Friday, April 24, 2009

OP'H Vintage Carré as belt/sash

This Friday's theme on scarf threads and boards is 'Orange'. The OP'H Vintage Carré is the closest I have in my drawer. I love matching this scarf with white, so today wearing a pair of linen trousers and a contrasting blue jersey shirt.

H it Up!

OP'H Vintage Carré worn as sash
Farandole necklace
Lima and Toquade silver rings
• Bracelet non H

 A simple variation, showing the reverse side and a different aspect of the scarf's design.

Edited to add (as per request in the comment section) the view from behind:
a) ends secured with a double knot

b) ends secured with two scarf rings in the basic slide (petite size for the 70 carré shown)


  1. I really like this scarf. It's a nice punch of color and works perfectly across the waist.

  2. Hi Mai Tai,
    I love your style, simple and elegant :) Are you able to post how the back of the "belt" looks like? Thanks!

    1. Many thanks for the kind compliment. Just added the pictures, hope it helps :)

  3. Thanks! It looks so neat! Time to practice! :)

  4. Please explain how the sash is made to stay in place, e.g. after sitting down or just daily movements like reaching for something, etc. can completely change the position of the sash if not tied down somehow. In your pictures, it looks like the scarf ring ties the two ends together but it doesn't help to keep the sash in its correction position without sliding up or down, right or left.
    Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

    1. The scarf ring does not only tie the two ends together, but also allows you to tighten the scarf, which prevents it from moving up or down, or from sliding around. Once secured, the scarf behaves pretty much like a regular belt. Hope this helps :-)