Thursday, May 11, 2017

New scarf and MaiTai Collection straw bags

As many of you guessed already, my new scarf addition is the magnificent Parures de Samouraïs! The fantastic detailing seems to have stolen everyone's heart, and it is no surprise that it is said to be the bestseller of the season. I am so thrilled to own another stunning Aline Honoré silk, I adore her work and most of my favorite scarves are designed by her. What's more it's offered in so many beautiful colorways that it is hard to choose just one. For all I know, my choice (CW05 ébène/bleu/orange) might have been influenced by walking past the corner window on Faubourg Saint-Honore just moments before approaching the scarf counter....

As a belt with a MaiTai Collection mineral statement necklace in orange

Style sheet for the above and below

Capsule pieces: black trousers, blue tunic blouse (above) and white layered top (below)
Accessories (above and below): Hermes Parures de Samouraïs 90 scarf and a black croc Kelly Dog bracelet. MaiTai Collection Howlite necklace in orange. Above: Hermes Mini Kelly in black croc. Below: Mini Caba in black natural (available here)
Shoes: patent leather flats in nude (Tory Burch) and patent leather black pumps (Roger Vivier)

Adding a new scarf to one's wardrobe is always exciting... it is fun to explore how it works with existing wardrobe pieces, whether they are new additions or favorite staples. In addition, a scarf's design or color combinations may evoke memories of captured images or places visited in the past, inspiring new outfit ideas. These associations are often subconscious, but this time I know it's because we recently met a lovely group of friends, and one of the couples was from Barcelona. It made me think of the fun times we had there, and how magnificent the vivid colours and patterns on some of the building's details were. The tiled columns in the Palau de la Música form a happy union and stand in beautiful harmony, just as the many colors and patterns of the Parures de Samouraïs!

in a cowboy knot ends secured behind the neck with a petite scarf ring in a basic slide (you can make a small double knot instead) and with the new Mini Caba straw bag, as above (available here)

More memories of Barcelona, and the fun lunch we had at the Cuines Santa Caterina

basic bias fold

Reverse basic bias fold - bringing out the blues

Also new, in the theme of blue - MaiTai Collection linen table runner (available here)

100% linen. Made in France.

Style sheet for the above and below

Capsule pieces: blue tunic blouse with blue trousers (above) and white jeans (below)
Accessories: Hermes Parures de Samouraïs 90 scarf, clic-clac enamel bracelet in Bleu Indiens. Evelyne PM in Bleu Agate (above) and Picotin MM in Sanguine (below).
Scarf tie: Reversed basic bias fold with a MaiTai Collection Anneau Infinity in black horn (available here). MaiTai Collection Howlite necklace in orange (available here) and Mini Caba straw basket in natural/black (available here)
Shoes: patent leather flats in nude (Tory Burch)

Orange and blue.. La Mamounia, Marrakech in 2015

Asymmetrical wrap (click here for a how-to) with a MaiTai Collection statement pearl necklace in blanc/ivoire (available here) Hermes Evelyne PM bag in Bleu Agate and Elephant printed enamel bracelet.

Cowboy knot as above. MaiTai Collection Sparkling Crystal Earrings in dove grey (available here) and Mini Caba straw bag in black/natural (available here)

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  1. Yea!! I guessed right abt the scarf. Not twinsies though as I got it in CW 08 and CW 07. You are so right that it was difficult to choose hence why I got 2. As always it looks amazing on you and the pics of everything are as usual stunning( always such a lady 😉 Mrs D )

  2. Very very happy to be scarf twins with you (and dear Trudye, who inspired me...) - it's a magnificent design and you paired the colours so precisely with travel pictures...eye candy all around! I love it how you pick out pieces from your wardrobe and match them with the colourway - and, as with so many of the H designs, one ends up with completely new outfits. I haven't tried it with navy yet, but certainly will now. Thanks for another round of inspiration and stunning new additions to your growing collection!

    1. Aren't we lucky,darling Katja, to have these styling sheets as reference? MT has done such an amazing job of highlighting a multitude of options for this beautiful silk! T xx

    2. Couldn't be happier, dear Trudye. Most grateful to you as well for introducing this CW to me before I even found it in the boutiques. My favourite this season, and it will follow me into fall/winter with the more subtle brown shades. But first we need to make the most of the summer tones, bright orange, here I come!
      Enjoy yours as long as you can still bear scarves...

  3. Thank you, darling MT, for this inspirational post built around such a beautiful new H scarf!
    The P de S is indeed a beauty and I am sure you will find many of the swans around the pond sporting the same design! As I said above to dear Katja, we are so lucky that we have these style sheets to refer to! Thank you!
    Cute new additions to the MT Collection,too! May you enjoy great success with them!
    Chin, chin to all things beautiful! T xx

  4. Just gorgeous, Miss MaiTai. Thank you so much for posting a feature on this incredible scarf and mixing and matching your accessories and clothes so beautifully. You're truly an inspiration!

  5. Dearest MaiTai,

    Thanks for the colours, the atmosphere, everything is matching so well, this is and you are truly inspirational.

    Congrats for your new scarf, I totally falled in love with it too…. Did you find Aline’s little monkey? I didn’t yet, so many beautiful details on this carré, this is a jewel.

