Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Merry Merry!

Today's post is short and sweet, as I am still not finished with preparations and have a lot on my to-do list left. But at least it comes with a new knot as a little holiday gift (you can find the video tutorial at the bottom of this post). 

The Ondulation will be added to the Scarf Art app in the next update (around Dec 29) and includes an in-depth blog post with tips and variations in addition to the interactive video tutorial.

App users currently benefit from a 25% discount on all Classique scarf rings: click on the shopping label in the top right corner of the app's menu to get the code.

(To download the app click here for the Apple App Store and here to get it on Google Play)

Hope you enjoy the new knot and wishing everyone a merry and happy Christmas and holiday season! 

The Ondulation with a Hermes "Plumes en Fête" 90 silk twill scarf. Also wearing a Hermes Kelly Dog bracelet in black croc and a Biba crystal bracelet.

Our tree, ready to be decked tomorrow

The wrapping theme this year consists of snow-white paper with raspberry, silver, and gold-colored ribbons and decorations.

Christmas lunch table from last year

Twinkle Twinkle Little (H silk) Star...

Shades of green 

A glimpse into the app... for each knot you get an illustration that shows you which part of the scarf is highlighted. For the Ondulation, the main focus is on three triangles along the scarf's border. The corner of the opposite side gets worked into the pleated section around your neck. Most of the center design and the upper part gets hidden behind your neck or in the surrounding folds:

Ondulation with the above Hermes Parures de Samourais 90 silk twill scarf

You can also explore variations for each knot which include instructions on how to achieve them (here with a Hermes Carré Kantha 90 silk twill scarf) 

Hope you have a wonderful end of the year, and I am looking forward to seeing you in the New Year. 

2020 has been challenging for most, so here's to a better and brighter 2021 filled with joy, happiness, and good health 🥂

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Gold and rust, after all

Having said in my last post that I preferred bright jewel colors over the warm shades I usually wear at this time of year,  I have to admit that this month's dazzling display of fields and leaves turning gold, brown and red has turned me back to my regular autumn scarves (which were practically begging to be taken out of the drawer).

My pink coat gets a rest until winter sets in, by which time our second lockdown should have ended. We are halfway through, with two more weeks to go. I am truly grateful to live in the countryside with the sense of freedom that the daily walks with my dogs give me. Hope everyone is healthy, safe, and in good spirits despite the challenges that 2020 brings us.

Long gemstone necklaces - in warm rich colors and with separately available tassels (here)

A well-mannered little pony keeping his social distance

The shape of the fence and the colors behind reminded me of my "Cents Plis de Miao" Hermes 90 scarf, here in the basic bias fold (the scarf even features a pony, see below). Also by Hermes: Kelly Double Tour bracelet in ebene. MaiTai Collection long gemstone (here), gemstone bracelet in taupe (here) and amethyst charm bracelet (here). Nudo ring by Pomellato (here) and coat by Majestic Filature (here)

The Cent Plis de Miao's bejeweled pony features an amethyst and green gemstone bead,

and is a perfect introduction for the new amethyst gemstone bracelet (all gemstone charm bracelets are back in stock):

Long gemstone necklace in Amethyst/Citrine/Amethyst (here). Bracelets as above. Tippi Sweater by J.Crew and trousers by Massimo Dutti 

The "Les Cuirs de Desert" Hermes 90 scarf is another autumn favorite of many years. Here in a Bib knot with a MaiTai Collection long gemstone in Agate/Citrine/Tiger's Eye (here). Bracelets as before.

As above, but with a Hermes "Carré en Carré" 90 scarf the basic bias fold and the gemstone necklace with a vieux d'or colored tassel (here)

Variation with a dark teal sweater instead of the beige and the "Les Cuirs de Desert" Hermes 90 scarf tied as before. Necklace and bracelets as above.

The new version of the Tiger's Eye gemstone charm bracelet (available here)

 With a Hermes "La Presentation de Chevaux" 90 scarf in a pleated criss-cross knot, secured with a MaiTai Collection Classique scarf ring in gold (here). Bracelets as before. Coat by Tara Jarmon and shoes (Gomette) by Roger Vivier.

Variation of the Carré en Carré look above, only with the gemstone necklace in a rust-red tassel (here)

Stay safe and well.

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