Monday, August 17, 2009

Paris ~ Ladurée

Back from Paris with tons of photos! We had a wonderful time and it was great fun to show DS the city of lights. Now that he is old enough to appreciate the fantastic sights, monuments and museums it was a joy to take him sightseeing and also to show him some favorite spots of mine.

Starting the Paris episodes with Ladurée on the Champs-Elysées, as to me a visit to Paris would be incomplete without having had at least one of their famous macaroons!

In the doggie inspired window display you can see this summer's very cute special edition macaroon box, featuring Mademoiselle Fifi, the Ladurée family's mascot.

The boutique on the ground floor sells all kinds of delicious patisseries and of course macaroons! With more than twenty flavors it's hard choose, but my favorite ones are raspberry, coffee and almond.

Apart from the macaroons, Ladurée is a great place to have breakfast or lunch. Breakfast is served on the ground floor only, in the Brasserie type restaurant (which can get a little bit crowded), whereas lunch and dinner can also be had in one of the five beautifully decorated dining rooms upstairs.

My favorite dining room has fabulous views over the Champs-Elysées, but was under refurbishment at the time we were there.

So for lunch, we settled in this cosy room instead.

I had a 'Salad Ladurée, while admiring the beautiful displays of macaroons and flowers on the fireplace

Ready for an afternoon of sightseeing with the family!


  1. Dearest MT, you've definitely been missed - thank you for sharing your beautiful pics!! I am so glad I can see everything through your lovely shots :) The macaroons are divine, oh how I miss those! I wish I were there <3 And you look fabulous as always!

  2. Dearest DD, missed you too. Thank you for your sweet comment. I thought of you in Paris, wish you would have been there.. as it should have been. <3

  3. So glad you are back and had a wonderful time in Paris with your family. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures--I almost feel myself there!

  4. Glad you enjoyed the pics andiamo and thank you for the warm welcome! <3

  5. ^^^made a typo in my last message! try again!

    MaiTai after seeing these pics and your other Paris pics im now really looking forward to going to Paris !

  6. Lovely photos, thanks so much for sharing Paris with us! I had the best lunch of my life at that very location. You know all the tourists there are sneaking looks at you going "now THAT is a chic French woman!"

  7. Hello MaiTai and welcome back and my thanks also for taking the time to share. The macaroons are gorgeous. Hermes should consider them for a carre design...that would be delicious on so many levels!


  8. Yummy!!!! Macaroons!!! Did your DS enjoy Paris? BTW, we are sweater twins!!

  9. Thank you ladies, I very much appreciate your kind comments and lovely words <3

    Michelle, less than two months to go!!!

    Bonjour Madame, wonderful to think we've crossed paths, even when at different times. Thank you for your kind comment re the fellow diners, lol!

    suejm, a Ladurée Carré!!! What a great idea! I'd have to get it in several flavors, ahm CWs I mean! And thank you for the warm welcome back.

    liness, tunic twins, yay!! I love this one so much that I had to get it in beige/brown as well. The straps needed shortening though, otherwise a bit too revealing! DS loved Paris, his favorite thing was climbing up the stairs of the Eiffel tower followed by climbing up every other lamp post.

  10. HI,MaiTai, wonderful pics. from Paris and at Laduree. My daughter was married recently,and her wedding cake was a giant pyramid of Laduree macaroons.!! No surprise that many of the female guests congregated around the 'wedding cake' which shrank rapidly !!! but really fun and very different from the traditional !!! Glad you and your son had a wonderful time !! best wishes Mou Mou.

  11. gorgeous shots! did your DS go crazy at Laduree? I love that place

  12. Hi mou mou, oh your daughter's wedding cake must have looked beyond stunning, what a fantastic idea to have a Ladurée macaroon pyramid for the wedding!! Thank you for sharing, I have such a beautiful image in my mind now. :-)

  13. Dearest DB, he did go crazy, like a dog for it's biscuits, wouff!! ;-) xx