Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Les Clés Pointu

orig. design by Cathy Latham (1995) AW2008


  1. Dear MaiTai!
    You are doing those posts so professionally that I even have a thought that it's a promo by Hermes :) - still I love and adore it!
    As you are such an expert in Hermes scarves could you please post a post explaining which types exist (carre-gavroche etc.) so that we were pretty educated on that.
    Also if you could advise how best store the scarves I would be very grateful.
    I myself have 2 carre by Hermes (pink Marvari and orange Cles) some carres and gavroches by Salvatore Ferragamo.
    And one more time - you do the blog superbly!
    Thank you a lot!

  2. Dear adesigna,

    thank you for your very kind comment and welcome to my blog! I am very happy you enjoy it here. Your Carrés are beautiful, we are design twins on both of them, as I have the Marvari as a GM and as you've seen the Clés in a Pointu.

    Good point about the scarf sizes. Perhaps I should include a 'practical section' in the blog and post about buying, storing, cleaning etc. Will think about it. In the meantime here some info on sizes:

    45x45cm called Gavroche in Europe, but is referred to as Pochette or Pocket Square in the rest of the world. Comes in Silk Twill, Mousseline and Cashmere.

    70x70cm or often referred to as Vintage or 70Vintage Carré. It was introduced for the 70th Anniversary of the Carré in 2007, hence the size. The Silk is softer than the standart Carré, meant to feel as if softenend by 70 years of use. The silk is called Vintage Silk.

    70 Cotton Carrés. 70x70, 100% cotton. They come with or w/o a charm.

    90 Carré. The classic. 90x90cm of crisp wonderful Silk. Comes also in Mousseline and Cashmere. The mousse and cashmere are called PM size (Petit model)

    140x140 often referred to as GMs (Grand Model) or shawls. Come in mousseline and cashmere.

    Plissé, 90 Carrés with pleats. You can buy ready pleated ones or get any of your Carrés pleated by Hermès for a small fee.

    Pointu, triangular scarf in Vintage silk. It is not a 90 Carré cut in half, as it is a bit smaller than that. The design gets especially adapted for the Pointu.

    Twilly, silk ribbon 86cm long and 5cm wide.

    Then there are various sizes stoles, basically oblong shapes and they come mostly in cashmere and mousseline.

    Sometimes there are super special editions, embroidered and in triangular shape.

    Oh yes, and beach pareros in cotton.

    I think that's it!

  3. Dear MaiTai!
    Was checking your blog almost hourly to wait for the reply.
    I shall copy it somewhere.
    Yesterdya was telling my husbankd about your collection of H things and even made him consent to buying an enamel bracelet. He is strictly against bijouterie and always was the oppponent of me buying Frey Wille stuff but with Herms he consented. During my next trip to Europe (in Moscow everything is so much more expensive) I shall buy one and was thinking about Regate ring as the most useful, judging by your comments - one step at a time, right?

  4. Dear A,

    Congrats on your wonderful DH...most of us have to educate ours, but yours is compliant already, wow! You can also tell him that H enamels are now being produced in France, as they had quality issues with Frey Wille. The Regate is an excellent choice and you are right, it's the ring I use most. And yes, one step and the time...the orange road goes a loooong way ;-)

  5. Oh and btw, you don't need to check in for replys, as you can check the 'email follow-up comments' box under the reply box!

  6. Dear MaiTai,
    I beleive there is a lot to learn not only re H Scarves but the blogs activity as well - I could not locate the box I need to tick so a s to get e-mail replies!

  7. adesigna, my mistake, so sorry! It seems that only blog authors have the option. When I signed off to check it out, I saw the box was not there anymore.

    I usually try to answer comments within 24 hours, hope that helps. :-)

  8. Hello MaiTai!
    My name is Diana and since I've seen that you own a Les Cles carre and a great deal of catalogs, I would like to ask you in which edition of the Carre Catalog can I find it?
    Thank you very much and have a nice day!

  9. Hello Diana! The 'Les Clés' was issued first in 1965, and since then reissued a number of times. The last reissue was in Autumn/Winter 2008. If you follow this link for the booklet, you'll see it one the second last page, third mannequin of the right. http://www.maitaispicturebook.com/2010/01/hermes-scarf-booklet-aw2008.html