Sunday, May 25, 2014

Capsule wardrobe #133 - Mystical Phoenix

The more I get to know my new scarf, the better its name 'Mythiques Phoenix' seem to fit... the way the dark and muted colors contrast with luminous ecrus and greys gives a lot of depth, and creates a mystical and mysterious feel.

Above: Cowboy knot
Below: Basic slide

Bringing out the purple in a  Criss-cross bow knot

Asymmetrical wrap

Cowboy knot

As belt 

Capsule wardrobe pieces, shoes and accessories in black, ecru, white, taupe, grey, purple, blue and dark brown

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  1. No mystery look gorgeous in your new scarf! Looks like another great style sheet for packing! Love it all! Hope your week is off to a great start, T xx

  2. MT
    Thank you so much for all these great ideas with this amazing neutral scarf- I am twins with you on it (seemed to have been the only one available in Canada in these great neutrals as I note that Hermes ca was only carrying the gavroches in this design until one day last week, they added this particular one in the large size and I quickly made it mine only to find that within an hour or 2 only the gavroches remained as before- so it seems I got the one and only they had/I take it as a sign it was meant to be mine!)
    Again thank you for showing it's wonderful versatility and beauty-as always you are my inspiration for elegant classic dressing that works on a daily basis without being over the top for most people's lifestyles.

  3. LOVE it! So chic.....I got le voyage de petheas (sp?) and love it, the colors are so pretty and so "me" gave me some good ideas here!!

  4. Beautiful, Mai Tai xxx

  5. Dear Mai Tai,

    It's just magic!!!!

    Every look it's just amazing: chic, elegant, simple, and for real womwn who have real lives!!!!You are the best!!!

    I don't know a better way to begin this stormy Monday!!

    I agree with you that it's really mystical.. the purple, the deepness... just waiting for my birthday!!!! LOL

    Regards from Barcelona

  6. This scarf is a all your looks. We have a trip coming up soon which you have given me some great ideas for packing. Have a wonderful week!

    Many thanks, Simone xx

  7. Look at all those options! My grandmother always said a scarf extends your wardrobe, and you've just proved her correct. I love all these looks and you've given me more inspiration to extend my wardrobe. Thanks again for sharing all these great looks.

  8. Dear MaiTai, as my sisters ;-) already wrote, it's always a deep joy to read your new posts and it warms up the beginnig of a new, labor-intensive week. Every time you show us anew ideas for styling. You are really a source of inspiration!!! In the meantime the only question I ask in the mornings is: "What would MaiTai wear today?" Best wishes from germany Claudia

  9. Always very beautiful...
    Anne Marie

  10. You are so elegant and fine dear Mai Tai that the result cannot be the same on me.....
    With any scarf it will be the same problem! But your combinations in these coloiurs are really beautiful. I love these colours, may be I will find it once....

  11. What a fabulous post! Love the photographs of the flowers combined with the perfect looks. <3
    I wish I had a little book with all your gorgeous outfits I could look up every evening while separating my clothes for the following day...
    The purple sweater and the scarf are a beautiful combination.
    Thank you so much, my dear Mai Tai. Have a lovely evening. Spring hugs, M*

    1. Oh, what a nice idea! I would like to have one of the little fashion-books as well!!! Please place a reservation for me... Thank you, Claudia

    2. Dear Manuela,

      I have a confession tto make a have this little book of MaiTai style...

      Let me explain...

      2 years ago I have a major havoc in my life.. in the verge of going to 50' ... a career change due to the infamous economical crisis..I was diagnosed witha chronical illness.. I kew that I have to reinvented myself.. and just in the middle of this through pure serendipity .. I came across this wonderful blog..

      The beautiful pics, the elegance, the "crispness" of evey look... Which better coach that our dear Mai Tai... so the task of dowsizing my wardrobe, my life , my expenses didn's seem so difficult... Some people see Hermès and dowsizing as an oximoron but it isn't.. you just have to be more selective and careful... So in the process I print some capsule sheets as a example... Now this is my "secret" little book...

      And BTW I have found a sisterhood of birds that flock toguether with orange wings!!!!

      Moito obrigada !!!!

    3. Dear Claudia,

      So nice to hear that you share my wish. Don´t worry, I will ask our dearest Mai Tai to reserve one little book for you too. M xx

    4. Dear Ilsa,

      Thank you for sharing your little "secret" with us. So nice to hear about when you found this wonderful blog. I couldn´t agree more with you. For me too, this blog is a very special place. <3
      Wishing you the best. Continue a sorrir!

    5. Dear Ilsa, your story really touches me! I feel with you and I'm really happy to have such a courageously and clever sister! Claudia

    6. Dear Ilsa, one person more in our touchy story, thanks for it. I think you spoke for many of us, thanks for your courage.
      I believe our dear and beautiful MaiTai will be delighted...isn't it very flattering and truly a big compliment to have such a sister like you and inspire many ladies like you? I think it is truly a big gift and huge talent. I agree with Manuela - it is a very special place and a hidden secret corner of beauty for me too.

