Friday, October 2, 2009

Friendship knot

Today's scarf theme day is 'Friendship knot'. It's a knot that looks fiendishly complicated, but with a bit of practice it is actually quite easy to achieve. Click here for a how-to video

H it Up!

Coaching Vintage Carré
• Elephant and Torana enamels
• Silver rings
• 32 Kelly in Ebene


  1. Gorgeous!! I've been looking at this cw for the longest time <3
    You look beautiful as always! Finally tried my hand at a knot too :)

  2. It looks lovely! Made with a 70 cm long scarf, right?

  3. love the coaching colorway!! such an elegant look, T!

  4. DD, manuela and lulilu, thank you for the lovely words!

    DD, must go and check your knot, I bet it's fab!

    manuela, yes it's a 70x70 Vintage Carré.

    lulilu, the CW was love at first sight, as it's colorful without being bold and bright! :-)

  5. I really like the coaching scarf and the vintage size. This colorway is very pretty.

  6. Thank you Bonjour Madame! The CW would certainly go beautifully with your Avatar pic! ;-)

  7. You're much too kind dear MT :)

  8. Not at all, the knot IS fab!! :-)

  9. I love this knot, and the scarfis just lovely, it suits your coloring so gorgeously!

  10. Thank you DB! I was nice to discover how well the knot works with a smaller size scarf. :-)

  11. Great blog! You have a lot of style!
    Could you please show us how to tie friendship knot!
    thank you

  12. Welcome to my blog Tatjana, happy you enjoy it here :-) Will put the friendship knot instructions on my list of future projects :-)

  13. maitai - you really should add a disclaimer to your site: "without a long, swanlike neck, the effects shown may be impossible to replicate". This would help those of us who have been wondering for years why our carres look like neck braces when we wear them...

  14. LOL, marmite! I know the neck brace effect, it happens easily if the scarf is tied too close to the neck. Try to loosen it a bit, so that just a little bit of neck shows, it makes all the difference. You could also try wearing the knots further down, like in post #18 in the H it Up section. Thank you for the lovely compliment though :-)

  15. You are clever, mai tai. I have indeed been tying my scarves close enough to the neck to cause facial swelling. But to be honest, separately from neck length, there is a height issue. Those of us below 5'8'' should be strongly discouraged, nay, banned, from wearing the 90cm carres anywhere near the neck to avoid looking like trolls auditioning for the circus. I am prepared to provide photos of my 5'4'' self to illustrate this point. It is worse if you are petite - simply far too much fabric near the face. 70cm can ALMOST avoid the spinal traction association, but really why did i not realize this about 40 scarves ago? clever, wicked Hermes. As for simple knots with the ends floating down...the ends get caught between the LEGS, mai tai. Very unsightly. Time for an hermes advocacy group for the vertically and cervically challenged.

  16. You make me laugh, marmite! I am not giving up though.. I have yet to see a person who does not rock their scarves and I bet you look fabulous in yours!

  17. Dear Mai Tai,
    Thank you so much to share with us your wonderful looks, it gives so many ideas.
    I discovered your blog one month ago, while I was looking for ideas to knot the scarf I have just bought ( initially I went to FSH store only to buy a tie for my husband...). It is my first scarf (Hermès en voyage), except the one I bought 15 years ago when I was a teenager at the Soldes).
    I would like to know to do the friendship knot (I didn't find it in the booklets I have : Play with your carre (1998 edition) and the latest Knotting Cards). Could you make a lesson for us ?

  18. Dear Charlotte, a warm welcome to my blog and thank you for sharing your Hermès story, it is always interesting to hear abouth 'the first one'! Which scarf did you buy when you were a student? Whatever it is, lucky to have got it at the sales. I've put a how-to for the friendship onto my list, happy to post a lesson :-)


  19. Dear Madame Maitai, Can you please tell me if your how-to video for
    the Friendship Knot is still available for your scarf disciplines like me? ;-) Much appreciated !
    Cheers and Warmest Regards, Mandy

    1. Dear Mandy, Many thanks for alerting me to the fact that the video has disappeared! I've just uploaded a new and improved version, you can see it here:

  20. Of all the knots you present here, this one is by far my favorite !
    I love the way it brings different parts of the scarf each time, that it can be worn as a statement necklace when it's low, or keep me warm with my coat when close to the neck.
    However, I call it scoubidou ;)