    I feel that all the swans who asked for the straw baskets they saw in your market pictures will jump on your new additions! That will be ideal for next summer, light and trendy .

    Have a nice week ahead,

    1. Yes, you did Catherine! And, I think you got the two best colorways. Just a small oink, oink to you.

      Big Hugs,

  6. Dearest Mai Tai,

    So happy for your post. I always am.
    I hope you had a lovely birthday surrounded by those you love and who love you too.
    Although this scarf is not in my wish list, your photographs are always so inspiring!
    Congratulations on the new member of the maitaicollection. Have a lovely evening, dear friend. Love, Manuela xx

  7. Scarf Twin here too!! Mr FF gave me this for Mother's Day after I showed him a picture of it on instagram and it is practically my favourite, I LUFF it.

    I has everything a scarf should have and I expect it to sell out in Australia soon.

    Happy belated birthday, love the blog as always- I check very few these days but love to see yours, especially for the comments where people are so kind and the camaraderie runs high xxxx

  8. Well, I have to admit that I partook of the Parues Kool-Aid, too, and in the very same "flavor," as well. And, I have to agree with FF above - this design has everything a scarf should have and more. The detailing is amazing, and I can't imagine how long it took to get this design to market. Swans, we are certainly getting our Hermes bucks worth here!

    It was an easy choice for me, as it was the only design that appealed to me in what I thought was a pretty erratic and uninspiring season. And then along comes Aline and her artistry and BANG . . . I had to have it.

    And, if you P de S lovers haven't heard, it will be offered as a cashmere GM in the future. I don't know if it will hit for fall/winter 2017 or they'll roll it out for the next spring/summer season, but it's definitely coming!

    Of course, it looks perfect on you, MT, and I'm happy that you've managed to show off the scarf's great versatility. It has a very chameleon-like quality, always changing depending on how it's tied. I so love your basket bags, too, and if I hadn't recently been very bad in Paris (but in such a fun way), I'd have ordered one by now. But, there is absolutely no room on the bag shelves after the new addition, so I must wait a bit I guess.

    Happy weekend to all the lovely Swans. I hope it's cooler where you are. It feels like August here already, but I am happy and relieved to report that while I was away, they finished the interstate bridge repairs, and life is returning to a slightly calmer state.


    1. My very dear friend Jerrine--

      Please don't think you can dangle a tasty bait like "...if I hadn't recently been very bad in Paris (but in such a fun way)" and I won't bite. Because I will. I most absolutely will and then I will want to know exactly what trouble you got up to in Paris!

      Spill, swan sister!

      Mai Tai, I'm more in love with this scarf than any in recent history. Its colors, its design and as Jerrine said, its very chameleon-like quality. And your capsule wardrobes are so appreciated by the likes of me, who often stands in front of a very full wardrobe exclaiming, "But I have nothing to wear!"

      You two make my week and it's only Monday. That is all.


    2. Well, Greta, in keeping with your dangling bait theme, yes I did go "fishing" in Paris - the "fish" are most plentiful there, after all, and very tasty, too. They just jump right in the boat! They're mesmerized by the flash of an Amex card.

      But, I did not buy an Hermès bag, quelle horreur. I decided that I needed to switch things up a bit, so I bought a black quilted caviar leather Chanel shopper that can be hand carried or worn over the shoulder, and I bought it from the Rue Cambon store, which made it an extra special experience. It's so light, and I dragged the bag all over Paris and stuffed it for it's return to the US, and it performed beautifully. And, it was such a mess in customs when I landed that I walked it right through, and no one raised an eyebrow (the beagles were too busy sniffing out the chocolate loaded into the carry on). Saved a nice amount on it too!

      And then the day before my return I found the most marvelous Gucci bag. It's kind of hard to describe, but it has a black calf matelassé body and a top flap in leopard printed hair calf with the face of a leopard - see hard to describe. I'm making it sound ghastly, but it's so charming. It has a bamboo top handle and a detachable gold chain shoulder "strap," as well as this very peculiar red, white and blue detachable cord strap thingie, which will not be worn with the bag unless it's the 4th of July.

      So, while I was bad, I was not H. bad. Well, I did buy a pretty Drag bracelet in rouge grenat with rose gold hardware, but that doesn't count, does it, especially since I got it at duty free at CDG?

      I can't wait to go on the next fishing expedition. You should come with.

      Love to you,
      S. Sister Jerrine

    3. Jerrine,
      You are terribly efficient, did you shop during night too? I know the Gucci bag you are talking about, original but not eccentric. This bag is you!
      Oink oink back ;-)

    4. No, Catherine, I did not shop at night - only thought about what I might find the next day, lol. And, I found time to visit a couple of museums and a few Loire Valley chateaus, enjoy the superb Chanel facial at the Ritz, as well as many stops for food and wine, some shared with dear friends, old and new. Nothing like a mixture of culture, commerce, gastronomy and friendship for a well-rounded and most wonderful visit.

      I'm very happy to hear that you think the bag is original but not eccentric. (I think we have very similar taste! You may borrow it next trip.)

      Oinking all the way,

  9. I just got the same scarf in the yellow and grey colorway after tracking it down three shops. Now you amazing pictures tempt me to get another color!