Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Parures de Samouräis #2

Those who follow me on Instagram have probably already seen my other scarf of this season.. the Parures de Samouräis in bleu ciel/vert/marron (CW04). I adore this design and I couldn't resist adding a second CW to my collection. 

Its beautiful soft colors make it a perfect summer scarf, and when knotted and worn it has a very different feel to its more vibrant cousin that I bought a few weeks earlier. As always, the most fun part of adding a new scarf is to explore different knots, wardrobe and color combinations, and to find out how to bring out particular colors or characteristics of the design.

In a cowboy knot (ends tied behind the neck in a double knot)

In a basic bias fold, ends secured behind the back in a double knot 

In a Basic bias fold 

In an asymmetrical wrap 

In a pleated rectangular fold 

Asymmetrical wrap

In a pleated rectangular knot

Make a wish!


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  1. Dear Mai Tai,

    As so many times before you , you have made my day..

    In the middle of life’s ups and downs, and this heat wave , seeing you with the bleu ciel/vert/marron (CW04)Parures, the one that my husband has offer my for my coming birthday, has put a big smile on my face...

    As always the beauty of the pictures it’s sooo soothing..your magic with colours , your clever combinations.. your amazing inspirations... I can only say thank you for sharing all of this with us!!!

    In spite of the weather.. Warm regards from Barcelona to you and all the swans !!!!!

    PS, I have been MIA.. lately but still came to the pond

    1. You said it so well, dear Ilsa! Nice to see you on the pond again:)
      Dear Mai Tai, you have made another fabulous choice and I feel very much inclined to follow your instincts- this CW is more than tempting... and the way you combined it with the stunning the necklaces and your wardrobe is just marvelous! Bravo!
      Right now, scarves are unbearable but it won't be long before we'll enjoy the smooth texture of silk around our necks again. The extra splash of colour is always welcome, and pastels are my favourite for spring.
      Don't sweat, drown or else,

  2. It's gorgeous, MT, and a perfect compliment to your fair coloring and summer's "coloring," as well. Now, I kind of wish that I'd gotten this one, too.

    I continue to think that it's one of the most amazing scarf designs in recent history. The design has so many surprises to explore, and each time it's tied, it manages to look like a completely different scarf. I can't wait to see it in the cashmere GM format next spring.

    It's also a lovely compliment to your new generation of gemstone necklaces. I love the soft new colors. I want them all!

    Happy summer, Swans. I hope you're all getting a bit less rain than poor beleaguered Atlanta is . . . more floods yesterday and more to come. I'm glad that I'm a good swimmer.

    Summer's best,

    1. Not only you, dear Jerrine. I agree- the design is indeed amazing! If only I knew what they'll do colourwise with the CSGM...any news yet?
      In desperate need for rain (rain, not floods, just to be clear!), happy to trade with you!
      Best, katja

    2. Okay, katja, weather swap on the way! I understand that the PdS will be issued in shawl format for spring/summer 2018.

      We'll probably see some similar color ways, but to work this design on cashmere, H will definitely have to cut back on both the intricacy of the design and the number of colors used.

      I hope they don't dumb it down too much, but I have a feeling they'll pull it off stunningly. If they don't? A break for the bank account!

      Happy Weekend,

    3. Hello friends!

      Jerrine, can you explain to me the different formats and how they step down from one to the other? And why this particular gorgeous scarf might not work in another format? I've wanted to ask, but was too embarrassed. I'm a little out of my depth!

      Speaking of depth, how 'bout them rains? Gulf Shores, which is an hour from my house, logged 15 inches of rain! Thankfully we had somewhere around 5 inches, which was plenty for us. And it just went on for days! I have the most darling little red rain boots and by the end of the week, I was simply sick of them.

      Katja, we'd be happy to trade. Everything in the southern US is soggy and humid--mold is taking over! And there's a smell...well, baking powder will take care of some of that. As for scarves, it's simply too hot for anything around your neck, so I'll have to settle for my lovely MT necklaces!

      Now those pajamas make me long for winter...but in June everything makes me long for winter...

      Wishing a lovely week to all, with cooperative weather to meet our needs!


    4. Yes, I'd be very interested to hear about that, too! I can imagine that silk and cashmere have very different ways of absorbing colours, but I'd love to know more about it...
      Oh, only SS18...that's almost another year! A long wait for Mrs Impatience. Maybe I'd better go back to the store now and look for this one? Sometimes I'm a little disappointed with big formats, the designs can lose their delicacy when blown up...
      Still hoping for some rain, during the nights would be fine with me if we still get sunshine during the days.
      Sounds like you're having monsoon rains? Wishing you Southern gals better luck with the weather,
      Love, Katja

    5. I wish I knew, girls, but it always seems that the shawls have a bit less detail and fewer colors than the 90 cm silks, and they're colored differently, as well.

