Friday, May 27, 2005

Choosing Fleurs d'Indiennes!

As some of you already know, I adore Aline Honoré's scarf designs, the La Femme aux Semelles de Vent, Cent Plis de Miao and Coupons Indiens are amongst my favorites. When seeing the first preview of her Fleurs d'Indiennes for this SS2011 collection, I very much hoped one of it's many colour ways would suit me. Rule #2 (Be in love with the design) ticked! Having tried almost all of them over the last few weeks, and with the most likely contenders not quite working out, I was beginning to loose faith. With no other CW left to try, and in the spirit of rule #5 (be open and flexible), I thought to check the vibrant CW07 'just for fun', but was somewhat doubtful how it would go with my complexion and wardrobe...
Like with any scarf that is not symmetrical, the two possible axis of folding the scarf into the basic bias fold... ...result in two very different looks.. left: blue axis left, right: pink axis ..I love both ways, so rule # 3 (The design also needs to work for you when the scarf is knotted) got ticked too! left: blue axis left, right: pink axis. Both tied in a criss-cross knot with a grande scarf ring
When trying it on, it was a real surprise that it did not overpower me, instead it was a definite 'high LOL moment' (thank you for the great expression, dear gracekelly)! Rule # 1 (The scarf should flatter you and illuminate your face) ticked !
The remaining question was, if I would find anything in my wardrobe to team it up with.. # 4 - Be in harmony with your wardrobe/accessories
Looking closely, there is an immense array of neutral colours in the design, and wonderfully enough, it turned out there is hardly any colour in my wardrobe that couldn't be matched to the FI, it works beautifully in combination with khaki, grey, beige, 'greige', taupe, chocolate, white, teal, plum, rose, steel grey... and if I'd had orange, safffran, yellow, red, turqouise or green clothes, it would go with those too.
#6 Never buy anything that does not feel 100% right! - ticked! The story behind the design, from the 'Carré Stories SS2011' booklet: Coming next: playtime with the Fleurs d'Indiennes and checking it against rule #1 (the scarf should flatter you and illuminate your face) Hope you'll all agree ;-)


  1. Oh, that's a gorgeous colorway!! I'm glad you found ways to make it work for you.

  2. Beautiful scarf. I love how there are so many designs going on; they all work together so well and the colors are gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful scarf, wonderful colours, good choice! xx

  4. So lovely, and such a breath of spring! Looking forward to seeing you wear it in upcoming postings!

  5. I took home the red and white color way of this beauty and adore it. That color way is also gorgeous!

  6. Gorgy! Can't wait to see what you post it with ;)


    J xo

  7. Hi MaiTai,

    This is such a beauty. I can just see this as the next 'Wonder Scarf' in your wardrobe.

    BTW, this is the exact colourway that I WANT to get the moment I saw the design on H site. I can't wait until the new batch of scarves hit the stores in my part of the woods!

  8. Beautiful, MaiTai. I just bought this design in the khaki. Your light blue one was also a contender as was the chocolat one. I can't wait to see modeling pictures.

  9. Hi Mai Tai! Can't wait to see this on you. I was at the H Festival of Crafts where they screen printed a ten-color version of Fleurs d'Indiennes. I posted photos on TPF of each step, if you are interested in seeing the design unfold.

  10. I have to admit, MaiTai, when I saw this scarf in the store, I shied away from it, thinking that it was too bold. It also deviated from what I usually go for (breaking rule number 5 - be flexible!), but after seeing it on the bias fold, it's worth taking a look at and seeing if it meets all of the other items on the MT checklist. I very much like your choice, and am looking forward to seeing you wear it. Warm orange hugs, CS.

  11. Oh Mai Tai, I love your post! Congratulations on the Fleurs D'Indiennes! It's a beautiful scarf indeed. After trying all the colors, I finally decided on the #09 Chocolat/Rose Poudre/Violine colorway. I went through the same process as you did, and I'm so grateful that you have put these useful pointers in words which is great for our future reference. :D Thanks so much again!

    Looking forward to your next post on how you rock this scarf.

    By the way, do you have any pointers on how to wear 2 different scarf prints together? Do we only need to think about whether the colors match, or is there something else to pay attention to, like the mood of the prints? The reason why I am asking is because I love mixing prints such as stripes with polka dots, plaids/abstract prints with floral. I'd love to do that as well with Hermes scarves because it will be so much fun to experiment, and brings the beauty of the scarves to a whole new level. :D Any advice will be much appreciated. Merci beaucoup!


