Sunday, December 2, 2018

Christmas Sale and more

You might be surprised to find a new post so soon after the last one. At first I meant to include all pictures featuring the new long gemstone necklace into a single post, but as the number of pictures and ideas grew, I decided to split them by color scheme (golden late autumn colors in the previous, and pastel winter colors in this post).

Hope you enjoy the post and that you have a wonderful start into the festive season 

Zebra Pegasus in a basic bias fold.

Breakfast at the charming Hotel Le Saint in St Germain, Paris.

Les Folies du Ciel

Casual in a basic bias fold with jeans and a Picotin 22 in Etoupe. 

Necklace detail

A wintery Place de Vosges

Zebra Pegasus 90 carré in a cowboy knot (instead of bringing the ends forward, they are secured behind the neck in a small double knot.

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