, ho! And, let's not forget about those fifty football games to be viewed, accompanied by all those turkey and pumpkin pie leftovers. We diet on Monday. If we don't, we'll explode!)

    Love to all,

    1. You always bring things elegantly (and with a huge dose of witt and humor) to the point, dearest Jerrine.. your description of the frenzy made me laugh! Love the picture of your gorgeous SO Birkin, thank you so much again! Feeling very honored the mink pomps are allowed to bounce along with her.. Much love xx

  9. :-) Dear MaiTai,
    I'm a great fan of your collages, as it's always fun and inspiring to see the rest of the "MT fan club" and how beautifully all the other ladies style your lovely items.
    Thank you so much for including my scarf ring ideas!
    Now I only have to find an idea how to use a scarf or shawl ring for my Hermèsmatic dip dyed 140cm scarf... I trust I'll find something in your tutorials ;-)
    Happy Anniversary!
    Claudia xo

    1. Dear Claudia, thank you so much again for participating and for sharing your wonderful and original scarf ring ideas. Your pictures are always beautiful and inspirational, mille merci <3 Many congratulations on your Hermèsmatic scarf, it's such a special piece to have! xx

  10. Thank you, darling MT, for including my rather hastily shot still life in collage number twenty.
    Honored to be included in such a stylish lot!
    Congrats on your first ever MT Collection sale! May your sales be brisk and sold out in no time!
    Mwahs, T xx

    1. Regardless of it being taken hastily or not, it's a great shot, darling Trudye! So thrilled to have you joining the collage for the first time, hope there will be many more pictures to come! Biggest mwahs and have a wonderful weekend xx

  11. How nice to see all of your MaiTai treasures in action or set in scene with so much creativity, joy and love. You have literally spread your beautiful accessories all over the world- that must be very rewarding! And yes- Jerrine nailed it- the word sale rings in our ears...Thanks for your ongoing efforts to create beautiful items for your faithful readership! Love, Katja

  12. So honored to be a part of this holiday collage, Miss Mai Tai, among all the other wonderful models! Thank you for inspiring me to tie more than just a common knot. Happy holidays!