Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bonne année 2014!

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and fabulous New Year, filled with laughter, joy and beautiful moments xxx

Between Christmas and New Year, a trip to the sea is one of our favorite outings on a sunny winter's day

And it was Ms Gris T's first outing too

The picturesque little fishing village of Bouzigues is a wonderful place to come for a walk by the sea, followed by a lunch of fresh fish and shellfish.

The walkway along the shore is lined with charming seafood restaurants, and the 'Grand Bleu' is a favorite. It is run by the Benezech family, a producer of local oysters since 1925.

In winter, a table on the first floor by the window gives you a most beautiful view over the lagoon and oyster beds (on warm winter days or in summer, go for the terrace on the third floor)

Seafood platter of the day

Capsule wardrobe pieces: black jeans, blazer and roll-neck sweater
Shoes: black box Jumping boots
Accessories: Hermès 'Ex-Libris' cashmere GM, Kelly Dog bracelet in black croc and Birkin in gris tourterelle

Le Grand Bleu:  13 Avenue Louis Tudesq, 34140 Bouzigues, Tel: + 33 (0) 4 67 78 72 09

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  1. To qoute Barbra Streisand, " Hello Gorgeous "...
    Wow,what a perfect first outing for Ms. GT and such a delightful way to start the New Year!
    Her color does remind me of the clouds and the rocks...perfect colorway for a light neutral!
    DH enjoyed this post also, given that we are both oyster,and of course the bubbly, devotees;-)
    Happy, happy New Year dear friend, T xx

  2. Happy New Year to you and your DH, my dearest Trudye! Hope 2014 is kicking off nicely! Have not seen Funny Girl for ages, will download it for tonight :-) New Years hugs xx

  3. Dearest MaTai,

    What lovely photos of this charming sea village, of your beautiful new Birkin, and of course you. You look gorgeous and so happy! The fish platter looked wonderful too :-)

    Happy New Year to you and you lovely family,
    Simone xx

  4. gorgeous, all of it, happy new year x

  5. Happy New Year to you and youu family. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos with us.

  6. Happy New Year, my dearest MaiTai!
    I couldn´t think of a lovelier place to spend the beginning of the New Year than near the sea, which I love. Bouzigues seems to be such a charming village.
    You look beautiful carrying your pretty Birkin.May you always enjoy her in good health and joy. Big Happy New Year hugs to you, dear friend. M xx

  7. Happy New Year dear MT. How lucky are you to leave in such a sunny and beautifull place. For the moral it's really improving it
    Here it's sad, boring and nobody anywhere......
    Geneva is in a hole between the mountains. And I do not sky....
    Your bag is splendid with black and it's true you look a very young woman! What is your secret?
    Amities. Monica

  8. Bonne-année dear MT,
    your photos are gorgeous and it is the perfect setting for Ms Gris T.
    The waiting was worthwhile, she soooooo beautiful. May I ask, how long do you have to wait for her?
    Bine x

  9. Happy New Year Mai Tai - thank you for your year of elegant soignée style.

  10. Happy 2014 to you as well! I appreciate so much your dedication to your blog - it's wonderful living vicariously through you! Gorgeous pictures! I enjoy every item in your Mai Tai Collection as well - I'm a repeat customer and will undoubtedly purchase from you again! My mom and friend loved the lavender sachets! (I especially adore your packaging techniques - I wish I could learn how to tie a bow like you tie the pink ribbons on your merchandise boxes - an instructional video perhaps?) Take care - Jody

  11. Sorry I wanted to say the place where you live instead you leave.... Ah sacré anglais!!

  12. Bonne année Maitai!
    Et très bonne santé aussi! Just popped in to say I really love the reading glasses on you from a previous post, very stylish yet fun! Félicitations for the new gris member of the family!
    Béatrice, Switzerland

  13. Such beautiful photos, and that glorious new Birkin fits so nicely into the seaside landscape. I think it's the perfect color for you and envy that total "blonde" look. It's so darn elegant.

    I don't know how you manage to make everything you do or touch so elegant, but I really think you should publish a book on how to live such a chic and elegant life. The rest of us would love to do so too!

    Best wishes for a happy, successful and, of course, chic 2014, my friend.


  14. Wonderful smile - you look radiant! Love the combo of the gris T with the Ex-Libris :D

  15. So gorgeous....every one of my sense came alive. LOVE the new bag, have the wallet in that color and a bag is next on my list:) It looks amazing on you....cheers to a happy and healthy 2014!

  16. Wonderful pictures! What a perfect first day out for ms Gris T, you look stunning together!

  17. Dear Maitai,
    best wishes for a happy new year from germany and thank you so much for these refreshing expressions!
    As a great fan of you and your picture book I am wondering, if you could help me at my following problem: my older son will achieve his "Abitur" this summer (you know it´s baccalauréat in france) and the pupils will arrange a so called "Abi-Ball". I think, this new tradition has slopped from US and the pupils take the occasion to dress themselves up. Most of the girls take long ball gowns and the boys suits and cravats! Parents are invited to take place till midnight. Now I am wondering what to dress for this happy event... I don´t like long dresses, but I really love your style, so I hope, you could have a solution for my question. My aim is, of course, to delight my son!
    Thank you for now

  18. Love your newest birkin. We're cousins (mine is a 32cm kelly retourner in Gris T with brushed PHW)! This color goes with everything.
    Love your style always!!
    Happy New Year xo

  19. My dearest MaiTai,
    What a lovely, most breathtaking first post for 2014! The expansive blue sky and the shimmering blue sea - so exhilarating - fills me with such great peace and much bright hope for the new year! You and your gorgeous Ms. GT could not look more perfect together - like you've been best friends forever. Wishing you a most wonderful 2014, my dearest MaiTai! Sending you biggest new year hugs and kisses xox