Sunday, May 22, 2016

Cannes - part two

The Croisette offers more than just immaculate beaches, beautiful hotels and glamorous shops. When we walked over to the nearby Port Pierre Canto to catch the boat shuttle to the Sainte-Marguerite island for a celebration lunch, we passed by the 'Jardin de la Roseraie' (Rose garden), where a strikingly beautiful coral flower tree broke the neat line of palm trees, as if a precious bead had been placed in the middle of a string of pearls.

Ex-Libris' cashmere GM in a triangular fold

The breathtaking St Marguerite island

and the purpose of our island trip.. lunch at the  'La Guérite'

The atmosphere in the 'La Guérite' is relaxed and stylish...Robinson Crusoe chic!  The driftwood tables are planted straight into the sand, lounge chairs with striped cushions invite you to relax, and tables are set with crisp white napkins. The staff are friendly and warm, and they make sure that your visit to La Guérite will make a fun and memorable day. The cuisine is simple fresh Mediterranean, and a bit more expensive than town.. but because of the exceptional setting and atmosphere it is so well worth it. After lunch, you can spend the afternoon on the complimentary sunloungers, while taking in the amazing view over the bay of Cannes and the Golf of Juan.

The restaurant's shuttle, waiting to take us back to Cannes

This is another tunic which has been a great summer wardrobe staple for years. I love how easily it adapts to a variety of occasions, and from day to night. For a daytime look I paired it with a casual Picotin in sanguine and added a MaiTai Collection howlite statement necklace in orange for a little bit of extra summer chic.

For an evening look, the bag gets replaced by a pochette, and the ecru trousers by a black pair.

Capsule printed silk tunic with beige trousers (day) and black trousers (night)
Accessories: Hermes 'Kelly Dog' bracelet in black, Picotin 22 in sanguine (day) and Kelly Pochette in black croc (night). MaiTai Collection Summer statement necklace in orange (available here)
Shoes: Oran sandals (day) and black wedge sandals (night)

While assembling the pictures for this post, I looked at Cannes photos from previous years and found one from 25 years ago, taken on the Corniche above Cannes en route to my 28th birthday celebration lunch. Back then I loved wearing sunglasses, accessories and scarves as much as I do today. Only that my jewelry was mainly gold, and I wore mostly dresses and heels!

My precious pochette travelled safely in the new MaiTai Collection Kelly Pochette protective case and liner (available here)

Au revoir beautiful Cannes, until next time!

Restaurant 'La Guérite', Île Sainte-Marguerite, 06400 Cannes,
Tel: +33 4 9343 4930

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Cannes - part one

The beginning of May is probably my favorite time to go for a trip to Cannes and the Côte d'Azur. The weather is pleasantly warm and rarely too hot, and there are far fewer visitors than later in the summer. Most importantly though, this is when Cannes is at it's best.. the whole town is ready and prepared to host the glamorous Cannes Film Festival which usually starts Mid-May. Everything feels fresh and polished, with gardens and flowers maintained and manicured to perfection. The beaches have been replenished with fresh white sand and it seems that even the leaves of the Croisette's palm trees have been given a glistening coat in anticipation of the glamor and buzz to come. The weather forecast for last week promised sun and blue skies, so the decision to spend my birthday in Cannes was quickly made.

The weather forecast was right, and the Côte d'Azur lived up to it's name by displaying a dazzling array of sparkling blues.

White and yellow stripes... a French Riviera classic

Cannes' main promenade, La Croisette,  is lined with luxurious shops and hotels, and the Carlton is undoubtedly the most iconic of them all. This is where Hitchcock filmed 'To catch a thief' (some spectacular real life jewelry heists took place at the Carlton in recent years too) and where Grace Kelly encountered Prince Rainier III of Monaco during the Film Festival in 1955. The Carlton's beautiful elegant terrace faces the Croisette and the Mediterranean sea, and it is a wonderful place to have breakfast, afternoon coffee or drinks before dinner.

Next to the terrace, a 'Palme d'Or' palm leaf (symbol of the Cannes Film Festival) is held by a golden angel statue. The angel's beautiful feathered wings reminded me very much of Alice Shirley's 'Zebra Pegasus' scarf from the AW2014 collection.

Other favorite places in Cannes include the Gaston and Gastounette fish restaurant in the old part of town (Suquet quarter), and the secluded terrace of the Amiral bar at the Martinez Hotel (perfect for drinks after dinner and the most buzzing place in town after midnight during the festivals). Cannes' many beach clubs are wonderful places for lunch, and you can also rent a sun lounger and parasol for the day. The Zplage, the Miramar Plage and the Carlton Beach Restaurant are all fabulous. The Palais Stéphanie (now JW Marriott) has become a favorite place to stay. Built in 1992 it doesn't ooze art deco glamour, but I love the modern, chic and stylish decor of the rooms, and the location could not be better. The large rooftop terrace has a pool, jacuzzi and sun loungers, with sweeping views over the Bay of Cannes and the surrounding Esterel mountains.

Tunics are amongst my favorite summer wardrobe staples, they are so easy to wear and style. Teaming this beautifully embroidered and beaded sale find from Weills (from a couple of years back) with cool tones and a 'Ceintures et Liens' cashmere shawl in a triangular fold.

Capsule pieces: embroidered/beaded tunic and jeans
Accessories: Hermes 'Ceintures et Liens' cashmere GM, Clic-clac H enamel bracelet in bleu indiens and a Picotin 18 in Bleu Sapphire. MaiTai Collection Cluster earrings in lemon (available here)
Shoes: Castañer espadrilles wedges in turquoise

Capsule pieces: embroidered/beaded tunic and light ecru trousers
Accessories: Hermes 'Fantaisies Indiennes' Mousseline GM in a basic bias fold and Picotin 22 in Sanguine. MaiTai Collection Cluster earrings in lemon (available here) and long gemstone necklace
Shoes: Hermes Oran sandals

Monsieur Le Seagull is definitely ready for the Film Festival!

A new favorite place in Cannes will be featured in the next post!

 Carlton Cannes: 58 Boulevard de la Croisette, Tel: +33 4 9306 4006
Martinez Hotel and Amiral bar: 73 Boulevard de la Croisette, Tel: +33 4 9390 1234
JW Marriott Cannes (Palais Stéphanie): 50 Boulevard de la Croisette,Tel: +33 4 92 99 7000

Beach clubs and restaurants:
Miramar Plage Beach Restaurant, 64 Boulevard de la Croisette, Tel: +33 4 9394 2474
ZPlage: 73 Boulevard de la Croisette, Tel: +33 4 9298 7319
Carlton Beach Restaurant: 58 Boulevard de la Croisette, Tel: +33 4 9306 4006

Fish restaurant:
Gaston et Gastonette, 6-7 Quai Saint-Pierre, 06400 Cannes, Tel: +33 4 9339 4944.

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