Sunday, September 20, 2020

Two new scarves and a promo

 Today's post is one of my very favorites. I'm excited to release a new feature on my app to thank everyone who downloaded it, and I'm thrilled to feature my new grail scarf with the help of our little dachshunds, Wiener and Roley.

To those who downloaded Scarf Art, as well as all future users: your support means so much to me. As a special thank you, we developed a feature that gives you access to occasional perks and benefits through your app: tap on the new label icon in the top menu bar (see pic below) to discover. Make sure to download the latest version of the app first. The benefits will vary over time, and the current one offers free standard shipping on your next order at Future offers will contain discounts, early access to new items, and more. These perks are in addition to the new tutorials, photos, and blogs you'll receive with your free updates over time. If you haven't downloaded the app yet, you can get it at:

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or read more about it here:

The new scarf is a re-issue of "Les Teckels" by Xavier de Poret from 1956. Ever since I've had my dachshunds, this design has been a grail of mine and I've been praying for a re-issue. To be honest,  I didn't hold much hope for the longest time, as the design is quite particular. However, in the last couple of years, I noticed that there was hardly a window display at Hermes' flagship store that didn't feature a dachshund in one way or another. It seems that someone at Hermes is quite fond of them! 

Naturally, I was overjoyed to see the design being part of this AW collection. In addition, it came out as a 70 scarf, which means that it has the new and fun, stripey hand-rolled hem. The only thing that appears strange is that the title was changed from the original "Les Teckels" (French for dachshunds) to "Les Bassets", particularly since the dachshund breed doesn't belong to the basset group. But since the name of the design isn't printed on the scarf, I don't care too much about it.

The scarf comes in so many beautiful colorways that I had a hard time choosing. But as I have two dachshunds, I took this as an excuse not to limit myself to just one scarf. In the end, I decided on CW09 (orange/sépia/tabac) and CW03 (marine/sépia/gold). 

picture credit:

Naturally, my dachshunds Wiener and Roley assisted with this post. If you'd like to see more of them, you can follow their adventures on Instagram:

I very much enjoyed exploring the different ways to tie this scarf and to find out which knots show as much of the dachshunds as possible, and which would hide them completely (I think this is a beautiful scarf also for non-dachshund enthusiasts). And then of course there had to be knots that highlight the stripey hems! 

The Bib knot is perfect to showcase a few of the petits teckels at once. With one scarf side gathered by an Anneau Infinity scarf ring (here). Other accessories: Hermes Plumes en Fete printed enamel bracelet in tropique and a lemon quartz Nudo ring by Pomellato. 

Camouflage scarf!  The dress has a very simple v-neck, and by tying the scarf in a Criss-Cross Bow knot (with a MaiTai Collection Moyenne Classique scarf ring in gold, here) it instantly looks more feminine and elegant. Other accessories: Hermes Marche de Savana printed enamel bangle and a Chanel Clutch on Chain in navy.

Hmm... a meerkat or the Wiener?

Highlighting the hems in a Rose Wrap. The Rose Wrap will be added to the app in a future update (please be patient, as a couple of others knots are in line before, but it will come eventually). All other accessories as above.

Variation: with a rust-colored cardigan and the scarf in a Two-Way Pleats tie. Scarf ring: MaiTai Collection Moyenne Classique scarf ring in gold (here). Other accessories as above.

CW03 with a reversible Moyenne Classique scarf ring in navy/bleu canard/gold (here). If you prefer, you can get the same ring with a backside in bordeaux (here). 

Width hidden borders and hems in a Sautoir, and featuring an Anneau Infinity scarf ring in gold (available here). Bracelet: Other accessories: Hermes Plumes en Fete printed enamel bracelet in tropique and a lemon quartz Nudo ring by Pomellato. 

The Palmier is another great tie to showcase the scarf's hems (here with a MaiTai Collection Classique Moyenne in gold here). Bracelet: Hermes Kelly Double Tour in Ebene with GHW.

This grumpy look can only mean that Monsieur de Poret has denied him an extra bit of sausage! 

In a Sautoir with an Anneau Infinity scarf ring in gold (available here)

In a Palmier (this time with CW 03), with a Moyenne Classique reversible scarf ring in navy/bleu canard/gold (here)

Still-life with CW09, a Hermes Heure H watch and a Caleche narrow enamel bracelet in black. MaiTai Collection Anneau Infinity scarf ring and Grande Classique scarf ring in gold (here and here).

