Friday, July 12, 2013

FSH summer windows - part five


  1. This is such a happy,joyful summer display! I love this beach towel and it's inherit texture. They really did do some very beautiful jackets and blazers this collection. It is a pleasure to get to see them here! Thank you again for this summer delight! Kudos to you as the photog and capturing exactly what they are trying to portray! Chin,chin to another great post and series. Have a wonderful weekend, T xx

    1. I also admire the photography!

  2. Oooo...ahhh!! This is the pièce de résistance! The bangles, those wedges, and that necklace...perfect summer accessories. The white ostrich Plume bag (is it a Plume?) is classic and clean. I want it all!
    Gorgeously photographed by you. You have an unerring eye for beauty~
    Barbara A

  3. Whaou this Kelly... It wil a perfect one for summer and yes this year with the crisis H put so many colours to enjoy life and vision to cheer people. Even the ones going to H to buy do not feel crisis too much I guess... but your way to show us these beautiful details and coulouful items are a big art of photograph dearest.
    And make us to dream.


  4. Ooh, more eye candy, the texture of that H. beach towel...that's it, I Want 1!
    Do Hermes know what they owe your so-tempting photography of their windows ? lol! Mandy :-)

  5. Btw...forgot to mention that I love the wedges and the fresh and playful! Happy holiday weekend, t xx

  6. Love that orange and white wedge sandal. Yes to a pair of those! XO, Jill

  7. Excelent photographs, dearest MaiTai! You are a very good photographer indeed!:)
    I like almost everything shown in the window display decorated in such an elegant away. Well, that's Hermes!
    Enjoy a lovely and sunny weekend. M xx

  8. Many thanks for the lovely comments, dear ladies! Only two more windows to come.. hope I you'll enjoy these too. Have a wonderful weekend everyone xx