Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Coupons Indiens - MT TV

It was a lovely surprise to see a number of scarves from past collections turn up in the scarf counters this Spring. Not reissues for this season, but an extra allocation, they come in the orig. cws of their first editions.. I have seen Vif Argent, Coupons Indiens, Aux Portes du Palais and Aux Pays des Epices.

Definitely a wonderful opportunity to get hold of scarves previously missed out on, and I was thrilled when discovering Coupons Indiens. I love the design (have a Gavroche but missed out on the 90 Carré), adore the designer (Aline Honoré), and was over the moon to have found a perfect colour match to Ms Rubis Pico with the cw01.

From emails I received, many seem to be as excited as I about this opportunity, and Lilian asked me if I could show my new Coupon Indiens folded in both diagonal folds. As she suspected, the CI is another 'magic scarf' ie two scarves in one, a perfect candidate for the first episode of MT TV. Many thanks for the inspiration, my dear Lilian!

My two new treasures in perfect harmony..


  1. Congratulations on your 2 new treasures - both beautiful! And loved the first episode of MT TV!! Cecilia did great and loved how you showed the versatility of the new CI scarf!! :o)

  2. Mai'Tai you are such a professional and a perfectionist : this post is everything ...beautiful, informative, inspiring . The only problem is it brings out my acquisitive nature as I'm longing to find this scarf ! Unlikely it's around in London .. I've just splashed out on a couple of H silks but if it turns up I shan't offer any resistance .

  3. Have just ordered Coupons online! Your film was inspirational!

  4. Dear Samantha and Chiarina, so happy you enjoyed the first episode of MT TV. I had such fun putting it together, many thanks for the lovely compliments <3

    Chiarina, congrats on your new silks! Oh and btw, the CI is available online... just saying ;)

    Hello A, and many congratulations!! Have fun with this beauty :)

  5. Brilliant, lovely -- thank you! You've managed to bring so much life to the CI -- it was great to see it with your eye and to be inspired by the possibilities inherent in this scarf. I hope there will be many more similarly videographed scarves on MT TV. Next episode? Can't wait...

  6. Oh, MaiTai, I am loving Ms. Rubis! She is beautiful with your new Coupons Indiens. I never gave CI must notice before, but after seeing your video (such a professional job, dear MaiTai, even super geeky DH is impressed!), I must give her a second look. That scarf really has so much versatility that I did not realize before seeing your video. Thank you, dear, and I am looking forward to seeing Ms. Rubis with many other scarf combinations.

    Is the ruby and diamond jewelry a necklace? Very beautiful, too.

    Warm hugs, CS

  7. Amazing scarf and MT TV is great idea. I`m looking forward to the next broadcast :)


  8. What a wonderful (and inspirational) video! Congratulations on your new addition. I must say that I regret not checking my store for Aux Pays des épices...I love the way this scarf folds.
    I hope to see more episodes of MT TV very soon.

  9. Fabulous post! Love the idea of MT TV.

    I'm new to H scarves and am a bit overwhelmed (but in a good way.)

    Can you tell me which other scarves might be magic? I love the idea of "two scarves in one". :-D

    Thank you!

  10. What a wonderful post, dear Maitai!
    Congratulations on your new treasures, and thank you very much for sharing so much beauty :)

  11. MaiTai - love your new CI it is stunning and matches your lovely new bag so well! I noticed also that H have a supply of previous issues - it is nice to be able to catch up! Well done on your lovely find! SA :-)

  12. Dearest MaiTai, congratulations for the beautiful start of a new MT TV segment - you never cease to pleasantly surprise us! I am honoured a tiny bit of inspiration came from me, thank you for mentioning me in your post - I studied CI for a long time and felt it might be amazing IRL. It is more amazing than I expected, as it can be tied so differently to obtain totally different looks and styles - it is a real magic. I hope your TV series might include MT collection as well. Now, the collection has several pieces which could be filmed nicely - your true talent would surely find the best way for it. Wanted to mention the things I particularly loved in your video, making it so much different from other videos about the accessories which I have seen - duration, rhythm (dynamics) and shown details. You showed so many things in a short period of time, with many insights, patterns, colours, tying styles - perfect. Chin chin to you and your success! Lilian

  13. I have the Coupons in the shawl, and I love the way it can look so vastly different just by changing the angle of the fold.

  14. Another lovely post, my dear MaiTai. Congrats on your lovely new scarf! It is just perfect with your rubis picotin! Such warm colours! Love your bracelet(?)too!!! And you always know how to combine the pictures to achieve beauty and harmony. Thank you! Your post reminds of Summer, sunny days and raspberries!Warm hugs, M.

  15. Forgot to mention the lovely 1st part of MT TV. Gorgeous idea, my dear, and so professional! Thank you for all the energy and imagination you dedicate to your blog, that turns it into this magical place to visit! :-)Summer hugs, M.

  16. Wow and Wow! What a lovely production from start to finish with your first episode of MT TV !The pace,the music,the how to, all done with such perfection. The CI looks lovely with your new Rubis.These magic scarves are always a favorite..would love to see the CenC in an episode!
    You never cease to amaze dear friend:) Kudos to your production assistant! Big hugs and now off to watch the rerun,
    T xx

  17. Congrats on MT TV - loved how you paired the music to the scarf! You inspire me every day!


  18. Sitting here in awe, (almost) unable to put in words how much I admire you for the inspiration you give us, not to mention your perfectionist attitude, which sloppy little Macs is (almost) a little envious of. <3, me PS: need to find this versatile scarf a.s.a.p.

  19. LOVE MT TV - so well done! Love this site. You have just taken it to the next level of fabulous just when I thought that to be impossible!

