Monday, May 5, 2008

Jeu de Omnibus et Dames blanches:1937-2007

by Hugo Grygkar (orig. design in 1937) 2007


  1. Hi - You are such an inspiration! I'm trying unsuccessfully for a preloved scarf on eBay- the speed in the last minute Whew! What about Luxurey-Scarves? The carres I purchased are the vintage silk jacquard Orguaphone et autres Mecaniques in black w beautiful jewel tones, La Femmes aux Semelles de Vent in black and vieux rose (for balance!) and a 70cm vintage carre Pique Sellier in rouille/marron. I'll be making an appt. at H for a scarf knotting lesson & will look at scarf rings!


  2. Hello Maisie, thank you for your very kind comment. Yes, ebay is not the easiest place to buy scarves, but Luxury scarves is a very reputable seller. Great idea to make an appt. at H. I love scarf rings, they add so many more possibilities. Have fun and good luck!