Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring and spring additions!

Spring arrived early and out of nowwhere this year.. it is probably the greenest and lushest March Equinox since we moved to the South of France 14 years ago.

Almond trees are always the first to blossom... I took the picture below when walking with Milo, shortly after we came back from skiing.

Casual weekend look with my beloved Les Plaisiers du Froid, folded into a rectangular stripe and tied in a criss-cross knot with a Grande Classique scarf ring

Love my sweet custom dachshund bag charm from Luxe Leather Crafts What's more, it is double sided, so it will be fabulous with many of my other bags too.

Last week has been incredibly warm and mild, with temperatures up to 26 celsius. Nothing brings out blossoms, buds and leaves faster.

The new Bleu Marine and Peacock MaiTai Collection linen colors have just arrived in time for spring, and will be joined by fuchsia cotton within the next weeks. Some items are already available in the new linen (scarf and shawl pochettes and organizers, as well as Picotin 18 and 22 inserts).

Style sheet for the OOTD pictures above and below

Capsule wardrobe pieces: off-white silk shirt, cream tank top, grey cardigan and dark denim jeans
Accessories: Hermes Mythiques Phoenix and Les Plaisiers du Froid 90 carrés. MaiTai Collection sparkling crystal earrings in mocha
Shoes: Roger Vivier Belle Vivier in nude and Converse Breakpoint sneakers in light gold

Mythiques Phoenix 90 in an asymmetrical wrap with MaiTai Collection crystal earrings in mocca

Picotin 18 insert in Bleu Marine

So happy to share my excitement about my first Evelyne: Bleu Agate Clemence, PM size

The beautiful Bleu Agate turned out to be a perfect match to the Gerard Darel tunic blouse I bought a couple of weeks earlier (available here on French site), and the casual style will be perfect with another spring addition, a light gold pair of Converse breakpoint sneakers (here on the French site and US site)

It always is great fun to combine new additions with old favorites...here with my Cuirs de Desert 90 carré in a cowboy knot, ends secured with a Petite Classique scarf ring in the basic slide.

Photo Finish in the basic bias fold

Capsule wardrobe pieces: cornflower tunic top and dark denim jeans
Accessories: Hermes Photo Finish and Cuirs de Desert 90 carrés, Kelly Double Tour bracelet in ebene and Evelyne III size 29/PM in bleu agate. MaiTai Collection Petite Classique scarf ring in sunshine honey and pebble necklace in or 
Shoes: metallic sneakers in light gold

Have a most happy and wonderful spring everyone xx

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


For the last two years we haven't been very lucky with our skiing holiday weather, and spent most of the time with books by the fire while snowstorms were raging outside. This year however the conditions could not have been more perfect.. it snowed the week before we went, and then the sun made a comeback just as we arrived. The blue skies lasted our entire stay and the temperatures were so mild that it could have been the end of March. It was our best skiing holiday ever!

The wonderful weather allowed for lighter ski gear, and on most days a small Gavroche/Pocket Square scarf was just the perfect amount of silk to keep the neck warm and protected.

Vif Argent, tied in a half cowboy knot and tucked into a turtle neck collar. Ends secured with a Petite Classique scarf ring (available here) in the basic slide.

For fear of loosing my scarves on the slopes I wouldn't dare to wear them without scarf rings... they hold them securely in place all day long (and minimizing any wrinkling).

Naturally, our time was action packed

Bonjour Monsieur!

Another day, another scarf.... Brazil II Gavroche

knotted and worn in the same way as the Vif Argent above

'On aime les bulles' - my motto, too!

Watching the paragliders over lunch the previous day gave DS an idea..

getting ready


No turning back now... allez-go!

Can you spot the orange sail?

Last day.. wearing my absolute favorite winter scarf, the 'Les Plaisiers du Froid'. It's been on every skiing holiday since my dearest friend Jerrine gave it to me (I never received a scarf in such beautiful condition.. more on Jerrine's scarf magic coming soon)

Cowboy knot secured with a Grande Classique scarf ring (available here) in the basic slide.

Les Plaisirs du Froid - detail

Au revoir, until next year!

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