  20. Speechless and bopping to the music! Thank you Lillian, for the inspiration for MT's wonderful presentation. It is indeed a "magic" scarf and I too will be giving it a second look.

    How nice that Ms. Rubis has a little something to keep the other wrist warm whilst you carry her;)

    Congrats on all your new treasures! And kudos to the music director :)

  21. My dearest MaiTai,
    Another big congratulations and many warm welcome hugs to Ms CI cw01! We're twins:) It's an absolute beauty and indeed the most perfect companion for your new gorgeous Ms. Rubis Pico - your one-of-a -kind beautiful collage shows how they truly bring out the best in each other. Your sparkling jewel is so very pretty and precious. You know, I was also smitten with the CI design when it first came out but just had eyes for the cw 07-carmel/safran/violine, and only later came to long for this beautiful colorway 01. And you know how it goes when the longing starts... So very glad the H angels heard us, and hope the other ladies had their wishes fulfilled too, or will soon.  Bravo and congratulations to the very first MT TV episode! - the rhythm and the vitality is truly inspired. Thank you for showing all the magical sides and angles, and many thanks to Lilian for the wonderful suggestion. You, my dear, are totally spoiling us... Wishing you a very happy weekend and sending you much love and warm ruby hugs xx

  22. I also had luck with scarves from past seasons this year! After passing on Les Domes Celestes and later regretting it, it turned up again and it had to come home with me! Congratulations on your find. I love Ms. Rubis and you showcase both pieces so well. Thanks so much for your inspirational posts!

  23. Dear Hermes, I am writing to you on MaiTai's blog, happy that many of our nice ladies participating the blog have found the scarves from the previous seasons, which you launched into the stores now! I hope that you also watched the MT video showing Coupons Indiens in its full light - I believe MT is your best model you have ever had. My wish, dear Santa, pardon, dear Hermes, would be to relaunch more classical designs from past season for those of us who love them very much. You will know which ones, as you know each of us very well. And don't forget to inform MT TV about it - then we will be able to see the designs in full light and swing, presented by our fabulous MaiTai and definitely fall in love with them in time, while they are still available in boutiques. It is a matter of love and dedication, therefore very important for us. With deepest appreciation, Lilian

  24. Your wonderful comments made my days, many thanks my dear Dr.V.O, CS, Lenka, booksnchocolate, A, cecilia, Scarf Addict, Lilian, Laura, Manuela, Trudye, Donna, hair-mes, Sue Ellen, gracekelly, Jamais, Scarf Enthusiast and Jocelyn. Producing the first episode of MT TV has been a great and fun experience, and I look forward to start working on the next profile. Your appreciation meant a lot, my dear ladies, thank you very much <3

    Dr.V.O , there will be!

    CS, it is a necklace. Pls say hello to your DH, I am still impressed with his plans of installing screens in your bathroom!

    Lenka <3

    booksnchocolate, I have seen quite a few Aux Pays recently, so hopefully they are still around when you get to your local H next time!

    Anonymous, welcome to the world of H scarves! The Carré en Carré (hard to get, it's from 2008) is the mother of magic scarves, it is 5 scarves in one if folded in the rectangle. Otherwise, always check the two diagonal axis of a scarf, if both are very different, it’s a magic scarf!

    cecilia, so kind of you, thank you :)

    Scarf Addict, aren't’ H surprises just the best!

    Lilian, thank you so much again! And what a lovely idea to ‘video profile’ the MT collection. Wonderful inspiration from a lovely lady, thank you my dear!

    Laura, so lovely to be Coupons cousins with you. The design is so amazing and wonderful in a shawl.

    Manuela, summer, sunny days and raspberries sound so heavenly! Wishing you a most wonderful summer, with all of the above <3

    Trudye, love your suggestion for episode number two, there is so much scope in the CenC! Many thanks for this fabulous idea, so much looking forward to getting started on it. Huge hugs xo

    Donna, so glad to hear, mille merci :)

    Macs, you are so sweet, thank you. Good luck scarf hunting!

    Sue Ellen, thank you so much!

    gracekelly, both wrists are in ruby heaven, no complaints from either ;) All the better that Ms Magic has so much red in her!

    Jamais, even though I have the CI as a Gavroche, I only discovered the full scope when playing with it at the store. The SAs were amazed too by it’s versatility, we were all in awe! <3

    Scarf Enthusiast, how very wonderful to be twins with you on cw01 (and cousins on cw07, woohoo!), sending you the most excited silky hugs <3 I remember the gorgeous cw 07 so well, many congratulations on your double joy. This season has answered the prayers of so many of us out of the blue, andI join you wholeheartedly in the hope that the wishes of all scarf sisters will be fullfilled one day soon too xo

    Jocelyn, so wonderful to hear, many congratulations on your LDC, such a happy surprise!

    Lilian, you are the best! I have just put my name under Santa’s letter. Imagine how much fun it would be to anticipate ‘surprise reissues’ every season..can’t help starting compiling wish-lists in my head! ;)

  25. Dear Mai Tai,

    When I saw this scarf I knew I just had to have it! I saw it on the Hermes website but when I saw it again on your website I knew for sure that it would be a very good buy. I hope you are not offended as I have also bought it. It is so very versatile and it gives so much more use as everytime you fold it it looks different. Thanks again for the great ideas with how to wear the lovely Hermes silks.

    Kind regards,

  26. My dear Chantal, I am absolutely delighted to be twins with you, many congratulations!! Chin-chin to our beloved scarves, and especially to our latest treasures <3

  27. After seeing your wonderfull video i love this design will try and see it irl and hope its not to red for me,was wondering if you could tel me the meaning of this design as i love to know everything i can about H designs and you are a fountain of information, keep up the good work
    Jane x