Sunday, September 1, 2019

End of summer and half price shipping

Bye-bye summer and hello September! 

Happy Labor Day weekend to those who celebrate, and a wonderful start into the scarf season for everyone!

After a much too hot and long summer, it is a relief to see the light getting softer, nature preparing for fall and the nights becoming cooler. Because of our continuing warm temperatures, long sleeves (let alone jackets) still seem to be a distant reality, so for the moment I am greeting the beginning of autumn by adding muted pastels and darker colors into the wardrobe mix, while wearing my scarves in loose knots and drapes.

 To celebrate the new season a 50% reduction on Standard International shipping has been implemented today.


Combining two Chaînes et Gourmettes 70 carré into a Twist knot. Picotin 22 in Etoupe and Clic H enamel bracelet in marron glacé.

Wearing a De Madras à Zakynthos 90 carré tied into a scarf necklace. Accessorizing with an Hermes Clic H enamel bracelet in marron glacé. Mini George bag available here

Circuit 24 Faubourg 90 carré tied into a Cross Slide with an Anneau Infinity scarf ring in black horn (available here). Accessorizing with an Hermes Kelly Dog bracelet in black croc and a Farandole necklace. MaiTai Collection Multistrand bracelet in silver (available here)

Brazil Maxi Twilly tied into a Criss-Cross bow knot  with a Grande Classique scarf ring in gold (available here). Capsule pieces: short sleeve sweater by Max Mara, black jeans by Lewis. Hermes Charnière bracelet in black lizard and Kelly 32 in Ebene. MaiTai Collection Multi-strand bracelet in gold (here)

Brides de Gala 90 Dip Dye tied into a Half Bow Knot with an Anneau Infinity scarf ring in black horn (available here) Other accessories: Hermes Kelly 32 in Ebene, Farandole necklace and Quadrige printed enamel bracelet.

Cent Plis de Miao in a Twist knot Further accessories by Hermes: Bag as above, Clic Clac H bracelet in Bleu Indiens. MaiTai Collection multistrand bracelet in Gold

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Sunday, August 4, 2019

August - visiting old friends

Did I just write August into the headline... how is this possible? Life seems to be moving on with crazy speed!

In a nostalgic mood I browsed some of the older sections of the blog and found some knots that I haven't worn for years. So for today's blog I thought it would be fun to tie my scarves in these knots. You can find the tutorials for all featured knots here

I hardly dare say it, but the problem with leaving comments doesn't seem to have gone away. If anyone has any ideas of how to solve this please email me at: Otherwise please try, as it sometimes seems to work. Alternatively you can email your comment to the above address and I'll publish it on your behalf. Sorry to mention all this yet again, but I always look forward to hearing from you and to our chats, and there were none to be had in the last post!

Wishing you all a very happy remaining summer, and hoping you enjoy the long days and mild evenings (or cosy winter evenings in other parts of the world!)

Coupons Indiens in an Ascot knot (last featured in 2013) with a Picotin 22 in Rubis and a MaiTai Collection Multi-strand bracelet in silver (available here)

Lunch with a view

(Les Fenêtres Restaurant at theHotel Dieu, Marseille)

Ascot knot with a Vif Argent Gavroche/Pocket Square, modelled by Roley (you can follow his and his brother's adventures here),

Belles du Mexique Gavroche/Pocket square in a Flower knot (last featured in 2013, here), a Picotin 22 in Rubis and a Kelly Double Tour bracelet in Rose Sakura

Fleurs d'Indiennes in a Slip knot (featured last in 2013, here). Also wearing an Clic-H enamel bracelet in marron glacé and Chanel Camelia earrings.

Brazil II Gavroche/Pocket Square in a Simple loop (last featured in 2010, here), MaiTai Collection Multi-Strand bracelet in gold (available here) and Mini George summer bag (here)

C'est la Fête (last featured in 2014, here) 70 carré tied into in a cascade knot (last featured in 2014, here) with a black horn Anneau Infinity (available here). Hermes Kelly Dog bracelet in black croc.

Parures de Samouraïs in a Twist Wrap (last featured in 2013, here). Hermes Picotin 22 in Etoupe and MaiTai Collection Multi-Strand bracelet in silver (available here)

Variation from further above, with a beige dress instead of all black.

MaiTai Collection news: The Kelly insert family has been joined by it's youngest member, a Kelly 25 Sellier insert (below, on top)

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