Friday, October 23, 2009

Today wearing - Tie knot

Today wearing my Carré in a tie knot, leaving one end much longer than the other.. it gives the scarf a wonderful length!

featured scarf Monsieur & Madame


  1. I like the drama of the length and that touch of yellow near the neck. Very pretty!

  2. Hi T,

    Catching up on your blog. Great looks and ideas. Take care!


  3. Stunning! I love how you have so many different ways of tying scarves!

  4. Merci Bonjour Madame! Yes it's fun to see the occasional yellow and gold coming out. When flat there is so much of it, but the folding calms it down considerably :-)

    Great to see you dear S and thank you for your lovely comment. Hope you are happy and well! <3

    Thank you darling DB. It such fun to play with them especially as the season has just changed.. Loved your pic today and btw we are Gavroche twins!!

    Have a great weekend ladies!! x

  5. gorgeous! love the various ways of tying scarves! I'm inspired to use my scarves more often :)

  6. Thank you EF, I am happy that you are finding inspiration. Have fun with your scarves! :-)

  7. Looking fabulous! Love the M&M scarf on you :) Perfect for the tie knot!

  8. You are back!! Hope the trip was good. Glad you like the tie knot, thank you!! <3