Yes, he definitely wants sausage! 

Repeating the stance of the dachshund's legs with the scarf tied in a Cross slide. Scarf ring: Anneau Infinity scarf ring in gold (here). Charniere bracelet in black lizard by Hermes:

Roley looking out of the car window, anticipating his morning walk!

Another variation to feature the hems: in a Japonais, tied with a Petite Classique scarf ring in gold.

Still-life with CW 03, a MaiTai Collection Anneau Infinity in Gold and a Grande Classique reversible scarf ring in navy/bordeaux/gold (here):

Apart from being professional heart melters and occasional bloggers, Wiener and Roley are also modeling their Lord Lou dog beds, cushions, and bowls for the dog corner at Mai Tai Collection (here) In addition to the items you see listed there, you can get any Lord Lou item through MTC for a 15% discount. Browse Lord Lou's website here and then place your orders via email: 

In a Petit Bib with an Anneau Infinity in gold (here). Hermes Plumes en Fete printed enamel bracelet in tropique.

All dachshunds are tired, it's been a long blog post...

Roley's feeling pretty exhausted from all that blogging . . .

not so the Wiener, he just loves posing!

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Sunday, August 30, 2020

A scarf addition and Christian Lacroix Collector's Editions inserts

 Today I'm introducing a new Collector's Edition to the MaiTai Collection bag inserts, and another CW of the Plumes en Fête 90 scarf I bought last spring.

The new inserts are made with Christian Lacroix's Canopy fabric in grenade and lime, matching my equally colorful Plumes en Fête in Rose Vif/Bleu/Vert. 

I hope you like the new Christian Lacroix inserts and enjoy how the "Plumes en Fête" turns out in a variety of knots and ties. Let me know which one is your favorite!


Plumes en Fête Ref. 003433S CW11

Collector's Edition inserts with Christian Lacroix's Canopy fabric in lime (available here)

In a Palmier knot with a Hermes Kelly Double Tour bracelet in Rose Sakura and a Biba crystal bracelet (here) in taupe. Scarf ring: MaiTai Collection Grande Classique in Gold (here). I bought the cotton sweater (Tara Jarmon) earlier this spring and just checked if it is still available. It turns out that it is on sale, and the link is here

Details: the Christian Lacroix fabric in Lime is matched with a Nura Pivoine cotton fabric by Manuel Canovas for the interior, and features tone-on-tone embroidery.

Although the scarf appears very bright and strongly colored, its center is actually quite soft and consists of a variety of light pink and blue shades with a few grey, green and yellow accents. These are the colors that frame your face in the basic bias fold (and even more so in the Sautoir, where you tie the ends behind your neck ... the fuchsia tips disappear completely). I love how versatile this CW is and that you can wear it boldly, or soft and subdued.

In the Petit Bib (here with an Anneau Infinity scarf ring in rose gold, available here) the softer colors play center stage, too. Here, with a Hermes Clic-Clac H bracelet in Bleu Indiens and Kelly DT bracelet in Rose Sakura.

Christian Lacroix Collector's Edition insert in Canopy Lime

Ceintures et Liens CSGM in a Friendship knot, with the ends knotted together behind the neck:

Tied into a Jabot with a Mini George summer bag (available here). Bracelets as above. Scarf ring: MaiTai Collection Grande Classique in Gold (here)

Two-Way Pleats with a Grande Classique scarf ring in gold (here) and a Hermes Picotin 18 in Bleu Sapphire. Bracelets as above.

In an Asymmetrical Wrap with a reversible Moyenne Classique scarf ring in Black/Ivory/Silver (available here):

Christian Lacroix Collector's Edition insert in Canopy Grenade (available here)

When trying things out with my new scarf I discovered this fun and simple knot and named it "Triple Ends". I'll make a video tutorial in the coming weeks which will then be included (free of charge, as always) in one of the next updates for the Scarf Art App. 

In an Origami knot with a Grande Classique scarf ring in gold (here):

Collector's Edition inserts in Christian Lacroix's Canopy Lime fabric (available here)

More playtime results,  yet to be named and filmed!

The Christian Lacroix Collector's Edition in Canopy Grenade and a Manuel Canovas cotton interior in Nura Prairie (here)

All scarf tutorials featured (except for the latest that aren't filmed yet) in this post can be found on my Scarf Art App:

Click here to download at the Apple App Store
Click here to get it on Google Play