Sunday, April 18, 2021



The scarf ring spring sale will continue for a little over a month from here. After this time the Classique rings (which include the reversible and Zero-Gravity rings) will be discontinued.  If you thought of adding another ring to your collection one day, or gift one to a friend or family member, please know that the timeframe for purchase is limited to a few weeks from now. As an extra incentive, I am offering FREE standard shipping on all SPRING SALE items in addition to the 40% discount that is already applied. To redeem, please enter FREESHIP at checkout. Remember, Christmas is only eight months away ;)


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Now to the post!

While we are waiting for our third lockdown to come to an end, anything that is new provides excitement, no matter how small. Just before the start of this latest confinement, I had a hairdresser appointment and as I hurried past shop windows on my way back home, a sky blue sweater caught my eye. It had to be a quick purchase, as it was getting dangerously close to the 7pm curfew! So glad I did, as I had so much fun pairing it with my favorite spring scarves. 

A narrow two-way street in a neighboring village. I always hope that no one comes the other way..

Shades of blue: with a Les Plaisirs du Froid 90 scarf in the basic bias fold.  Also by Hermes: Clic Clac H bracelet in Bleu Indiens

Les Plaisirs du Froid as above, this time in a Camelia knot

Cent Plis de Miao scarf in a cowboy knot. Usually, the purple border dominates but this time the turquoise and blue accents get echoed and highlighted by the sweater. 

 Fleurs d'Indiennes is another spring favorite and it is no surprise that it goes beautifully with blue, too. 

Cent Plis de Miao in a Cowboy knot variation (ends tucked underneath the bib) which brings out some of the scarf's yellow center as well.

Fleurs d'Indiennes as above, this time in an Ondulation knot.

Stay safe and well and have a beautiful spring!


Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter 🐥🐇🌿

 Wishing everyone a very happy Easter!

I am sorry for having missed posting in March, but will be adding a second post for April very soon.

Hope you are all enjoying a beautiful spring!


Beige and white, with a new necklace and pendant set in ivory (available here )

Index Palmarum in a Palmier variation. Bracelet: Kelly Double Tour in ebene

Only limited stock left: 

90 carré Collector's Book in Jean-Paul Gaultier's Skin fabric (50% spring sale discount, here)

The picture below is only from yesterday, so it's safe to say these two spring lambs have survived Easter

The new necklace set also comes in black and consists of a single-strand necklace with jet-black smooth beads and sculpted brass beads and a three-strand necklace with a cross-shaped brass pendant (here)

Variation of the above with a black jacket

Brass and pearl necklace set in ivory (here)