  12. Really beautiful design.
    This colorway is the One I`m really looking forward to try.
    Hopefully it will work for me as well ;)

  13. Wow, what a truly gorgeous scarf! I love this MaiTai and think the colours are simply stunning! I can't wait to see what wonderful combinations and knots you come up with. It will go with your horn bracelet as well as with your turquoise enamel. This might be my new favourite scarf of yours! :)

    Melusine x

  14. Interesting choice, MaiTai ! I have discounted this one as I don't like 'flowery' scarves and some of the colourways are very bright. Can't wait for your modelling pictures - I bet you change my mind.

  15. With your innate sense of style its hard to imagine you could put a foot wrong....and with this new beauty you definately prove once again your immaculate sense of style! Top marks, every box well and truly ticked, can't wait to see it on you as I know it will look just wonderful against your luminous complexion!

    DB xxx

  16. Oh you got FdI in turquoise! One of my choices but as you already know, this cw didn't work out for me.I'm sure it'll look gorgeous on you and I can't wait to see what you'll pair it with. Congrats on a gorgeous scarf!

  17. Congratulations MaiTai - this is a beautiful design - one I hope to buy soon. I am amazed at how the colours in your cw7 work and thank you for showing how you worked it all out!

  18. My dearest MaiTai,
    Congratulations and a happiest welcome to the gorgeous Ms. Fleurs d'Indiennes, what a special beauty! I truly love and am so very grateful for this amazing lesson you're giving us. First you taught us the indispensable guiding principles, now you show us how they work in this fantastic step-by-step application and illustration, and then…you're going to let us see it all come together in action with your beautiful, magical playtime! Thank you so much, dear MaiTai, you're giving us a tremendous gift. Sending you all my love and warmest, sunniest hugs xx

  19. Such a wonderful choice,dear MT! I am looking forward to what you decide to model the FI with.This really could become the next magic scarf.I would love to see this in the
    ASW knotting.One thing I know for will TOTALLY rock whatever you decide:)Happy playing!
    T xx

  20. MaiTai, my dear! Once again, it is a sublime treat to see a new scarf literally unfold through your visionary eyes. Can't wait to see how you work it! XOXO

  21. I must say I have had a lot of ups and downs deciding about the scarf which is in numerous colours, busy and random pattern (horses, not flowers, but anyhow) similar to Fleurs - finally I bought Pour Sortir and I am happy with it. However, I use it as a colour celebration, panache, and it is bit easier than to embed it into a balanced and stylish outfit. Therefore, I am very intrigued about how you will use your Fleurs, as I know your style will surely include making a symphony using a scarf, whereas my scarf is "an independent star" over grey, black or dark blue clothes. My previous words actually show how challenging this task would be for me and that I am only a little pupil of the great teacher, with a huge part of the style road to travel yet. Hugs, Lilian

  22. Such a beautiful choice of scarf, MaiTai - I have looked at the design (only the pink/red one available at my local H so far...). Can't wait to see playtime pics! The decision process is so intelligent and I will be printing this out for future scarf shopping trips!

  23. Thank you for sharing my joy, dear Deja Pseu, zippitydodaaa, Blighty, Reese, EmilyB, markdownmaven, AngelaB, Maedi, StellaRossa, CS, Bon Chic Bon Genre, Lenka, Melusine, A, DB, booksnchocolate, Scarf Addict, Scarf Enthusiast, Trudye, Dr.V.O., Lilian and sushi queen,and for giving Ms FdI such a warm welcome <3

    Merci, Deja Pseu!

    So glad you like it, zippitydodaaa :-)

    Thank you, Blighty x

    Looking already forward to team her with Spring clothes, dear Reese!

    Congrats on Ms Red/White, dear EmilyB. Cousin hugs to you!

    Many thanks, dear J :)

    I think you might be right re the wonder scarf, dear AngelaB! Fingers crossed it will arrive at your local soon.

    Congrats, dear Maedi! The khaki (followed by chocolate) was on top of my list, but did not work out with my skin tone as well as I hoped. Merry cousin hugs to you x

    Lucky you, dear Stella Rossa! I have seen the pictures, they are so amazing. Thank you for the info :) Hope they will select the FdI for their website colouring demonstration too.

    Same here, dear CS, so thank god for rule #5! If you get a chance to take a second look, I’d love to hear what you think!

    Woohoo, the cousin club is growing! Congratulations on Ms Chocolate, dear Mia!! Your questions re mixing prints is a true challenge, as it is something I very rarely do. I would make sure there is at least some element which ‘ties’ both scarves together, be it a rapport of colours or pattern. Gracekelly has done a fabulous guest post on the subject some time ago, hope you’ll some find inspiration there. Good luck!

