Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Paris week - part ten


  1. Sorry the ignorance again.
    I desperately need brown scarf.
    And adore green colour.
    And the question is - which scarf is this one?
    My question proves how important is to see the scarves in knots, bias folds, etc, as their beauty is not recognizable otherwise.
    In the meantime, I will faint waiting for your reply.
    Gorgeous, you put unbelievable and tremendous amount of work into this series. Biggest thanks to you.

    1. Hi Lea :)

      If the scarf that you are referring to is in the last photo that is the Kilim 90cm Carre.

    2. Thanks a lot for your reply.
      Namely, I would never ever say it is that scarf, as I have never seen that colour combo...but, after rethinking the matter, you are right, it is Kilim.
      My idea of that scarf was completely different - now, after having seen this combo of brown and green, my opinion completely changed.
      Thanks a lot for assistance.
      I like communication between the members here, thanks our dear MaiTai to allow us building this network.
      Hugs to both

    3. Dear Lea and cewek, so glad you already sorted out the scarf question! cewek, many thanks for for chiming in. Lea, I love it too when members engage into chats, it makes this such a warm and lively place <3

      I agree with you on the Kilim, dear Lea, it ties beautifully. In the above post it is the same one in all the pictures, only that in one pic it appears brown, due to the angle of light. I just looked at h.com, but it does not seem to be available at the moment. A brown alternative might be Ors Bleus d’Afrique

      Have a lovely remaining week xx

    4. Ah, so, it is the light which did the game :-)
      Exploring the Hermes world is stunning, discovering the items we "need" every day and pairing them into outfits. Now I am on the hunt for warm chocolate brown (like Madame et Monsieur, alas, too late) and green. However, warm brown is the priority - I only realized it too late, which happens too often.
      Your blog is beautiful place to investigate the outfits and world of style. Hugs

  2. Absolutely stunning photos, MT - you can add 'professional photographer' to your long list of talents! Thanks so much for sharing these glorious windows with us - a lot of hard work on your part that is much appreciated by me for one! xx

    1. Thank you, my dear sushi queen, so happy you enjoy Paris week! xx

  3. Dear Maitai,

    Thank you for posting so many beautiful pictures from FSH. I really enjoyed all of them.

    Greetings from Stockholm

  4. I fully agree with Sushi Queen. You are a 'professional photographer', my dear MaiTai. The pictures are all marvelous and to share them with us recquires a lot of work and reveals much kindness.
    Very thankful hugs to you, Manuela

  5. Dearest MaiTai,
    Breathtaking images - your extraordinary eye for beautify is truly awe-inspiring! Thank you so very much, our dear MaiTai <3