Sunday, October 20, 2019

Zero-Gravity Scarf Rings and a New Scarf!

When the stars there a better way to introduce a new scarf ring-type than with a new scarf!

This ring is born out of the love of how a scarf looks when worn off-center and having to find a way to beat the forces of gravity, which pull even the lightest silks swiftly back to the center.

I am so pleased with the resulting ring, which I named Zero-Gravity in honor of a job well done. It lets you arrange your scarf into an off-center position and keeps it there securely in place all day long. The scarf itself doesn't get pierced, of course. You attach the pin, just like a brooch, to your clothing only. To order, or to read more about how to use it, please click here

The Zero-Gravity Classique scarf ring comes in black/gold, as below, as well as in orange and cream with gold rims, and in black, orange, and ivory with silver rims. Available here

The Index Palmarum beautifully combines my love for nature and Hermes silks. The description on (referring to the amazingly diverse colors and shapes of the palm species depicted on the scarf) sums it up perfectly:

"Is anything more creative than Mother Nature herself?"

My answer would, of course, be "no," but in this instance, Hermès' colorists come in a close second...the Ivoire/Vert Olive/Amande CW (01) is just fabulous - the colors are strong and at the same time soft without being too bright or washed out. The icing on the cake? A taupe contrast hem!

Hope you enjoy the Index Palmarum in all its off-center beauty!


Here in a Twist Wrap, worn off-center with a Zero-Gravity Grande Classique scarf ring in Black/Gold (here)

Index Palmarum - Ref No: H003366S CW01 (Ivoire/Vert Olive/Amande). Click here to see it on

In a Criss-Cross Bow knot, worn off-center with a Zero-Gravity Grande Classique scarf ring in Cream/Gold (here)

Zero-Gravity Classique scarf ring in Black/Silver (also comes in Orange/Silver and Ivory/Silver):

In an Asymmetrical Wrap, worn off-center with a Zero-Gravity Grande Classique scarf ring in Cream/Gold (here):

Zebra Pegasus in a Twist Wrap, worn off-center with a Zero-Gravity Grande Classique scarf ring in Black/Silver (here):

Index Palmarum - detail:

In a Cross-Slide with an Anneau Infinity scarf ring in gold (available here)

In a Criss-Cross knot, worn off-center with a Zero-Gravity Grande Classique scarf ring in Cream/Gold (here):

In Cream/Gold:

Ex-Libris en Kimonos in a Jabot knot worn off-center with a Zero-Gravity Grande Classique scarf ring in Orange/Gold (here):

In a Criss-Cross Bow knot, worn off-center with a Zero-Gravity Grande Classique scarf ring in Ivory/Silver (here):

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  1. A wonderful (and so simple!) idea. My order is placed; I've learned not to dawdle on this site! Please give instructions for the Jabot knot. My attempts to figure it out myself were just amusing-haha. Many thanks!!

    1. Thank you very much Susan, both for your lovely comment and order!

      I'm working on a tutorial for the Jabot knot. In the meantime:

      • Pleat scarf across one entire side and place around your neck. 
      • Feed ends of one side through a Grande Classique scarf ring and pull open a loop (so far it's the same as the Pleated Rectangular Fold)
      • Unfold the opposite side and bring the corners together. Fold over once (that side has now the same width as when it is its orange box).
      • Hold the top corner of the side you just folded and feed it through the scarf ring loop (you fold it over your chest in the process).

      Hope this helps, happy knotting!

  2. Amazing Tai! While I’ve always known that you’re a woman of many talents, I had no idea you were taking on the forces of gravity and engineering a solution.

    This is ingenious. . . what a fabulous “invention.” I’ve always loved to wear scarves off-center, as I think they look much more elegant and interesting and very chic posed near one shoulder. But, I’ve never had any luck making them stay where I’ve put them - just the smallest movement makes them slide right back to dead center. I tried the magnet fix, but fighting with little buggers wasn’t fun either.

    This is so creative and so simple. I love it and am going right over to order.

    Now, since you have solved the scarf/gravity problem, what can you do for face/gravity issues! Boob/gravity issues?

    Thank you for this. Much love,

    1. Oh, you made me laugh so much, we definitely need some emojis here. But since Blogger doesn't even allow you to post comments unless you have an account, it's probably too much to ask!

      You, on the other hand, asked an excellent question! Unfortunately, though, my engineering skills are very limited, and I'm afraid any solution I could come up with would involve severe discomfort and pain! My best idea so far it to wear your scarf off-center to distract from the other 'issues' :D

      So happy you love the new rings. Much much love and have a great week! xxx

  3. A brilliant idea! I just paced my order.

    1. Thank you very much, Phyllis! So happy you like the new ring.

  4. Dear MaiTai,
    once again you surprised US with a brilliant Idea! Really great! But before I forget: Congratulations on the new scarf! IT looks wonderfully light and airy in you! However I have noticed that we "swans" still have a lot to learn:the Origami-knot, the Obi-Knot and the Jabot-knot... How nice, that we can still discover nee Things! Best wishes Claudia

    1. Thank you dear Claudia for the lovely comment! And yes, learning and discovery never stops, which makes life so interesting and fun. Tutorials will come :) Have a wonderful week, liebe Grüsse!

