Sunday, October 15, 2017

Hermes FSH - Autumn window inspiration part II (of three)

I hope you enjoy the second part of Hermes' Paris autumn windows and that they provide you with fun and useful wardrobe inspiration!

I always liked to add a touch of rust to autumn neutrals, but wouldn't have thought to include a brighter blue if it wasn't for the picture above. Really love how it freshens up the entire look.

Capsule wardrobe: dark denims, grey sweater and rust cardigan
Accessories: Hermes Picotin 18 in sapphire, printed Chaine d'Ancre enamel bracelet and La Presentation de Cheveaux 90 carré.

La Presentation de Chevaux (click here to see the sunflower yellow version in the previous post)

The string of gold beads that frame the centre design of the La Presentation de Chevaux make it a perfect scarf to team with pearls or beads... below with pearls 07/2009

 Blues and grey variation - Wearing La Femme aux Semelles de Vent in a rectangular pleated fold. MaiTai Collection shawl ring and waterfall necklace in black (Instagram 01/2016)

such a fabulous handle!

Capsule pieces: black trousers and black sweater with zig-zag border (Maje)
Carré en Carré 90 scarf in an Anneau Infinity necklace. (the Anneau Infinity scarf rings are available here)
Other accessories: Hermes Kelly 32 in ebene and large printed Grand Apparat enamel bracelet

Dark neutrals with orange, previously on the blog:
below left: 02/2015,  right: 11/2013


A picture from the archives (04/2015): Orange sweater, ecru trousers and a Ex Libris CSGM in a basic bias fold looped once around the neck. Other accessories: MaiTai Collection in Tassel necklace in noir/argent and Hermes Clic H bracelet in marron glacé.

Similar looks from the past... left: 05/2014, centre: 10/2016 right: 07/2016

The color combination of the above leather jacket reminded me instantly of a tunic I found at Etro a few years back. It has become a much loved wardrobe staple for dressier looks, as it is easy to style in different ways for day and night.
Capsule wardrobe piece: printed silk tunic
Accessories: Hermes Picotin 22 in rubis and Kelly Dog bracelet in black croc. MaiTai Collection Gemstone waterfall necklace in sienna/ecru/champagne (available here)

Variation...with a Kachina Maxi Twilly instead of the necklace

how the tunic featured in past posts: Left and centre: 05/2016, right: 05/2015


Capsule wardrobe : grey trousers and sweater
Accessories: Hermes Picotin 22 in rubis, Clic-Clac bracelet in Bourgogne and Coupons Indiens 90 carré.
Scarf knot: The scarf is looped through a MaiTai Collection fox fur collar in Midnight Blue (available here) with the ends tied in an Ascot knot

Coupons Indiens featured in previous posts: left and centre: 03/2013, right: drape knot tutorial

Variation: same wardrobe pieces with a change of accessories: waterfall gemstone necklace in sienna/ecru/champagne (available here) and Picotin 22 in sanguine

Coming next part 3 (of three)

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Hermes FSH - Autumn window inspiration part I (of three)

I haven't been to Paris in a while, apart from a short day trip a couple of weeks ago. Luckily, I had a little bit of time to spare and headed straight to FSH. Whenever I approach the store my heart beats a little bit faster... will there be new window displays or are they the same as last time.. or even worse, are they closed off for re-decoration? I am often lucky, and this time was no different... I could see from a distance fresh and beautiful autumn windows, inviting the passers-by to feast their eyes.

It is always a special treat to see so many exceptional pieces in the windows showcasing Hermès' artisans' incredible skills, but it is equally wonderful to soak up the great combinations of textures and colors on display... they are such a fantastic source of outfit inspiration.

Back home, I very much looked forward to creating new autumn looks with the window details in mind. It is especially rewarding when well-loved wardrobe staples integrate seamlessly into new outifts, and it always amazes me how fresh and current they can look when combined in a new way. For fun I've included some thumbnails where some of the pieces have been shown previously... I was quite surprised by how far back some of them appeared!

Capsule pieces: purple sweater and mustard skirt.
Accessories: Hermes 'La Presentation de Cheveaux' 90 scarf, Chaniere bracelet in black lizard/rose gold and Picotin 22 in sanguine.
Scarf knot: Asymmetrical wrap, ends secured in a Criss-Cross Bow knot with a MaiTai Collection Grande Classique scarf ring in purple lacquer (available here)

La Presentation de Chevaux

same as above, only with the scarf tied into a cowboy knot. The ends are secured in a vertical basic slide with a MaiTai Collection Grande Classique scarf ring in purple lacquer (available here)

Below: the above capusule pieces, or similar color combinations, in earlier posts:
mustard coat in 04/2013, purple sweater (06/2010) , mustard skirt (09/2013)

Grey is such a beautiful and versatile neutral.. it can be teamed with almost any color and gives a calm, fresh and elegant touch to an outfit.

I bought this orange linen sweater a few years ago and love to find new ways to wear it every autumn. Inspired by the window above, I framed it with grey trousers and a MaiTai Collection waterfall necklace in gris/taupe/argile (available here)

The inverse of the above, this time framing grey with orange: Grey dress with a Picotin 22 in Sanguine and MaiTai Collection waterfall gemstone necklace in sienna/ecru/champagne  (available here)

Below: orange and grey previously on the blog: left (02/2015) and centre 03/2015). right: grey dress with white (11/2009) 

Photo Finish 90 carré tied in a Criss-Cross Bow Knot with a MaiTai Collection Grande Classique scarf ring in black horn (available here)

 cardigan as above in 10/2012 (left)02/2013 (centre)  and  03/2012 (right)

Such beautiful soft autumn colors.. terracotta, sage, burnt orange and grey

No wonder that the Parures des Samourais in CW04 (ciel/vert/marron) from the spring/summer collection is a perfect scarf for autumn and winter too!

Capsule wardrobe : grey sweater and blue jeans
Accessories: Hermes Picotin 22 in sanguine, Clic-Clac bracelet in Bleu Indiens and Parures des Samourais 90 carré.
Scarf knot: The scarf is looped through a MaiTai Collection fox fur collar in Vert Paon (available here) with the ends tied in an Ascot knot

Below: previous posts including above accessories, left and centre: 06/2017, right: 07/2016

Part two coming soon!