Sunday, June 28, 2020

A new Gavroche and Pocket Square knotting ideas!

With 4th of July celebrations in the US 🇺🇸 and Bastille day in France 🇫🇷 approaching, and white clouds lazily moving through summery blue skies ...  

... I thought it would be a perfect time to introduce the cute and whimsical "Fantaisies Botanique- Detail" Gavvroche/Pocket Square scarf I bought earlier in the spring.

At first glance, it's predominately red, white, and blue, but its many color nuances make it a very versatile little scarf. The blues range from cornflower, navy, turquoise, and ciel to steel and slate blue, and the reds go from bordeaux to cherry, coral, ruby and salmon. 

 Fantaisies Botanique in Bleu Royal/Rouge/Blanc (ref. H893511S 02)

Gavroche/Pocket Square Playtime!

Clockwise from top left: ChouChou (tutorial to come in one of the next app updates), Simple Loop, Scarf Necklace, and Ascot knot.

In a Petit Bib (only fold your scarf into a triangle once, instead of twice) with an Anneau Infinity ring in rose gold (available here)

The "Plumes en Fêtes" enamel bracelet in "Tropique" came home with me at the same time, and even though it is predominantly orange, it works surprisingly well with the new little Gavroche too (available at here)

Ref nr: H110414FPA365

Clockwise from top left: Gavroche Cowl Neck (tutorial to come) Papillon, Gavroche Flower knot and Asymmetrical wrap with a Petite Classique reversible ring in Bordeaux/Navy/Silver (here)

With my Picotin 18 in Bleu Sapphire and NEW Double mink poms in Cornflower/Ciel (available here)

Reversible Classique scarf rings clockwise from top left: Grande bordeaux/navy/silver, Moyenne navy/bleu canard/silver and a Petite in ivory/black/silver (available here)

Clockwise from top left: Demi ChouChou, Criss-Cross Bow knot (with a Petite reversible scarf ring in bleu canard/navy/silver), Double Gavroche Twist and Criss-Cross knot (same scarf ring as before).

In an Asymmetrical Wrap with a Petite Classique scarf ring in gold (here)

 The"Plumes en Fête" 90 scarf and printed enamel bracelet - best friends already!

Scarf and bracelet, all "Plumes en Fête". The scarf is tied in a Sautoir knot with an Anneau Infinity scarf ring in rose gold (here)

Scarf and bracelet as above with Moyenne Classique reversible scarf rings in bleu canard/hot pink/silver and taupe/orange/silver (available here)

Bracelet as above with a printed tunic and an ethnic statement necklace in coral (here)

MaiTai Collection updates:

The crystal waterfall necklaces are back in stock in duck blue and vert nil (here):

Duck blue crystal waterfall necklace (here) with a Parures de Samourais 90 scarf in a Bib knot and a Clic Clac H bracelet in Bourgogne. 

Vert Nil crystal waterfall necklace (here) with an "Index Palmarum" 90 scarf in an Asymmetrical Wrap and a Clic Clac H bracelet in Bourgogne. 

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Camélia knot tutorial

Today's post is all about the Camélia knot. I thought it would be fun to include a sample view on how the knot is featured on my Scarf Art scarf-tying app: each knot comes with a video tutorial and an in-depth guide in the form of a blog post:

The video tutorial:
The YouTube version below doesn't have the app's interactive features: in the app, you can practice each knot at your own pace: you can loop the steps; play the video at half, regular or double speed, and skip back and forth between steps. But I hope you enjoy the tutorial even without these features!

For email subscribers: in case the video doesn't show in your feed, please click here to view

The guide:
In the app, each knot is accompanied by a comprehensive blog that covers the knot in depth: you find extra tips, a size guide, and plenty of pictures that show you style variations, as well as examples of how the knot looks in other scarf sizes or materials:

The Camélia is a sculptural knot with a polished appearance resembling a Camellia flower.

What it highlights:
The visible part of your scarf in this knot is the diagonal axis. The main focus is on the ends and tips, as the center is folded behind your neck. The Camélia's "petals" are formed by the lower scarf ends:

On the blog:
Dr. Birx scarf inspiration, click here

Variation #1:
You can vary the knot by increasing the number of times you cross the ends over one another. The more cross-overs you make, the more "petals" the Camélia has, and the shorter the ends become.

Ends crossed over three times, as shown in the tutorial:

Ends crossed over five times:

  Tip #1:
If you prefer the scarf ends equal in length, cross them over one another in an even number, i.e. 4 times, instead of 3 as in the tutorial.

Variation #2:
You can vary the size of the "flower" by tightening it, or by making it looser and bigger, with pulled out "petals". Wear it close to the neck or further down, fan out the scarf ends or leave them narrow, keep the scarf ends the same length, or leave one longer than the other.

Close to the neck and with one scarf end longer than the other:

With a smaller "flower" pulled tighter and parallel scarf ends that are equal in length:

With pulled out "petals" resulting in a larger "flower" and shorter scarf ends.

The Camélia also works with 140 scarves and shawls. You can leave the scarf ends hanging down, as shown in the tutorial,

or bring them behind your neck and tie them together in a small double knot (perfect for heavier GMs such as Silk Twill or Cashmere/Silk shawls, or for keeping your neck warm in the cooler seasons):

In other scarf sizes:

With a 70 Vintage scarf:

With a Plissé:

With a 140 Silk Twill, ends tied into a double knot behind the neck:

With a 90 Mousseline :

With a 140 Cashmere Silk shawl, ends tied into a double knot behind the neck:

Size guide:
The Camélia works with the following scarves:

90 Silk Twill
90 Mousseline
70 Vintage Silk
140 Silk Twill/Summer Silk GM
140 Mousseline GM
140 Cashmere/Silk GM

If you've already purchased the app: 
The Camélia is included in the latest update which was released a week ago. To access, go to the Apple App Store and search for "Scarf Art". Click the "update" button to start your free download (all updates are free of charge).

If you haven't downloaded it yet:
To find out more, click here
To download, search for "Scarf Art" in the Apple App Store or click here
If you are on Android:
A huge thank you for everyone who casted their vote for an Android version. Thanks to you all and to my fabulous developer team, the Android version is becoming a reality and will be available soon! Because of the complexity of the conversion, it will be more basic in terms of functionality, but this will also be reflected in the price. The Android "Scarf Art" will contain the same video tutorials and all of the iOS's knots, and you also receive all future updates for free.