  5. Sorry für the mistakes! My Smartphone has its own ideas...

  6. Brilliant idea Maitai...I have just ordered my first, and probably not my last! Congratulations on your gorgeous Index Palmarum...a perfect choice for you. Warmest regards, Anne from NH.

    1. Thank you very much, dear Anne for the lovely comment and your order. Hope you enjoy your new Zero-Gravity ring and have a wonderful week ahead!

  7. This is just brilliant! And it's so simple. But I suppose that's why it works!

    I'm also in love with the jabot knot. Did I somehow miss this one? Is there a video? It's so lovely and I'd love to recreate it, so perhaps you'll be inspired to share it with us.

    Thank you again for this new option, especially since we're finally experiencing weather where it's actually possible to wear scarves!

    Happy fall, all! xxGreta

    1. Isnt' simple so often the best, dearest Greta! A video for the Jabot wil come, but in the meantime you can check the instructions in my reply to the first comment. So glad to hear that cooler weather has arrived and that your scarf season has started. Enjoy the beginning of fall and all the pleasures that come with it! xx

  8. Dearest Mai Tai,

    Congratulations on the lovely new rings. How creative of you and what a great idea to prevent the scarf from moving ...

    So happy to be scarf twins with you on the Index Palmarum. It looks beautiful on you!
    I am looking forward to the instructions to the Jabot knot. I find it quite nice and decorative!
    I hope you are enjoying Autumn´s amazing colours and wish you a wonderful week.

    Much love, Manuela xx

    1. A belated but heartfelt thank you, my dearest Manuela! How lovely to be twins with you on this beautiful design, wear yours in happiness and good health!
      Hope you are enjoying a beautiful autumn and a fun and happy scarf season.
      Much love xxx

  9. Dearest Tai,

    What a brilliant, brilliant idea of the gravity-defying scarf rings! A must-have for me, as it is often so disappointing to have an off-centre knot finding its way and staying right in the middle.

    Also, yay! There are still more knots to learn :-) Between the new scarf, new rings and the new knots, I feel like at the beginning of my accessories adventure, the joy of discovery and satisfaction finding the perfect combination of those elements. I vividly remember how triumphant I felt mastering (finally!) the friendship knot, or a waterfall knot :-)

    Your new Index Palmarum is amazing, the colours and the scale of the pattern is so elegant and harmonious, and it suits you just perfectly.

    Wishing you and all Swans happy tying and enjoying their scarfs, as well as a long scarf weather before we switch to warmer mufflers:-)

    with kindest regards,


    1. My dearest Aneta, - thanks so much for the lovely comment!

      I'm so late in replying, please forgive me. For the past months I've working around the clock on a big project, so I didn't quite register that the comment section is functioning again, yay!

      Congrats on mastering the Waterfall and Friendship knots. It's not easy to figure out how it's done, but the result is certainly worth it.

      Hope you are still enjoying scarf weather and that the warm mufflers are stored away for the winter months to come.

      Have a wonderful weekend ahead and a beautiful remaining autumn!

      Tai xx

  10. Hi! I'm sorry, I posted this in the wrong place earlier! I'm a long time 'lurker' and enjoyer, new to posting though. Mai Tai, may I just say that you are a genius for creating your new off-centre scarf rings ; a simple and brilliant way to anchor our gorgeous scarves without any damage at all! Thank you so much.
    I shall be ordering promptly and attempting the Jabot knot, as described ,with my newest scarf Regard L'Arctique. Wish me luck...I may be some time...!

    1. Hello Annie, - sending you a very warm welcome and happy to know you like the new scarf ring. Hope you're already a pro at the Jabot knot! It's always a special joy to welcome a new swan to our pond and I hope you enjoy the company here. Congratulations on your new Regard L'Artique and hopefully until the next post!

  11. Aren’t you the clever one, darling? You never cease to amaze me!
    What a fabulous idea to keep one from having to constantly fiddle with the silks.
    Congratulations to you on tackling the effects of gravity and as Jerrine noted, keep us posted if you manage to corral the “age old” effects;)
    Love your new scarf,too! Look forward to seeing her out and about!
    Mwahs, T xx

    1. Thank you darling Trudye, so happy you like the new scarf and ring. I was actually surprised to see such a light CW in the F/W collection, it will be a perfect all-year round silk! Still working on the general gravity-defying 'miracle', but with absolutely zero luck. The Zero-Effekt face lift :D! Have a happy weekend ahead. Mwahs xxx

  12. I was just attempting to order some new scarf rings. Sadly, so many of them are not available for purchase. Will they be available in the future?

    1. Many thanks for your comment. Almost all scarf rings are in stock, so I'm not sure why they show up as unavailable. You can send me a list of those you wish to purchase via email ( and I'll send you a payment link. Hope this helps.