Saturday, November 27, 2021

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale

 Hope everyone who celebrated had a lovely Thanksgiving!

For Black Friday/Cyber Monday I am offering discounts of up to 60% on all jewelry. 

Hope you find something you like to sparkle up the festive season 🥂

The sale also includes the sumptuous and plush mink scrunchies, now available for 39 EUR instead of 89 EUR. Made by hand in France.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Isle-sur-la-Sorgue and fabric choices

In the last couple of weeks, an eye problem (all is good now, phew) got a little bit in the way of normal life, so this post is a bit shorter than usual.

My thoughts have continued to revolve around my various house projects, and now that the wallpaper in my showroom is hung and the walls are painted, the fun part of "accessorising" has begun! A decorating project is not dissimilar to putting an outfit together, only that furniture, fabrics and decoration objects are more permanent and so a lot more thought goes into the process. 

To me, it is very important to feel objects, be it furniture or fabrics, and see their dimensions, textures and characteristics in real life. However, in times of Covid travel is a rare event, which makes the process of sourcing more difficult and time-consuming. I'm making good progress nevertheless and have amassed a beautiful collection of fabric samples, both for my decoration projects and the expansion of my bag insert line. I've also compiled a list with some furniture options which I'll finalize when next in London.

A trip earlier this month to Isle-sur-la-Sorgue (a pretty provençal town that is home to numerous antique shops, fairs and markets) was great fun, even though I didn't find the kind of things I was looking for. The picturesque scenes and romantic settings more than made up for it, and the trip was worthwhile nonetheless. 

The fabric inspiration for the showroom entrance goes many years back, when DH and I were walking down the Rue du Mail in Paris (where many of the major Ã‰diteurs de Tissue/fabric houses are located). We both stopped in our tracks at the sight of some beautiful panels of printed, tabby weave linen fabrics in a shop window. 

I've never forgotten them and now, many years later, I thought that the large-scale design of paradise birds perched on leafy branches would go perfectly with the newly hung wallpaper. I ordered samples of most of the CWs to try them in combination with the room. My favourites turned out to be the dusty pink, emerald green, and beige. To see how they work with the walls, why not drape them like a shawl? Let me know which one you like best!

Option 1: emerald green with deep salmon coloured flower accents (CA1491/030)

Furniture and accessory ideas to go with the green option

Option 2 - neutral in beige, cream and brown  (CA1491/20)

The picture below is of one of the many horses that I encounter when walking the dogs. Thanks to the comments on Instagram I now know that its beautiful espresso/white colored is called "roan". To see more pictures of the horse click here

Option 3 - Pink with golden flower accents (CA1491/060) 

The table and carver chair from the first option would work very well in the pink scheme, too. Here with playful Chinoiserie vases instead of the green ones.

In the meantime, my big mirror arrived but unfortunately, with broken glass. For safety reasons we removed all the glass and it looked so mysterious and beautiful that I almost wanted to keep it that way.  

In the end, the replacement arrived and I could not be happier as I love how it reflects the trees on the wall. 

Hope you are safe and well, and enjoying a beautiful and happy autumn xxx

Wallpaper: Italian Panoramic by Iksel Decorative Arts 

Fabric: Avventura by Chivasso (through JAB Anstoetz)