      I know that the cashmere/silk blend is a much looser weave than the 100% silk twill, and it would certainly take the dyes differently, but I have a feeling that it's the way they blow up and expand the design for the larger format, requiring that they lose some of the detail and intricacy. But, as we're talking about Hermès, I don't think they'd attempt it unless they could guarantee a stunning result. I have a feeling that all the PdS lovers will want it!

      That probably makes no sense at all, but my brain is waterlogged with rain, humidity and mold. Maybe someone who is thinking more clearly can explain in detail. Inquiring minds want to know, right?

      Greta, I'm glad that you didn't float away. This is truly awful weather and to think that we have many more months of it. Remember that commercial, "Calgon, Take Me Away"? That's how I feel at this point - get me out of here; take me away!

      We just have to figure out how to share this weather largess with Katja, who apparently is living in parched desert conditions at this point.

      Hang in there, both of you,

    6. Oh, you poor wilting Swans! I'm complaining about 80 degrees, just can't imagine dealing with humidity, rain, and mold that you are enduring. I had to cross most of the South off my list of places to retire, for that very reason. And Jerrine, I am "of an age" to remember "Calgon, Take Me Away" very well! Wishing you, Greta, and Katja all cool breezes and/or a plane ticket to Alaska.

    7. We'll, Fifi, thank God someone remembers and will own also up to it!😏

      Thanks for those breezes. Now, please send them soon.

      Sweaty hugs,

    8. Oooohhhh--Alaska! We could wear scarves, pajamas and have great hair everyday! Oh, the luxury! It's almost a "Calgon, take me away!" moment!

      Happy almost weekend, everyone!

    9. Yes, Greta, I think we need Alaska and some frosty fresh air and quickly, too. At this point, I can't even structure a sentence correctly, as evidenced in my reply to Fifi - very embarrassing for an English major (hanging my head in shame).

      I've forgotten what good hair looks like. I probably won't see any until November!

      Let's book the U.S.S. Calgon immediately,

    10. Wouldn't a Swans Alaska cruise be fabulous? We would have such fun and the scenery would be spectacular. Dancing every night under the stars, eating/drinking without gaining an ounce, and of course, the highlight of any cruise -- shuffleboard. Line up the deck chairs, ladies!

    11. But, Fifi, we'd have to dance with ourselves unless you're going to provide a fabulously virile troop of male swans. I believe that their called "cobs."

      Got some in mind?


    12. He he he he....cobs is a funny word! (I know, I'm a fourth grader when it comes to humor, but stop to notice--aren't you snickering, too?)

      I'm totally on board for the cruise!

  3. Hello Beautiful MaiTai,

    Like Isla, I've been away from the pond, but what a wonderful dip in it is today! Gorgeous scarf, jewelry and inspiration images!!! Just wow! Yes, a true day brightener, thank you!!

    Kindest regards,

  4. Dear Mai Tai,

    Such beautiful photographs - I love the combinations of colours. This scarf is a true chameleon.

    Best wishes,

  5. Beautiful Post. Beautiful you!
    Thanks !

  6. Dearest MaiTai,

    So happy to be twins with you on this magical scarf, it truly is a spectacular design, and this cw is just stunning. Wonderful styling, and your accessories complement the beauty of the scarf (or, other way round?). You are a vision! Thank you for the inspiration and making time to post. Our "pond" is such an oasis of elegance and grace thanks to you.

    With kindest regards,


  7. What beautiful pairings with your new cw and new collection pieces! I am sure you had tons of fun mixing and matching to showcase it all!
    Congrats on a job well done!
    Wishing all a relaxing summer, cool breezes and plenty of iced bubbly!
    Mwahs, T xx

  8. Dear MT, this is just the most beautiful and soothing post to look at. These neutral summer colors look amazing on you, and the scarf sets them off beautifully. Now I will go check out the new items and choose my summer treat.
    Much aloha to you and all the lovely Swans,

  9. Nice work with the leopard! I love this pattern- it has everything.

    It's winter here but its 25 degrees so not that cold...but I'm wheeling out all the scarves I can.

    Love the pjs xx

  10. Dearest Mai Tai,

    So sorry for my late comment to this post, but the time before my holidays was a busy one.
    Love this post and all your beautiful modeling photographs. You look fabulous as always and are a source of inspiration to me as you always have been.
    Love the soft colours of your new scarf and the new necklaces. Thank you for keeping on creating those beauties for us. Sending you much love from Porto, Manuela xx

  11. I came close to buying Parrures de Samouais in the Hermes shop at Geneva airport in April, but didnt. I then realised what a mistake it was after seeing all the imaginative options you came up with for this lovely design so whisked into London and bought it in the cerise/turquoise colourway which best complements my complexion. My own Hermes scarf collection extends to a modest 10, though I am truly not sure I will ever wear any of the others again as Parrures really is so beautiful. Last week I wore it on consecutive days folded three different ways and it could have been a different scarf each time. I feel very lucky to have it and quite understand why you decided to buy a second one! Pippa C

    1. Congratulation on your fabulous purchase, dear Pippa! So glad you found 'the one' and it is so nice to be cousins with you. It's rare these days that I double up on CWs, but this one was a must!