Sunday, March 29, 2020

Mini blog

This is a short blog out of the normal rhythm ...  I just wanted to say hello and hope that everyone is ok and in good health. All is fine here. The restriction of movement (limited to one hour/day in a 1km radius from home, plus grocery shopping) was a bit of a shock to the system at first, as many of you will have experienced/are experiencing as well. But spring is unfolding in abundance and provides a beautiful and welcome distraction: delicate blossoms and leaves force their way out of buds to dance in the sunshine. Watching this takes the mind to a joyful place, even if just temporarily.

In the spirit of spring, I hope a new knot variation adds a light touch to your day. I was looking for further ways to highlight the multicolored feathers in my new scarf and wanted something similar to the Bib knot, but a little bit smaller and more contained. The solution is hardly groundbreaking, but the result is quite lovely and works really well: I reduced the size of the Bib by folding the scarf into a triangle twice:  Le Petit Bib was born!

Thank you all so very much for your comments on the previous blog. The camaraderie, humor and friendship that come from your words are incredibly uplifting. Stay well and safe xxx

Plumes en Fêtes in a Petit Bib knot (how-to below). MaiTai Collection Anneau Infinity scarf ring in rose gold (available here). Hermes Picotin 18 in Bleu Sapphire. Biba sparkling crystal bracelet (here)

Fold your scarf into a triangle:

Fold  into a triangle again:

Slide an Anneau Infinity scarf ring up one of the ends:

Slide the scarf ring further down and secure the ends behind your neck in a small double knot.

Note to MaiTai Collection customers

We continue to ship, but with the following restrictions: 

The post office is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, so orders will be shipped from Wednesdays to Fridays. 
Shipments to mainland China remain suspended. 
Delays to the estimated delivery time frames are to be expected. 

Many thanks for your patience and understanding.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Spring postcard with a new scarf, scarf rings and Liberty of London inserts

I've been debating whether or not to post today's blog. When I started to work on it, the scale and magnitude of the COVID 19 outbreak was nothing compared to what it has become recently.

While everyone is confronted with worries, fears, and uncertainties, maybe it is too frivolous to be talking about fashion and accessories? In the end, I decided to go ahead. With ever-worsening news dominating our lives, perhaps a light-hearted distraction might be a welcome respite. I sincerely hope so.

I also hope that as a collective, we will be able to keep the infection curve as flat as possible. Keep your distance, wash your hands and stay safe.

Much love,

Peony and Fantasy Land - the first two MaiTai Collection bag inserts in Liberty of London's iconic Tana Lawn™cotton prints! There is also a third, a green and blue Honour, which you can find further down (all available here)

Zebra Pegasus 90 scarf in an Origami knot with a Grande Classique scarf ring in silver (here). Hermes Kelly Double Tour bracelet in Rose Sakura. You can find the tutorial on my Scarf Art scarf-tying app here

MaiTai Collection insert in the whimsical Liberty of London's Fantasy Land fabric (here)

I only realized after taking the picture that every piece of the outfit below has been in my wardrobe for more than a decade. Even the scarf (Mare Nostrum), which had a beauty sleep during all this time and therefore never featured on the blog. I originally bought it because its rust-red border detail was a perfect match for a bag I was planning to buy. The bag didn't turn out the way I imagined it and the scarf went into the back of the drawer.

To finally wear it, I thought I'd take some inspiration from my Scarf Art app and apply the filter that shows you all knots that do not feature the border of your scarf. From the options presented I selected Scarf Necklace and made it long so that it covers the neckline of my top.

Detail of the Liberty Fantasy Land fabric


As above but with jeans

New colors for the Zero-Gravity scarf rings:  Sorbet, Marron Glacé and Ruby Red (available here). You can choose between silver or rose gold-colored rims:

My new spring scarf: Plumes en Fêtes! Here in a Criss-Cross knot, worn off-center with a Zero-Gravity scarf ring in Marron Glacé. Hermes Clic-Clac H bracelet in Bleu Indiens and Picotin 18 in Bleu Sapphire. Sparkling crystal Biba bracelet (available here)

Variations! Clockwise from top left: Twist Wrap (worn off-center with a Zero Gravity scarf ring), Pleated Criss-Cross knot, Heart knot, and Two-Way Pleats.

MaiTai Collection Birkin 30 insert in the new Liberty of London's Honour fabric (available here)

Plumes en Fêtes 90 scarf in an Anneau necklace with an Anneau Infinity scarf ring in rose gold (here). Hermes Picotin 18 in Bleu Sapphire and a La Marche de Savana printed enamel bracelet.

Ref. H003433S CW01

March has brought us typical spring weather. If we're lucky, the days can be mild, bright and sunny, but then the next might be gloomy and dark, taking us right back to winter.

The Plumes en Fêtes is perfect for both scenarios ... depending on how you knot it, it can look like two completely different scarves.

On bright and sunny days, I like to emphasize the white and cornflower-blue ends:

With the new app, it's fun and easy to find these: Simply go to the 'What the knot highlights' filter and select 'Ends'.

From the suggestions, I decided to try these (clockwise from top left): Origami, Weave and Ascot knot, and looped Basic Slide)

On less sunny spring days,  I prefer to feature the rich, multi-colored feathers instead:

So this time I'd go to the filter 'What the knot hides' and select 'Ends':

No more blue and white! From the suggested knots, I chose these four to try with my new scarf (clockwise from top left): Croisée, Scarf Necklace, Sautoir and Bib knot.

Last but not least... Rose Encens satin lipstick from Hermes' gorgeous new lipstick line!

It has surpassed my expectations ... the texture is silky and light, it has high pigment and great staying power. I also love the chic and beautiful case and the fact that it is refillable.

Liberty Collection bag inserts: here
Zero-Gravity scarf rings: here 
Classique scarf rings: here
Scarf Art - scarf tutorials  app: here
Rouge Hermes lipsticks: here 

A huge and heartfelt thank you to all who downloaded my new app. I hope you have fun using it and that you enjoy the future updates.

And a huge thank you to everyone who gave it a 5-star rating and/or a review. It means so much to me and is so helpful to the app's success.

Mille merci ❤️