Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Reader's style challenge and FSH inspiration - part two

Continuing Cynthia's style challenge with more inspiration from FSH and Paris snaps..

For anyone who like Cynthia doesn't feel like wearing head to toe black so early in the fall season, warm coloured accessories are perfect to soften the look. If you pick autumn foliage tones for your bags, scarves and jewelry, your outfit is in perfect harmony with the season, too!

Kachinas Maxi Twilly

Capsule pieces: black tunic blouse and pants.
Accessories: Kachina's Maxi Twilly and Kelly Dog matte croc bracelet in black. MaiTai Collection waterfall necklace in burnt orange (available here) and howlite statement necklace in orange (available here. Kelly 32 in ebene (day) and Kelly Pochette in black shiny croc (night)
Shoes: suede ballet flats or patent leather pumps

Variation on the above.. wearing a howlite statement necklace in orange instead of the waterfall necklace.

Parisian courtyards are often 'bijou size', but the attention to detail has turned some of  them into real little gems. This one in the Marais quarter reminded me very much of the colors in the FSH windows!

Mousseline scarves are not just great for summer... because of their light and elegant texture they are perfect year round evening scarves as well. Wearing 'Fantaisies Indiennes' in an asymmetrical wrap (click here for a how-to) with a waterfall necklace in burnt orange (available here)

Teaming a dark coloured wardrobe basis with warm toned accessories has always been an autumn favorite of mine.. here's a throwback to 2014 with a 'Carré en Carré' 90 scarf tied in a criss-cross bow knot with a Grande Classique dark Mother of Pearl scarf ring).

And here's the reason I've been a little behind with emails and comments recently...say hello to Milo!

The De Gournay window below is another image resonating FSH colors... I took this snap on a stroll through Saint Germain in the Rue Saints-Pères. De Gournay is famous for its stunningly beautiful hand-painted wall papers (click here), and is located right opposite the Galeries Ducha, where you find the fabulous restored French paper board games featured in the previous blog post.

The colors of the De Gournay window reminded me so much of this picture from 2014.. wearing the same scarf as above, only in combination with a fox fur collar in mocca (available here). Click here to see the full post.

And here's little Milo in his favorite place! Again wearing the "Carré en Carré' 90 scarf, this time in a rectangular pleated knot with a lacquered shawl ring in orange (available here)

As you can imagine, I can't resist taking pictures of little Milo. Of course he'll take part in the posts occasionally, but since this blog is not about dachshunds, his photos will be mainly on his own Instagram page:

Have a great rest of the week and wonderful remaining autumn everyone.


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Reader's style challenge and FSH inspiration

There hasn't been a reader's style challenge for some time, and it was so nice to receive the following from Cynthia in the US:
Dear MaiTai,
See that you are visiting Paris. In NYC, after our Labor Day, most women stop wearing pastel colors and turn to black. Since black no lingering suits me, I wear navy. What is your Summer/Autumn transition wardrobe? Can you post a few ideas on your blog?
Thank you.

I agree that with so many beautiful autumn colors around it is a little early to succumb to winter black. With so much color inspiration from the autumn windows at Hermes, your request dear Cynthia could not have come at a better time! Many of the combinations resonate with some of my favorite autumn scarves, and remind me of previous ways of wearing them.. Looking at the date of some of these pics, I'm thinking how timeless a simple capsule wardrobe with beautiful accessories can be. The windows also inspired some new looks and reminded me of other locations and photos. Because there are so many, there will be a part two as well.

The picture below is from 2014, and incidentally part of a style challenge (how to wear leopard print.. click here to see the full post). Wearing a 'Carré en Carré' 90 scarf in a rectangular pleated fold, secured in a vertical basic slide with a shawl ring in horn (click here for a how-to).

Below the same scarf worn in the same year, but this time tied into a criss-cross bow knot with a Grande Classique dark Mother of Pearl scarf ring), and teamed with a dark brown jersey shirt, checked wool pants and a 32 Kelly in ebene. The look itself is a repeat of my first blog post in 2009 (click here to see the full post).

Going further back... in 2012 I brightened up an all black outfit with a brown leather belt (click here to see the workshop and how to order) and a 'Madame et Monsieur' 90 carré worn in the basic bias fold. You can prevent the scarf from slipping by securing it with a small magnet (click here to see how)

I had many requests regarding the scarf pictured above... it is a 100 x 100 cm cashmere/silk scarf from the men's collection, and it's called 'And the Winner is' (available here at H's US site). It's beautiful blues inspired me to take out my Cavalleria d'Etriers cashmere shawl (tied into a cowboy knot with ends left loose). I teamed it with blue pants and a Picotin 18 in Bleu Sapphire, and for an autumn touch framed it with a linen sweater in orange and a waterfall necklace in burnt orange (available here)

As usual, I toasted Paris good-bye in the bar of the train station's magnificent Train Bleu restaurant, only this time I had an orange bag as extra company!

Inside the orange bag.. Tigre Royal! I've been looking for a 140 x 140 cm (55"x55") carré géant for the longest time, and this one was love at first sight (Ref. H671632S CW12 noir/argile/turquoise .. available here on H's French site). Even though it's from the current Autumn/Winter collection, it can be worn in a light and summery way too...up until the last couple of days it has been sunny and warm in the South of France, so I wore it for its first outing with cream trousers. More on the Tigre Royal coming soon!

I tend to get quite absorbed while taking pictures of the FSH windows... zooming in and out of them, the colors and textures seem to imprint themselves on my subconscious... I often recognise them afterwards in a myriad different contexts and atmospheres - nature, buildings, someone's clothing, a scarf or piece of jewelry or even another shop window. I came past this beautiful board game at 12 Rue des Saint Pères... home to Galerie Ducha, where Master engraver Dominique Duchange gives a new life to centuries old paper board games (

Combining the trousers from look #2, the scarf from look #3 and the sweater from look#4 with a MaiTai Collection fox fur collar in mocca (available here). Pic also from 2014!

Coming next: FSH inspiration part two