Thursday, January 17, 2019

One outfit - six looks

Putting an outfit together has just as much to do with the mood we're in as with the season, the kind of day ahead and our surroundings. We might feel adventurous or romantic, or want to be organized and disciplined. We might have been inspired by something new, or prefer the familar comfort of trusted wardrobe staples. There are so many different reasons that make us reach for our clothes, whether it's  through rational focus, or a subconscious state of mind.

In the past few days, nothing else was as alluring and comfortable to me as the uniform I kept slipping back into: a pair of jeans, a black or blue fine-knitted wool sweater (Tippi from J.Crew is a favorite) and a cosy, block-coloured gilet which gives the perfect amount of warmth for winter days. Not sure what this says about my current state of mind, maybe it is the wish to simplify things for the early beginning of the New Year. Wearing the same clothes every day however, doesn't mean you have to look the same all the time. With a few accessories and minimal effort you can create many different looks, and perhaps it is because of this challenge that I'm in 'uniform mood' in the first place!

Adding brown and white to the mix with a Hermes Quadrige 90 carré and a Kelly 32 in ebene. The scarf is tied into a Criss-Cross knot with a Grande Classique reversible scarf ring (ivory/black/silver). Also wearing a MaiTai Collection Multistrand bracelet in silver (here)

Hermes Kelly Dog bracelet and Quadrige scarf with a MaiTai Collection reversible Classique scarf ring in ivory/black/silver (available here)

With bright blue and splashes of yellow, turquoise and red for a fresh and casual touch: Hermes Evelyne 29 in Bleu Agate and a Cuirs de Desert 90 carré tied into a cowboy knot with a Moyenne Classique reversible scarf ring in bleu canard/navy/silver (here)

Cuirs de Desert detail, Clic-clac H bracelet in Bleu Indiens and MaiTai Collection reversible Classique scarf ring in bleu canard/navy/silver (available here)

Winter pastels and pearls for a softer and more elegant version  - Hermes Coaching 70 carré in a basic bias fold and Clic H bracelet in marron glacé. MaiTai Collection Cascading pearl necklace in champagne (available here)

Coaching scarf and MaiTai Collection Cascading Pearl necklace in champagne (available here)

Light and breezy with a Pocket Square scarf and small bag - Hermes Picotin 18 in Bleu Sapphire and Vif Argent Gavroche and Kelly Dog bracelet in black croc. The scarf is tied into a basic slide with a MaiTai Collection Petite Classique scarf ring in silver (available here). Also wearing an MTC Multistrand bracelet in silver (here).

Petite Classique scarf ring in silver (here) with Hermes Kelly Dog bracelet and Vif Argent Gavroche

Cosy with a cashmere/silk shawl - Hermes Ceintures et Liens CSGM, Picotin 22 in rubis and Clic Clac H bracelet in Bleu Indiens. Shawl tied into a cowboy knot, ends secured in a vertical slide with an Anneau Infinity scarf ring in teal (available here)

Inside my Picotin... a Picotin insert in Bagatelle corail (available here)!

With midnight blue and a touch of burnt orange and turquoise - Rendez-vous à Rive Gauche 70 scarf, tied into a Waterfall knot with a Moyenne Classique reversible scarf ring in bleu canard/navy/gold (available here)

Classique reversible scarf ring in bleu canard/navy/gold, available here (also comes in silver and bleu canard/hot pink)

I'd love to know which your favorite look is..

a) Quadrige 90 carré
b) Cuirs de Desert 90 carré
c) Coaching 70 carré with pearls
d) Vif Argent Gavroche/Pocket square
e) Ceintures et Liens cashmere shawl
f) Rendez-vous à Rive Gauche 70 carré

Please post your vote in the comment box below (Blogger seems to have fixed the issue with the comments).

Edited to add:

As requested by many, here some shoe ideas and wardrobe info!

Gilet: Max Mara (AW2017)
Sweater: Etro (love J Crew Tippi sweaters equally)
 Jeans: Levis 711

Left column: Black ankle boots by Saint Laurent, moccasins by Max Mara.
Centre colomn: Moccasins by Max Mara, laced ankle boots by Kooples and taupe ankleboots by JK Bennet
Right column: Belle Vivier grey patent flats by Roger Vivier. Ankle boot by Max Mara

Left column: silver sneakers by Pierre Hardy, Marlene pumps by Roger Vivier and black ankle boots by Saint Laurent
Centre column: Ankle boots by Max Mara, two tone moccasins by MellowYellow, Marlene Pumps as before
Right colomn: Moccasins by Max Mara, Marlene pumps as before, sneakers by Gucci

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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Festive season!

With Christmas almost here, I imagine everyone's very busy and I hope a festive spirit and holiday cheer is beginning to get hold. With all preparations in full swing, the run-up to Christmas is almost as fun and enjoyable as the holidays themselves. The pine cones, twigs and dried flowers I've collected throughout the year have received a coat of gold and silver, the house is decorated, the tree's brought home, the wine cellar stocked and the presents bought. Now it's time to bake, gift wrap and  plan the holiday outfits!

With perfect timing, a big sister to the pearl collar necklaces has arrived: the Cascading Pearl Necklace consists of more than three hundred fresh-water pearls, strung into small strands, and arranged in sixty cascading rows. It is made by hand and comes in champagne, charcoal and blanc/ivoire (from left to right), available here

Cascading pearl necklace in champagne

Also new: reversible scarf ring in pale pink/gris/gold (available here)

Time to start wrapping!

Cascading pearl necklace in champagne (available here)

This season I am wrapping all gifts in glossy white paper, and then adding ornaments, ribbons and greenery for a festive touch. It is very similar to accessorizing a capsule wardrobe piece!

Christmas sales at the end of the month always provide a good opportunity to stock up on gift wrapping materials for the coming years.

Dressing up with a cascading pearl necklace in blanc/ivoire (available here)

The cascading pearl necklaces are made with hundreds of genuine freshwater pearls. A small, facetted bead between each pearl gives the necklace a sparkling and playful touch!

The pale pink/gris reversible scarf ring also comes in silver, here with a Space Shopping au Faubourg 90 carré

Red and white, a Christmas classic

Reversible Classique ring in Bordeaux/Navy/Gold (also new, available here) with a La Reale 90 carré

A throwback to 2008 when DS was 'posing' for our Christmas card, wearing my Ex Libris CSGM. This autumn he started university in England, and he'll be home for Christmas in a few days!

The reversible Classique rings now also come in bordeaux/navy (in silver and gold, both available here)

Cascading pearl necklace in Charcoal (available here)

This pretty, tassled trimming is a find from Bangkok's Chinatown earlier this year (click here to see the travelogue), you never know where you'll find your wrapping materials!

Brasserie Les Deux Garçons in Aix-en-Provence

Cascading pearl necklace in champagne (available here)

a Nordic version with taupe and beige

Cascading pearl necklace in blanc/ivoire (available here)

Wishing you all
a Merry Christmas,
Happy Holidays
and a
Healthy, happy and fabulous New Year 2019!

PS. It seems to be impossible to leave comments at the moment. I am truly sorry for the frustration this causes, and I miss the pond-side chat with all you swans. I hope Blogger will fix this soon, but if any of you have an idea how to bypass the problem, please let me know.