  24. Fingers crossed, dear Lenka! It would be lovely to become twins with you :)

    Your comment made me smile, dear Melusine, as it is spot on re the bracelets and being my new favourite! Playtime pics to come soon :)

    Very true re the bright CWs, which is why I almost gave up hope when the olive and chocolate ones did not suit me the way I hoped.. Pls keep me posted if the upcoming pics will change your mind ;-)

    You are so generous and sweet, my dear DB, many thanks and mwahs to you x

    If only I had enough bleu/white wardrobe pieces to justify Ms Bleu/Porcelaine, dear booksnchocolate, but so happy to be cousins with you, congrats again! Between us scarf sisters, we seem to have almost every CW covered, making me fantasise about a FdI meet-up..oh the fun we’d have!

    Hope it will join the other beauties of your collection soon, dear Scarf Addict! The fuchsia hem is almost impossible to resist ;-)

  25. You are the kindest soul, my dear Scarf Enthusiast, thank you for your lovely sweet words. I so enjoyed going into details with this one, and had to think of you, as I know you do too. There is so much scope in this scarf.. I have to restrain myself, or else this blog will turn into 'Ode to the FdI'! x

    So thrilled you like it, my dear Trudye! The ASW was one of the first knots I tried, it comes out magnificently! Playtime with this one is such fun, it’s hard to stop.. works beautifully with some of ‘our’ wardrobe pieces! x

    Many thanks, my dear V.O., so lovely to share here with you. Hope you'll like the action pics too :)

    The Pour Sortir is such a beauty, dear Lilian, and so great that you have found ‘the one’! I very much like the ‘panache’ style, it always looks fabulous (my scarves might get jealous for always having to blend in, lol) and it might be an interesting style challenge for me! Hope you will enjoy the upcoming playtime pics :)

    Thank you, my dear sushi queen, so happy you like Ms Turquoise! Hope your local will get some other CWs for you to try soon, and happy future scarf shopping trips!

  26. Dear MT, as I am very dedicated to panache-like wearing of scarves, please do believe that your blending-in is much more demanding, so many details to think about and talent for putting the things together plays a huge role! On the other side, I only put a scarf over whatever dull colour and the bright scarf makes a miracle. However, I would much more prefer to blend in, if I only knew the how-to-way from beginning to the end! I have made a certain improvement, however my outfit often breaks on some details (too heavy, too dark, too light, too-whatever). Therefore, I am already in the first row in audience to watch your scarf playtime. Lilian

  27. lifeatmyfingertipsMarch 6, 2011 at 5:56 AM

    This is stunning - a beautiful burst of lovely colours =) I cannot wait to see it in action! xx

  28. I too bought this colourway in January. I was not immediately drawn to it; but once I saw it tied I loved it.

    I too like to keep an open mind.

  29. Here’s to scarves, the miracles they perform, and the joy they give us, my dear Lilian.

    Thank you, chère lifeatmyfingertips!

    So nice to be twins with you, dear duchess :)

  30. Hi scarf twin. I have to agree, this particular one has a lot of versatility. It is in high rotation and hopefully it will remain so! Great choice!

  31. This one is going on the list of "must acquire".
    The colors are gorgeous and the design just makes me smile!

    1. Gina, I've still seen a few around lately, good luck on the hunt! The giant carré (140 x 140) is stunning too, btw ;)

  32. Thanks! The "color axis" diagram was helpful. I used to just fold the end with the tag toward the center, now I check the axis and see which color I want to show more of.

    Finally figured out the way to decide if I really LOVE a scarf. (Trying to more carefully edit my purchases in the French fashion.)

    A scarf you LIKE will go with several things in your closet and is pleasant. A scarf you LOVE...
    you will buy a dress to go WITH that scarf! (Just ordered a butter colored sheath to go with Equitation Japonaise! Hee hee!)

    Thanks for your posts! They ROCK! Gina

    1. Oh what a great point, dear Gina! A have quite a few wardrobe items which 'belong' to certain scarves, LOL. Happy scarf and clothes shopping to you!

  33. I've bought my first few now and I've discovered my personal rule, based on internalizing the rules here: The scarf must make your heart SING. Nothing less will do. I bought one that looked great online but found the white was too bright for my wardrobe when I got it: but I love it so much I found a way to balance it with a shirt I had been ready to toss (also very bright white). And the whole thing together looks incredible -- better than I could have imagined. I also just picked up "Parures de Maharaja" in orange (with blue accents) -- something louder than I usually wear -- because I could not shake how gorgeous it looked. And it just works: it looks wonderful on me and it makes me giddy every time I see it, even though it's somewhat irrational to love such an unusual combination of colors. I've tried being rational, but that just doesn't seem to work for H for me -- it's on a whole different level.

    It all blends, it works, and it's because they feel like Christmas to me every time I see them. Anyway, that's my new personal rule. :)

    Thanks for the wonderful advice -- you gave me the courage to buy my first H scarves!


    1. Many congratulations on your first H scarves! You have chosen wisely, they sound wonderful. Wishing you much fun building your collection, and finding those treasures which make your heart sing!