Sunday, May 10, 2020

Dr. Deborah Birx Scarf Inspiration!

Dr. Birx has sparked a huge interest in scarves in recent weeks, so I thought it would be fun to create looks that are inspired by her outfits, color choices, or scarves. The pictures of Dr. Birx's are from the fan IG page: "Deborah Birx Scarves" (here), who gave me their kind permission to feature them here.

She always uses a triangular starting point when tying her square silk scarves, and yet the resulting knots and ties are varied. She flips, for example, the bib of a cowboy knot sideways or behind her neck, or tucks it into her clothing.

You'll also find a couple of new knots in this post (a direct outcome of the extra free time due to lockdown). Tutorials for these will be included free of charge in future updates to my Scarf Art App. The Camélia knot tutorial is nearly finished and will also feature in the next blog. All others still need filming, which is unfortunately not possible in the current circumstances.

It is not my intention to attach any political context to this post. It is meant to be a lighthearted distraction from the current situation, while also acknowledging the attention Dr. Birx's public appearances have given to scarves globally. I think it also makes a good showcase for how lovely non-Hermes scarves can look when beautifully tied and worn.

Keep safe, and hope you enjoy the post!


Dr. Birx with an "Eagle Silk Scarf" (by Ann Hand) in a cowboy knot.

photo credit: deborahbirxscarves on Instagram here

"La Reale" Hermes 90 scarf in a Camélia knot (new) and a Hermes Caleche narrow printed enamel bracelet in black/gold.

A Camélia knot how-to (it will be included in the Scarf Art App in one of the next free updates):


Dr. Birx with a "Retour à la Terre" Hermes 90 scarf in a Shoulder Wrap, worn close to the neck and with ends left long.

photo credit: deborahbirxscarves on Instagram here

"Carré Kantha" Hermes 90 scarf in a Brezel knot


Dr. Birx with a "Rocaille II" Hermes 90 scarf in a Bib knot. The Bib is gathered close to the neck and the ends are left long.

photo credit: deborahbirxscarves on Instagram here

"Puzzle II" Hermes 90 scarf in a Cowboy knot. The ends are tucked away underneath the bib


Dr. Birx with an unidentified scarf (design resemblance to "Tourbillon") in a Shoulder Wrap.

photo credit: deborahbirxscarves on Instagram here

"Index Palmarum" Hermes 90 scarf in a Shoulder Wrap.

Variation: in a "Chemisier" 


Dr. Birx with an unidentified scarf in a cowboy knot with long ends and worn close to the neck.

photo credit: deborahbirxscarves on Instagram here

"Carré Kantha" Hermes 90 scarf once looped around the neck with ends tied into a small square knot.

Tucked-in Cowboy knot

Dr. Birx with an Emilio Pucci scarf (as before) worn in a Cowboy knot. The bib part is tucked under her jacket.

photo credit: deborahbirxscarves on Instagram here
"Robe du Soir" Hermes 90 scarf in the same knot as Dr. Birx above.


Dr. Birx with a "Papilio" scarf (by Emilio Pucci) in a Shoulder Wrap.

photo credit: deborahbirxscarves on Instagram here

'Robe du Soir' 90 Hermes scarf in a Vertical Basic Slide

Archive picture


  1. Thank you so much for posting this! It is a wonderful reminder to appreciate beautiful scarves and to lift up our scarf-wearing sisters. As always, your grace is beyond compare. xoxo

    1. Hello Kendal! So nice to see you again, it's been a while since the fun and fabulous 'green sandal' wardrobe challenge! Here's to all our scarf-wearing sisters! xxx

    BEAUTY AND BRAINS..............
    HER SCARVES have been a LIFT TO ME!!!

    1. You nailed it, dearest Contessa: Doctoressa Birx!! Composure is key to get through these times. Hope all is well with you and that life returns to normal one day soon xxx

  3. Loved this post! Scarves have been a key element of my wardrobe for over 20 years. They're classic, travel easily, and can transform an outfit. It's great to see the coverage of a female professional. Thanks for your blog. It's a treat to read.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. Couldn't agree more with you on the magic of scarves. In addition, no other accessory is as versatile ... depending on the tie, one scarf can look like ten different ones!

  4. Hi MaiTai,
    thank you for the treat in my package; my favorite color, grey.
    My scarf ring collection is almost complete. The hot pink one looks great with my new Cosmographia scarf.

    I saw Dr. Birx in her scarves, and thought - 'she needs MaiTai's Scarf Art app!', so I emailed it to her office and also posted it on several twitter "Birx scarf" followers. :-D
    I think Dr. Birx has started a scarf trend here in the US.


    1. Hi Janet, many thanks for the kind words. So happy you are pleased with your package and that the hot pink scarf ring is perfect with your new scarf. Thank you SO much for your efforts to bring my app to Dr. Birx attention. I'd be ready anytime to hop over for a one-to-one tuition!

  5. Thank you for this clever post, which shows how a well-tied scarf can bring softness and femininity to an outfit without compromising a professional appearance.

    Jane in London

    1. Beautifully said, Jane! I also love how she maintains a professional look even with her pink or pastel coloured scarves.

  6. Love, love your posts on Dr. Birx’s scarves!! Have been a scarf devotee for many years as it gives an elegant unobtrusive uplift to any outfit. Your elegance shines through!

  7. Two smart, accomplished, attractive women who know the transformative powers of a great scarf.

    Who wears it better? Both look tres chic, but sorry Dr. D, our swan mistress beats you by a nose.

    Much love,