Friday, February 8, 2013

Closet playtime, final part - Spring variations

Ex-libris en Kimono

Capsule pieces: white jeans and black short-sleeved shirt
Shoes: tri-color patent leather pumpsAccessories: Hermès 'Ex-libris en Kimono' 90 Carré, black click H enamel bracelet and Picotin in sanguine
Scarf tying method: fold into a pleated rectangular strip, with ends secured in a criss-cross knot 

Criss-cross bow knot

An alternative in blue...

Rendez-Vous Rive Gauche

Capsule pieces: white jeans and Twist Top in Marine Blue
Shoes: tri-color patent leather pumps
Accessories: Hermès 'Rendez-Vous Rive Gauche' 70 Carré,  'Clic-clac H' enamel bracelet in bleu indiens and Bolide in bleu de Prusse
Scarf tying method: Criss-cross bow knot

One more blue variation -  Cuirs de désert

I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone xx


  1. I enjoyed so much all these beautiful and bright variations. Amazing how many combinations you do with one pair of shoes. How will I explain to my husband that I really need all the shoes I have in my cupboard???
    Have a nice week end and Rendez-vous next week!

  2. Killing us softly with these happy shoes,you are,dear friend! This play date has been oh so fun! As much as we love playtime in your is time for you to go out and have a fun weekend! I must try to make a long distance purchase and get a pair of happy shoes! That would make for happy feet! Hope you have sunshine in your sights for the weekend ahead<3 T xx

  3. I enjoyed this series very much <3! Thank you for showing us so many variations with your pretty "happy shoes", as dear Trudye very well called them :) I can hardly wait for my next trip to Paris...

    Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend. <3 M xx

  4. Diese Schuhe, liebe MaiTai, sind wirklich ein Traum. Ich gebe zu, beim ersten Hinsehen haben sie mir gar nicht sooo gefallen. Aber in den verschiedenen Kombinationen, einfach ganz großartig. Danke und liebe Grüße S.

  5. Dearest MaiTai,
    Thank you for another amazing series and inviting us into your divine closet for an incredible mega play date, truly has been a splendid treat <3 What a wonderful finale - wish you could hear all the cheers of admiration on this side. I am totally in awe of you, dear MaiTai. All of your ensembles are perfect - all the pieces are just meant to be together. Wishing you a most restful and enjoyable weekend. All my love with giant happy friendship hugs xxx

  6. The new Rv's are clearly a great investment, they work with so many combinations. You always look great in white jeans, love it. Your weather must be on the up? Ax

  7. Thanks a lot for this, absolutely enjoyable series.
    Loved it so much.
    You inspired me to go deeper into my own closet, and see which enjoyable outfits I can make if I think more - it is a development procedure, thanks for your inspirative support on the way which might sound simple, but actually isn't (I can witness it - the same wardrobe, which is now much better used).
    Only if Hermes would add some "old" reissues on their side...ah...
    Love, Lea

  8. Love the ex-libris in that color way! Beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration! Will definitely try riffs on these looks with my own shoes and scarves!

    Happy Mardi Gras! Attending Endymion tonight, hope to send some pics of carnival!

    Have a lovely weekend beautiful Mai Tai

  9. I WANT THOSE SHOES :-D I have seen them so often now, that I feel I need to get my hands on a pair of these ;-) Thanks for showing - and all those lovely scarves and ideas, too! Have a very HAPPY weekend :-) !

  10. I now have an acute case of shoe envy! I'm so impressed by how versatile they have been with many scarves...I need to contact a Roger Vivier SA immediately!

    Barbara A

  11. Such variation of outfits and colors to go with your new shoes! Very well done, as always, dear MT. I'll bet your new RVs go with your gold coat as well.

    Warm orange hugs, dear.

  12. Merci!
    Merci pour cette fabuleuse semaine .
    Toutes vos combinaison sont fantastiques .
    Passez un tres bon dimanche.
    Bien a vous.

  13. I've loved this series MaiTai, and really enjoyed seeing how you play with the different colours and feel. Those shoes are so versatile, I can see that a pair will be added to my wish list! :)

    Have a lovely rest of the weekend,

    Melusine x

  14. Many thanks for the lovely and kind comments, my dear Catherine, Trudye, Manuela, Sanne, Scarf Enthusiast, msT, Lea, Gina, happyface, Barbara A, CS, Myriam and Melusine! I so very much enjoyed the closet playtime week (there are more possible combinations still, but one week is enough for now!). It would not have been the same fun without you joining in, my dear ladies, thanks so much <3