Sunday, May 31, 2020

Camélia knot tutorial

Today's post is all about the Camélia knot. I thought it would be fun to include a sample view on how the knot is featured on my Scarf Art scarf-tying app: each knot comes with a video tutorial and an in-depth guide in the form of a blog post:

The video tutorial:
The YouTube version below doesn't have the app's interactive features: in the app, you can practice each knot at your own pace: you can loop the steps; play the video at half, regular or double speed, and skip back and forth between steps. But I hope you enjoy the tutorial even without these features!

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The guide:
In the app, each knot is accompanied by a comprehensive blog that covers the knot in depth: you find extra tips, a size guide, and plenty of pictures that show you style variations, as well as examples of how the knot looks in other scarf sizes or materials:

The Camélia is a sculptural knot with a polished appearance resembling a Camellia flower.

What it highlights:
The visible part of your scarf in this knot is the diagonal axis. The main focus is on the ends and tips, as the center is folded behind your neck. The Camélia's "petals" are formed by the lower scarf ends:

On the blog:
Dr. Birx scarf inspiration, click here

Variation #1:
You can vary the knot by increasing the number of times you cross the ends over one another. The more cross-overs you make, the more "petals" the Camélia has, and the shorter the ends become.

Ends crossed over three times, as shown in the tutorial:

Ends crossed over five times:

  Tip #1:
If you prefer the scarf ends equal in length, cross them over one another in an even number, i.e. 4 times, instead of 3 as in the tutorial.

Variation #2:
You can vary the size of the "flower" by tightening it, or by making it looser and bigger, with pulled out "petals". Wear it close to the neck or further down, fan out the scarf ends or leave them narrow, keep the scarf ends the same length, or leave one longer than the other.

Close to the neck and with one scarf end longer than the other:

With a smaller "flower" pulled tighter and parallel scarf ends that are equal in length:

With pulled out "petals" resulting in a larger "flower" and shorter scarf ends.

The Camélia also works with 140 scarves and shawls. You can leave the scarf ends hanging down, as shown in the tutorial,

or bring them behind your neck and tie them together in a small double knot (perfect for heavier GMs such as Silk Twill or Cashmere/Silk shawls, or for keeping your neck warm in the cooler seasons):

In other scarf sizes:

With a 70 Vintage scarf:

With a Plissé:

With a 140 Silk Twill, ends tied into a double knot behind the neck:

With a 90 Mousseline :

With a 140 Cashmere Silk shawl, ends tied into a double knot behind the neck:

Size guide:
The Camélia works with the following scarves:

90 Silk Twill
90 Mousseline
70 Vintage Silk
140 Silk Twill/Summer Silk GM
140 Mousseline GM
140 Cashmere/Silk GM


  1. Dear Maitai Thank You for this fab. tutorial! And what wonderful news about the Android version:) Best of wishes Marta

    1. Happy you like it, many thanks dear Marta! The Android version is in the final test phase, should be coming out by mid/end July. Best wishes

  2. Dear MaiTai, a big thank you for this great post! I will try out the new knot with my different scarves and I am looking forward to it! But I'm even more happy about your announcement of the android version of your Scarf-Art-App! I am really looking forward to it! Thanks for working on this so fast. Best wishes (und einen schönen Pfingstmontag!) Claudia

    1. Liebe Claudia, einen ganz herzlichen und lieben Dank für Deinen netten Kommentar, ich hoffe Du hast viel Spass und Freude mit dem Camélia Knoten! Die Android Version liegt in den letzten Zügen, nur noch ein kleines bisschen Geduld. Viele liebe Grüsse nach Deutschland!

  3. I bought your app a while ago and I absolutely love it! Like everything you do, it’s wonderfully thought out and perfectly executed. It has renewed my love of scarves. Thank you!

    1. So lovely to see you again, dear Blighty! Many thanks for downloading the app, so happy you enjoy it and that it has rekindled your love for scarves. Hope all is well and have a wonderful summer!

  4. Dear Maitai,
    Thank you so much for another lovely knot.

    1. So happy to know that you like it, many thanks Katarina!

  5. Beautiful knot, Usually I made the friendship knot. I `ll try Camelia`s knot ( my sister`s name) Thank you!

    1. If you like the friendship knot, you'd probably enjoy the Heart knot too. The technique is quite similar, but the end result a little slimmer and more heart-shaped. You and your sister have beautiful names, kudos to your parents! Must come up with a 'Magnolia' knot to make things equal..

  6. Dearest Tai,
    Love the Camelia knot! Thank you for keeping on teaching us beautiful ways of tying our scarves. Have a wonderful weekend ahead. Much love, Manuela

    1. Thanks so much, my dearest Manuela, so happy you love the Camélia! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful early summer. Much love xxx