Monday, May 24, 2021


France is finally easing out of its third lockdown and like everyone else I am looking forward to "the adventure of resuming normal life". 

Parts of the stay-at-home year have been lovely and I hope they will remain once we are back to usual.  I've come to associate the walks with my dogs with a sense of freedom and having spent more time outside than before,  my appreciation of nature has only deepened. And while cooking with DH has always been a joy and such fun, since lockdown our dinner preparations have also become a much-anticipated highlight of the day.

As for so many, more time on hand has started me on a few home decoration projects. I've always had a love for fabrics and a fascination for the stories that various combinations of textures, colours and patterns can tell. In a way, fabrics and decoratives objects are to a house what scarves and accessories are for an outfit.
I can not wait to go back to the Paris showrooms and feel the textures and weights of the fabrics I am contemplating, and I look forward to sharing the outcomes here. In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to create a few textile mood boards for today's post that show how decorating can be inspired by nature in the same way as choosing scarves for an outfit.

In other exciting news, I found an app that identifies flowers and plants (called Picture This*). I am so thrilled to be able to learn the names of the little wonders that I encounter on my walks and will include these in the blogs. *no affiliation

Hope you enjoy the post!

Black locust

Aux Pays des Epices 90 scarf (design by Annie Faivre, Hermes Autumn/Winter 2008 collection) in a reverse basic bias fold with ends secured behind the neck in a small double knot

Foxtail Barley

Belles du Mexique 90 Mousseline (design by Virginie Jamin, Hermes Spring/Summer 2008) in a Friendship knot. Clic-Clac H bracelet in Bourgogne. 

Common Salsify

Here another archive pic, but I don't think I could have taken a better picture to reflect the mood board above  Index Palmarum 90 scarf (design by Katie Scott, Hermes AW 2019 collection) in a Chemisier knot.

This beautiful horse is a new addition to our household. I love it so much that it has found a place in my atelier, on a shelf right across from my desk.

Accessories: Lena necklace and Clic H bracelet in Marron Glacé, both by Hermes.

This is one of my favourite pictures of recent times. The Salsify is such a humble plant but looks so glamorous up close.

Archive pic: Parures des Samourais 90 scarf (design by Aline Honoré, Hermes Spring/Summer 2017 collection) in a Bib knot 

Red Valerian


  1. So beautiful and thoughtful - I love this! Thank you for sharing these precious images and ideas. Merci, chere Tai, and of course, love to Milo and Roley from Sweep! :-) x

    1. A warm welcome to our chat corner, dear kn232! Wiener (formerly Milo) and Roley send kisses to Sweep! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful and happy spring x

  2. Dearest Tai,
    Love your last post! So elegant! The fabrics are very beautiful and I do look forward to what will come next.
    Your horse is a magnificent piece and I do understand you have chosen a special place for him. Can’t wait for the next post.

    Much love, Manuela xx

    1. Thanks so much dearest Manuela! The new horse has such a calm, beautiful and strong presence, which makes him a perfect companion for the workspace. So happy you also enjoyed the fabric additions in this post, it's been fun to extend the principles to other materials. Much love, Tai xxx

  3. What a beautiful and inspiring post to exit lockdown with and re-enter a more vibrant and joyous time - a rebirth of sorts and a fitting time to refurbish and refresh one’s surroundings.

    I love the new direction you’ve taken here on the blog. Of course, I have a vested interest, as design has been my profession and my true love for most of my life, and of all the various aspects of interior design, fabrics have to be the most fun and the most satisfying.

    I’m sure your decor projects will be as fabulous as you are - you certainly have the talent and the flair.

    “We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.”
    Winston Churchill

    Much love,

    1. I didn't know this Churchill quote, but it is so very poignant and true. Thanks so much Dearest for sharing it! So happy you enjoyed the new fabric aspect in this post and that my effort didn't offend your discerning eye ;) Love the way you designed your own place and your love for fabrics clearly shows! Here's to the vibrant and joyous times ahead, chin-chin and much love as always, Tai xx

  4. Dearest Tai,
    Love this new, fresh, forward thinking post!
    I am a firm believer that we dress our homes as we dress ourselves! Inspired by nature, multi-layered and multi-textured are right up my alley! I look forward to seeing how you finish your thoughts and ideas!
    I love that Salsify pic next to last! It would look great on repeat in either wallpaper or fabric!
    Would love to know the provenance of your horse head! It is divine!
    Chin chin to always and forever finding new sources of inspiration in the beauty that surrounds us daily! Much love and mwahs,
    T xx

    1. Darling Trudye, - you said it so well, multi layering and texturing is key... in our homes and with our outfits! So happy you like the Salsify pic, I am thinking of getting it printed to glam up the dressing room. The horse might make it to the collection one day, but since it's quite big and heavy, shipping could be an issue. Joining your toast and raising my glass to the fabulous things that make our lives beautiful. Mwahs and love, T xx

  5. Hello, I have been waiting for your instructions for the Chemisier knot. Your email said "how-to video at the end of this post" but it was not there. Please share!
    Thank you!

    1. Hello Ann, - I understand your frustration and I am truly sorry. But because we've spent most of the past 14 months in lockdown, video productions for new knots unfortunately came down to a halt. Hoping to be able to update the app with the Chemisier soon. Thanks so much for your patience!