Sunday, January 24, 2021

Black and brown, and a dash of blue

 So far, 2021 has been as uneventful as most of 2020, and with no trips or adventures to blog about (I can't even remember when I saw an FSH window display last), I am drawing wardrobe inspiration from my two little dachshunds.

The coloring of their silky soft fur goes well with the more muted colors of nature during the coldest time of the year, and my wardrobe and scarf choices are following suit. I've always loved wearing black and brown together, and I think that Wiener and Roley are living proof of what a harmonious combination it is. 

Hope you all had a good start into 2021, and that you stay healthy and safe. 


Roley with a Hermes Vif Argent Gavroche/Pocket Square in an Ascot knot.

Copying Roley's look with the Vif Argent in an Ascot knot. Other accessories:  Hermes Clic-H bracelet in black.

Wiener always comes up with new expressions ... he's the comedian in our family!

As an hommage to Wiener's coloring, here with a Hermes "Monsieur et Madame" 90 silk twill scarf in a Papillon knot. Also wearing a Hermes Charniere bracelet in black lizard/rose gold.

This blog wouldn't be complete without the "Les Bassets" Hermes 70 Vintage scarf (which I stubbornly keep calling "Les Teckels"). Here in a Petit Bib. Also wearing a Hermes Clic-Clac H bracelet in Bleu Indiens.

"Les Bassets/Les Teckels" as before, this time in a Rose Wrap (tutorial to be added to the app in one of the next updates). Also wearing a Hermes Kelly Double Tour bracelet in ebene with gold HW and a Charniere bracelet in black lizard/rose gold. 

An attentive Roley ... could there be the neighbor's cat in our garden?

Monsieur et Madame Hermes 90 scarf as before, this time in an Ondulation knot. Also wearing a Hermes Kelly Dog bracelet in black croc.

Monsieur et Madame in a Cravat knot


  1. Dearest Tai,
    what a joy to discover your new post in these very uneventful times! And I only just found out that the comment section is back alive- I was very sad to see it gone.
    So much fun to play with what’s in our wardrobes- when there’s not much chance to go and try out new collections. No need- your Monsieur et Madame is as current as ever, and brown and black are a wonderful winter choice and reflect both nature and your Wieners‘ fur so well. A lovely inspiration to enjoy winter colours just a little bit longer as the snow has returned. Stay healthy and positive, you and all the swans out there!
    xoxo Katja

    1. Love your new user name, dearest Katja! Times are uneventful indeed, but as you said... it leads us to peruse, improve and re-discover what we already have. It must have been so much fun to have snow and to explore the ensuing winter wonderland... a change in scenery is a rare treat in this never ending staycation! Stay healthy and positiv (while keeping the tests negative) too! Much love from France, Tai xx

  2. So happy to see another post from you! I always find them (as well as photos of your darling Roley and Weiner) to be uplifting. I love the way that you have (as always) connected the beautiful color combinations of nature to the color combinations in your scarves. Lovely and inspiring. Stay healthy and well in body, mind and spirit, my dear. Elizabeth

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely comment, dearest Elizabeth! Wiener and Roley always make my heart sing, too, and our time in nature is so precious to me. Often it is the simplest things that inspire us most/make us happiest, and it is wonderful that we can share our appreciation for these here at the pond. Stay healthy, happy and well! Warmest wishes, Tai

  3. Of course you gain inspiration from your beautiful boys and their silky coats! I think that they make very handsome models,too!
    Your knotting skills are next to none and you showcase the M et M with perfection!
    Given the boys beautiful coloring, I think this begs a camel et black styling session, too!
    Wishing all resilience and safely, T xx

    1. And I bet you are gaining tons of inspiration from your beautiful Bengal Boys, too! If the pandemic drags on, a "pet inspiration" blog series might have to come to the rescue. Bengal Boys first, of course! Then a camel, to kick off the camel and black styling session. And if anyone has a zebra, please send pics as I already have a scarf to match ;) Resilience and safety to you, darling T. The boys send kisses, T xx

  4. Dearest Tai,

    This is just brilliant! The two little guys are such a great inspirations as well as models, and these pictures are simply fab! You wear black and brown combo so well. Thank you for this post, as I am also seeking inspiration around me, and playing with my scarf and MT scarf rings much more recently. As much as I hope for our lives to have the priviledge of travelling restored, I am also grateful for the opportunity to look around and find beuty near by. So happy that the comments are back, so we can gather here again.

    Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

    with kind regards,


    1. My dearest Aneta, - thanks so much for your kind words. Because of the isolation the pandemic brought, it is all the more joyful to see the swans coming flying the pond! I do hope too that our freedom and privileges will be restored one day soon, and when that day arrives, we will have upped our scarf and wardrobe game to the next level! It is an amazing coincidence that the app came out just before the pandemic hit, particularly since I've been thinking about it/working on it for so long. New knots are coming, should name the Covid 1, 2, 3 ;) Stay well and safe, and keep enjoying the beautiful things that surround you! Warmly, Tai xx

  5. Dear MaiTai,
    what a refreshing idea to use your Wiener boys as a source of inspiration! I was so amused! Thereby your blogpost immediately brightened my mood! Aside from that I'm always surprised how many knots you keep presenting us! The „rose wrap“ looks incredibly pretty and I'm curious to see if it works for other scarf sizes, too.
    In our strange times I made the experience how important it is to occupy oneself with beautiful things. I really guess it heals the soul! Thank you for your healing vibes and stay healthy!
    Alles Liebe von Claudia

    1. Dear Claudia, - thanks so much for the lovely comment! I made the mistake to read it out to the Wiener boys, who have since started to talk about modelling fees and "sausage pay"! The Rose Wrap works with a 90 scarf as well (it is basically a variation of the Asymmetrical Wrap), but I love it with a 70 scarf the most. Enjoy the beauty around you, and stay healthy and well. Alles Liebe, Tai


  7. In my next life, a Covid-free one, I hope, I’d like to come back as one of MT’s beloved Doxies. How wonderful it must feel to be oblivious to the turmoil and stress, only concerning oneself with your daily frolic, treats, dinner promptly served at the pealing of the church bells, luxurious high style beds and cashmere blankets and sweaters. Lots of love and hugs. And, on top of all that, you get to wear H scarves – lucky little guys!

    But, thank you Wiener and Roley (and Mum, too, of course) for entertaining us this rather nasty past year, adding a little levity and joy and lots of beauty to our shut-in, restricted lives.

    I hope all the Swans are well and paddling through life as serenely as possible. Better days are ahead – I’m sure of it.

    Love to all of you,

    PS – If a second life as a sausage dog in Provence isn’t in the cards, could I possibly come back as one of Trudye’s Bengal Boyzzz? That would assure an equally luxurious lifestyle.

    1. Ha, that is what my vet says, too!
      One of life’s great joys, for me, is to spoil my furry heartbeats!
      Wishing I could beam us all to Provence, though! Location, location, location!
      Bengal Boyz and I sending love and mwahs to all,T xx

    2. Darling Swan-in-Chief Jerrine, so happy you came flying to the pond, despite travel bans, restrictions and social distancing! Doing my best to paddle through life and hope you are ok, too. Also very much hoping for better days ahead (soon, please)! Wiener and Roley on the other hand couldn't care less about Covid ... for them the last 12 months have been nothing short of blissful: no trips or holidays for their Mum and Dad, but longer walks than ever before! They send you love and kisses. Stay well and let's toast to better days xxx

  8. Dearest Tai,
    Love the pictures of this post and your new scarf ring in ‘marron glacé’ and look forward to trying it with my scarves. Have a lovely weekend. Much love, Mxx

  9. Dearest Manuela, - thanks so much for the lovely and kind comment! Hoping to see you wearing your new scarf ring on IG. Much love and have a cosy Sunday evening! xxx