Friday, March 27, 2009

Vue du Carosse de la Galère la Réale

This Friday's scarf theme is 'Nautical'. I am wearing my cherished 'Vue du Carosse de la Galère la Réale' , which was given to me by a wonderful and generous friend.

H it Up!

La Reale 90 Carré
Evelyne scarf ring
Farandole necklace
Toquade and Lima silver rings
• Sun hat by Motsch for Hermès



  1. Hi Maitai,

    I've just stumbled on this photo of you in your nautical outfit and fell in love with it immediately! The colours, the silk, the co-ordination and relaxed style are so incredibly chic.

    I'd like my wife to wear scarves in this way but she doesn't see the beauty that I see.

    Thank you for sharing and thank you for your gorgeous blog - your a godsend for any lover of scarves.

  2. A warm welcome to my blog, and many thanks for your kind comment.

    Unless your wife does not like the feel and look of silk scarves, it is possible that she just finds a full 90 Carré too overwhelming. This is quite often the case for those who just start out. Maybe she would enjoy wearing a smaller format, like a Twilly or Gavroche. From there, it is often a natural progression to move onto bigger sized scarves.

  3. Thank you for your reply.

    My wife isn't really keen on the look and feel of silk scarves, unfortunately she doesn't own a H scarf. I'd love to buy her one but as she doesn't see the beauty I've only ever given her cheaper makes!

    I love to buy her outfits and spend time choosing each part to make sure they co-ordinate finishing the outfit off with a scarf of course. She does own a lot of different shapes of scarves, little square neckscarves, long scarves & big square headscarves but like a lot of ladies these days, she v seldom wears them.

    My dream is to buy her a H scarf, for her to fall in love with it and for that to be the start of her H heaven.

    Thank you for your advice. Take Care.

  4. I just now found this post. This is gorgeous, MT!!! I love this whole look and the scarf is amazing. H should definitely bring this design back. Love love the way you've tied it. Many thanks for the inspiration.