Friday, August 7, 2009

Vintage Carré belt secured with a Gavroche ring

It's too hot today to wear a scarf around the neck, so I'm scarfing up my simple outfit with a scarf belt instead ;-)

H it Up!

• 70 Vintage Carré worn as belt
• Gavroche scarf ring
• Lift earrings
• Elephant enamel
• Toquade silver ring

featured scarf Jeu d'Omnibus et Dames blanches


  1. MaiTai I have used a scarf as a belt with my mors ring but think the next time I will try it this way. You look very cool in the summer heat!

  2. Thank you andiamo! Love the belt with the mors ring too, gives it such a chic touch!

  3. I just came in from replanting my rose bush, and an amazing update greets me. This is a wonderful idea, and with black too, one of my fav colours <3 Hope you're having a beautiful weekend :)

  4. Dearest DD, thank you for your lovely comment. Have a beautiful weekend too!

  5. MaiTai - what beauty all 'round! I'm wondering if I missent the names of the scarves I recently purchased as per your inquiry- I can't find the entry, but it's probably me! Thaks for the ongoing joy!

    Maisie Z

  6. Thank you Maisie! So easy to loose track of posts etc, but would love to know which one your favorite new aquisition is! Happy you enjoy it here :-)

  7. Hello - My 1st carre is a vintage silk jacquard Orguaphone et autres Mecaniques in a black CW - such lovely jewel tones. I then visited my H shop and chose 2 (for balance!) La Femme aux Semelles de Vent 1 in black & the other in vieux rose. I then spotted a 70cm vintage Pique Sellier in rouille/marron. The SM who assisted me will arrange a scarf knotting date where I also hope to purchase a scarf ring...and so it goes! Off now to hike w the dogs as there's a break in the rain!


  8. Beautiful choices Maisie, congratulations!!

    Two for balance, haha...I can see you are well on the slippery (silky) slope!! We are twins on the black Femme aux Semelles and I am very tempted by the vieux rose as well. Seems that we share a similar taste, as the rouille/marron is the CW I like most in the PS design.

    Have fun with your knotting lesson!!