Monday, June 15, 2009

Today wearing

Today my bag wears the scarf. Love the way the horses pick up the etoupe color of the Picotin.

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  1. Your blog, and your pictures are almost too perfect to be true! Just like a picture book. Really a source for inspiration, thanks.

  2. What a lovely blog! Thank you for sharing your style expertise so generously. I would love to hear how you decided that Hermes was going to be your focus. It's a wonderful way to create cohesion, and everyone knows what to give you for gifts! You wear it all so well, and embody such modern classicism. Forbidable ;-D

  3. MaiTai, you need to consider writing a book . . .

  4. MT, etoupe is amazing!! Love your scarf too <3 And your blog is amazing - I'm a fan anytime!

    Hope you're having a good trip :)

  5. I LOVE that bag!!! Where can I get one?

  6. I've been away for a couple of days and it has been wonderful to come back to read your lovely comments ~ thank you metscan, Erina, annecychic, dreamdoll and LindaH!

    metscan, you are too kind, thank you :-) ps. such a beautiful horse in your avatar pic!!

    Erina, I love Hermes for it's outstanding quality and it's beautiful timeless design. Because artisans produce the goods in traditional ways. For the fact that you can take a fourty year old bag for refurbishment in. For the fact that +50 year old scarf designs make my heart beat faster. For the magic touch it adds to whatever I wear. For the joy my collection gives me, weather it's my first purchase or the most recently added one. I could ramble on for hours, but hope you got the vibe :-)

    annecychic, you got me thinking! ;-)

    dreamdoll, you are such a darling. Can't wait for august <3

    Linda H, it's a fabulous bag, called Picotin (french for oats) and was inspired by a horse feeding bag. It is by Hermès and the specs for mine are MM (moyen model=medium size), Leather is Clemence and the color Etoupe. Good luck!

  7. love the blue and brown! you look fantastic!