Saturday, February 15, 2020

Scarf Art App with ten new knots and 44 tutorials!

I am happy and excited to finally unveil the project I've been working on for the past 12 months:

Over the years I've been asked many times why not publish a book. I decided on the app format instead, because its functionality offers so much more: it is interactive and fun to use, videos are easier to understand than photo tutorials and it can be updated, too. Considering that the Scarf Art app would consist of 200+ pages if published as a book, it is definitely easier to carry around while practicing knots!

Press 'play' for an overview on the knots:

The Scarf Art app features 44 ways to tie your scarf (including 10 that are new), each with a straightforward and easy to follow video tutorial. Interactive tools let you practice the knots at your own pace and rhythm; you can loop each step, vary the speed from normal to 0.5x or 2.0x, and go back on the steps or skip them.

Each knot also has a comprehensive guide in the style of a blog post with tips, variations and size guides (450+ photos in total). You can find out which part of your scarf is highlighted, and how the knot looks in other scarf sizes and styles.

Further fun includes filters (by tie level, playtime, scarf size and more), favorite buttons, size guides, and a glossary.

The Scarf Art app is available for iPhones and iPads at the Apple App Store (here). The price is 12.99 USD which includes future updates with new knots, pictures, and tutorials at no additional cost. I am busy working on these already!

For further details check the Scarf Art App's website:

If you enjoy the app, I would be immensely grateful if you could leave feedback on the Apple App Store (go directly there, or through the 'feedback' link in the app's 'More' section). A five-star rating and positive comment are a much-appreciated way to show support; these metrics are crucial for a good app store rating and therefore the app's success.

Thanks so much.

Now to the 10 new knots!

I thought it would be fun to combine old with new, and am therefore introducing them to the backdrop of the charming Mariage Frères tea shop and museum in the Marais Quarter in Paris.


with an Ex-Libris en Kimonos 90 scarf

Also new - custom-made bag insert for Chanel Classic Flap in medium (available here)

Mariage Frerès is France's oldest tea company and the little store in the Marais a tea lover's paradise. Downstairs you can explore the shop or enjoy a cup of tea with a little something in the light and beautiful tea salon. Don't miss the narrow wooden staircase that leads to the museum on the floor above!


with a Kachinas Maxi Twilly

Le 'Musée du Thé' features an exotic selection of teapots, jars, samovars, trade journals, teacups and sets, overseas storage boxes and much more from Marriage Freres' rich history of making and importing tea going back to 1854.

#3 - JABOT

with a Carré en Carré 90 scarf


with an Ex-Libris en Kimonos 90 scarf


with a Robe du Soir 90 scarf

Two-Way Pleats - this time with a Bolduc au Carré 90 scarf

A mighty teapot (next to a Kelly 32 for comparison!)


with a Les Folies du Ciel 90 scarf


with a Parures de Samouraïs 90 scarf


with a Les Plaisirs du Froid 90 scarf

JAPONAIS - this time with a C'est la Fête 70 scarf


with a Monsieur et Madame 90 scarf

Au revoir, Musée du Thé!


with a Brazil Maxi Twilly

Index Palmarum 90 scarf in a Heart knot - which is how I wore my scarf on yesterday's Valentine's Day!

The Scarf Art app is available on the Apple App Store (click here).

Sunday, January 12, 2020

FSH inspiration!

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and fabulous 2020, filled with beautiful moments and many lovely surprises!

Today's post is inspired by the Hermes' Paris winter windows and also contains a couple of teasers of the BNP (big new project). The BNP is on track to be unveiled next month and if you'd like to be notified as soon as it is going live, you can register here

Spoiler alert: the BNP also contains ten new scarf knots 😱

Hope you enjoy the windows and that you might find inspiration in the color combinations, too.

Starting off with the cool corner window: Giddy-up, Space Cowboy!

Black and white capsule pieces sparkled-up with a long gemstone necklace in Chocolat Noir/Agate/Carnelian (available here)

Olive sweater with black jeans and a Damier CSGM in a Cowboy knot, ends secured with the NEW Anneau Infinity scarf ring in Rose Gold (available here). 
Hermes Clic H bracelet in marron glacé and Torana printed enamel bracelet. Biba sparkling crystal bracelet (here)

Anneau Infinity in Rose Gold NEW (available here)

Aux Pays des Epices in one of the ten new BNP knots, more to come in the next blog! Bracelets: Hermes Clic H bracelet in marron glacé and Torana printed enamel bracelet. Biba sparkling crystal bracelet (here)

Another BNP knot! It was a great surprise to find that it works with CSGMs too, here with L'Instruction du Roy and a Grande Classique scarf ring in gold (here). Kelly Double Tour bracelet in Ebene.

Same capsule pieces as in the first picture, this time with a Hermes Brazil Maxi Twilly, a Caleche narrow printed enamel bracelet in black and gold, MaiTai Collection Gemstone Pendant necklace in Gold/Pyrite (here) and sparkling Biba crystal bracelet (available here).

Capsule pieces:  jeans and linen T-shirt. Hermes Damier CSGM and Clic H bracelet in marron glacé. MaiTai Collection Gemstone Pendant necklace in Gold/Pyrite (here) and sparkling Biba bracelet (here) as above.

Chocolat Noir/Agate/Carnelian long gemstone necklaces (here)

Tours de Clés 70 Vintage Silk in a looped Criss-Cross Bow knot with a reversible Petite Classique scarf ring in Pale Pink/Gris/Silver (here)

One has got to hand it to Hermès, they have excellent taste in mannequin dogs!

I'm so happy with my Index Palmarum scarf from last autumn, here wearing it in an Asymmetrical Wrap (with a long bib part and short ends). Ends tied in the basic slide with Petite Classique scarf ring in black horn. Long gemstone necklace as above (Chocolat Noir/Agate/Carnelian, available here)

Coaching 70 Vintage Silk tied in a Cascade knot with the new Anneau Infinity in Rose Gold (here)

Rose gold Anneau Infinity

Mytiques Phoenix tied in a Cross-Slide with a rose gold Anneau Infinity scarf ring (here)

Bolduc au Carré Twilly tied in a Vertical Basic Slide with a Classique Petite scarf ring in black horn (available here). Hermes Kelly Double Tour bracelet in Sakura and Biba sparkling crystal bracelet (here)

If Hermes's windows feature little black dachshunds, my Roley definitely belongs in this post, too! Here with my Bolduc au Carré Twilly, tied in a Looped Basic Slide with a Classique Petite scarf ring in black horn (available here)

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