Sunday, April 19, 2009

A cloudy day on the beach

This weekend we went for a family day to the beach, had a picnic, build a sandcastle and went for a walk. It was not a sunny day, but we enjoyed the drama of the changing weather...we had mostly dark clouds, with the occasional sharp ray of sunlight, but every now and then a little bit of blue sky came through...

Wearing my Lift pendant

While Picotin is wearing my Bolduc au Carré Twilly


  1. I seem to know that you favours your Picotin to your Birkins? I've always thought the Picotin is too simple a bag to worth its salt but seeing it on your blog is now telling me that I am very wrong! You look sensational, on a day in the beach.

  2. Susan, it's true, I love my Picotin. It is so understated and yet..very Hermès. Looking through the last few posts on this blog just made me realize how often I actually reach for it!! Thank you for your kind comment & have a great Sunday!

  3. What a lovely bag and beach. Such a pretty day you shared.