Saturday, November 25, 2017

MaiTai Collection collage #21

As promised, here's the second part of the MaiTai Collection autumn collage!

Thank you so very much for the beautiful and fabulous contributions, dearest Ann-Charlotte, Babsy, Cecilia, Desert Mermaid, Faux Fuchsia, Golden Isis, Hanton, Happyface313, Johanna, Katja, La Contessa, Macs, Manuela, Margit, Marla in the OC, Monika, Naomi, Sydney Shop Girl, Terese, Trudye, Veronika and Yuka. You and your pictures rock, and I am so proud and happy to share them. Mille merci and have a wonderful festive season ahead!

Links in alphabetical order to everyone who has their own blog or IG site:

La Contessa:
Faux Fuchsia:
Golden Isis: 
La Contessa:
Macs in the City:
Marla in the OC:
Sydney Shop Girl:

Todays contributions are from: Arizona, Australia, Austria, California, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Nevada, New Jersey, Japan, Philadelphia, Philippines, Sweden and Texas.

La Contessa with a Crystal Flower necklace (available here)

Happyface with purple accessories. Lacquered Grande Classique and shawl ring (available here and here)

Veronika with a Mythes et Métamorphoses 90 scarf tied in a rectangular pleated fold, ends tied with a lacquered shawl ring in light taupe (available here)in a vertical basic slide. 

Desert Mermaid with a 90 carré tied into a cross-slide with a lacquered Anneau Infinity scarf ring in ivoire (available here)

Still-life by Monika - Jardin à Sintra 90 carré with a Crystal waterfall necklace in Duck Blue (available here)

Ann-Charlotte with Sparkling Chandelier earrings in crystal/mocca (available here)

Still life by Cecilia - Kelly 28 in black box with Mink Poms Duo in Blush/Sakura (available here)

Still-life by Margit with a long gemstone necklace in burgundy/smokey quartz/prehnite (similar here)

Desert Mermaid with a pearl statment necklace in blanc/ivoire (available here)

Still-life by Terese with an Arbre de Vie CSGM and a Pebble necklace in argent (available here)

Still life by Yuka - Birkin 30 in gold with a B30 insert in Taupe and a Birkin 25 with a B25 insert in gris (available here)

Macs Vie with a 'Peuple du Vent' cashmere shawl, tied in a cowboy knot with ends secured in the basic slide with a shawl ring in dark sunshine honey horn.

Faux Fuchsia with a Les Tambours 90 carré tied in looped basic slide with a Moyenne Classique scarf ring in honey (available here)

Still-life by Cecilia - Shawl Travel Pochettes in peacock, fuchsia, Toile de Jouy and lilac (available here)

Katja with a Parures de Maharaja 90 scarf in the basic bias fold worn as a belt, ends secured with a Grande Classique scarf ring in the basic slide (available here)

Still-life by Golden Isis - Evelyne 29 with Evelyne29 insert in gris (available here)

Manuela with a Promenade de Longchamps Gavroche tied in a simple loop knot with a Petite Classique scarf ring (available here)

Still-life by Cecilia - Petit H cat bag charm playing with MaiTai Collection Mink Poms in Rose Pêche/Taupe (available here)

Naomi with a Colliers au Chien 90 carré in a cowboy knot with a MTC long gemstone necklace (similar here)

Still-life by Terese with an Echec au Roi 90 carré, 22 Picotin in Etain a lacquered Anneau Infinity scarf ring in bleu canard (similar here)

Cecilia with a La Danse du Cheval Marvari CSGM tied into a cowboy knot with a lacquered Anneau Infinity scarf ring in bronze/copper (available here)

Johanna with a pearl statement necklace in blanc/ivoire (available here)

Faux Fuchsia with a Circus 70 carré, tied with a lacquered shawl ring in Vieux Rose (available here) into a pleated rectangular fold

Sydney Shop Girl with a 90 carré tied int a slip knot with a black horn Anneau Infinity scarf ring (available here)

Hanton with a 70 carré tied into a looped basic slide with a lacquered Moyenne Classique scarf ring in light taupe (available here)

Babsy with a Les Clés Maxi Twilly and a lacquered Anneau Infinity scarf ring in Or (available here)

Naomi with an Appaloosa de Steppes 90 scarf in a cowboy knot and a Fer à Cheval necklace in argent (available here)

Marla in the OC with Lily and a Paridaiza 90 carré in a pleated vertical fold, secured with a shawl ring in horn (available here)

Still-life by Cecilia with Mink Duo bag charm in Rose Pêche/Taupe (available here)

Still-life by Trudye with a 29 Evelyne in Bleu Nuit, Mink Poms in Dark Brown/Sauvage (available here) and bag insert in gris (available here)


  1. A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE BOOK TO start the HOLIDAY SEASON..............see my IG post two days ago in GOLD CAFTAN with your BROWN BEADED NECKLACE!

  2. Thanks Maitai, love your gang and love your work!

    So flattered to be included xx

  3. I've been MIA for too long--but what a welcome back! Daggum, but we swans are a good-looking bunch! Hope everyone is enjoying the start of the holiday's so busy here I tried to convince my cute husband that we shouldn't even put up a tree! VETO! It's going up this stages.

    Thanks to everyone for these great photos and style inspiration!


    1. Phew...what a relief that traditionally, the trees are going up only a few days before X-mas here! A few more weeks to go- more time to enjoy part 2 of this collage. Inspiring pictures all along - it's an honour to be part of this lovely bunch of stylish ladies! Thanks and enjoy the pre-x-mas time, Katja

    2. Katja--
      I love the idea of waiting just a little later, but the clock is ticking here as trees go up early and MUST come down immediately on the day after Christmas. On Dec. 26, all evidence of the holiday must be swept away! Honestly, the thought of putting it all up, then taking it all back down is exhausting--so we're just doing the tree this year. No decorations on side tables, buffets, china cabinets. It's practically heresy here in the Deep South to not decorate every room in your house--and I only have ONE tree, which is a huge strike against me as well! I'm a scarf-wearing rebel!

      So I'll take solace in this lovely collage--it's such great inspiration!


  4. Dearest Mai Tai,

    Thank you so much for your message on the last post and for also including me on the second part of your beautiful collage.
    I enjoyed seeing all the ladies and got inspired too.
    Wishing you a good start into the festive season and sending you much love, Manuela xx

  5. Thank you again, darling,for including me in your latest collage! All things beautiful at MT Collection for sure!
    Hoping all of the swans gathered here pace themselves in order to enjoy this busy, yet festive and enchanting Xmas season! Mwahs, T xx