    7. Ilsa,

      You are very poetic. I just love your "sisterhood of birds that flock together with orange wings."

      Good things to you,

    8. Dear Manuela, Lea, Jerrine, Claudia

      You have make my day!!!!

      Thanks so much for your warm words..

      Once again MaiTai's place has play its magic!!!

      Regards from Barcelona!!!!

    9. Dear Ilsa,
      I can only agree with you that some heavy changes in life, be it personal or carreer related are quite a desaster. The more I myself thank you for your frank and open words - we never walk alone:-))
      This lovely picture book is a real treat for me, too, and keeping life and thus clothes simple with the exception of some nice accessories brings joy to our lives, isn´t it so?
      Big hugs from another "bird with orange wings" (great!) from Germany, Barbara

    10. Dear Ilsa - I'm totally with you as well; fortunately not due to health issues but otherwise we really had to downsize and to be honest, I "almost" enjoy the process; but solely thanks to our all's best inspiration ;-)! Sending hugs from Vienna, Macs

  12. in awe - each and every look is so crisp, elegant, sophisticated and yet again stylish - it's hard to find a sufficient compliment! sending magic orange hugs, Macs

  13. Thank you for showing us this fabulous scarf tied in so many ways, it looks wonderful in each photo, I love the way you have brought out the deep purple with the purple top and I love the way that the cowboy knot emphasises the dark tones while the half bow knot shows up the lighter cream parts of the scarf. Scarf magic by MaiTai!

  14. You are amazing! All of these looks are so elegant and beautiful. You made me even happier to have this magical scarf too. Thank you so much being such a source of inspiration in every possible way!

  15. You know, I just did not see much purple in the scarf until you put it with the purple sweater, and then all I could see was purple! This scarf is amazing. My birthday is months away, and I am saving now for my very own. I hope you had a very happy birthday, dear MaiTai, and that the coming year brings you everything that this mysteriously beautiful scarf represents.

    Warm aloha,

  16. Dearest MaiTai,
    Oh how so true! Indeed, such a deeply mysterious beauty - lush with otherworldly richness - yet one of the most practical and thoroughly versatile scarves. Mythiques Phoenix has already become one of my dear favorites. Thank you for the many lovely variations - the wonderful group capsule shot with the shoes is an extra treat! You are truly awe-inspiring, dearest MaiTai! Wishing you a lovely week and sending you lots of warmest spring hugs and kisses xxx

  17. Beautiful scarf, many congrats. Its one of those amazing chameleon designs that works so many ways. Could easily become one of my favourites in your collection, can see why you have such a fondness for it already. Axo

  18. Really lovely scarf ,chosen with the eye of an expert for all things beautiful.
    Belated happy birthday, best wishes for the year ahead.
    I am always hesitant to buy any scarf with a lot of white colour.
    My experience is that white silk yellows with age and cleaning.
    How do you manage to keep yours so pristine?
    Hand washing doesn't work for me either.
    I know dear expert you will have an answer.
    Congrats on your fabulous looks.

  19. Hi NJ,
    Just wanted to comment that the white in this scarf is not a white(opitcal) per say but more of an off-white leaning towards a light cream.

  20. I am so jealous, as my big bird wants so much to fly out of her box and flap her lovely wings, but unfortunately, it is no longer scarf weather in Atlanta - much too hot and too humid.

    But, at least I can admire how beautiful you look in yours and study all the possibilities for future wearings.


  21. Très chère MAITAI
    Se foulard est vraiment magnifique sur vous .Et le nombre de combinaison est incroyable Bravo!
    Pour moi qui n aime que le noir est blanc le violet ne m as pas choquée c est vous dire
    Bises. Très bonne fin de semaine.

  22. Hello my dear ladies and sweet friends! Just a quick note to say that I'll be getting back to you as soon as I can. So much enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts and comments, your lovely words brightened every day of my week <3 ilsa's sentiments have struck a chord with so many, and I feel very much part of the sisterhood with orange wings.. In the meantime, have a most wonderful and happy weekend everyone xx

  23. Such a lovely,heartfelt dialogue begun here by like minded souls! It is these unexpected, although we are spoiled by dear MT and have come to expect beauty here,glimpses of beauty...that makes life so grand...irregardless of the circumstances that brings us here! Thank you dear friend for creating this elegant place to gather! Chin,chin to birds with orange wings,all! Trudye

    1. Dear Trudye,

      Joining you in a toast to birds with orange wings! Have a lovely weekend! Mxx

    2. Dearest Manuela,
      Any excuse for another toast;-)
      Saw your comment about the GM is a great bag at the price point and flies under the made even better with the new inserts!
      Hope you have a peaceful rest of the weekend!
      T xx

  24. Dearest Trudye,

    I do believe you! Must start saving...:-) Cheers for beautitful things! M xx