Sunday, November 25, 2018

Capsule wardrobe #179 - late autumn

It's been a while and it seems like autumn just flew by. We've had plenty of (much needed) rain in the past weeks which is wonderful for nature, but not great for blogging/taking pictures. So when the sun came out again, albeit temporarily, it was such a joy to capture the remaining golden yellow foliage.  I also found inspiration in early winter color palettes, so a follow-up post is coming very soon. In the meantime, have a wonderful remaining fall xx

Cent Plis de Miao 90 carré in a cowboy knot (ends secured behind the neck in a small double knot) 


Same as above, but with a mustard skirt instead of checked trousers

Skirt, bracelet and necklace as above, but teamed with a grey sweater and a L'Instruction du Roi CSGM in a rectangular fold

All outdoor pictures were taking on walks with the Wiener Boys, so I thought they'd belong here too (to see more of their adventures, follow them on Instagram:

Capsule wardrobe pieces: checked trousers, mustard skirt, purple and grey sweater
Scarves: Cent Plis de Miao 90 carré and L'instruction du Roi CSGM 
Bags: Kelly 32 in Ebene and Picotin 22 in Etoupe
Hermes bracelets: Caleche in black with gold hardware and Karla in Epsom Kraft

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  1. Hello Maitai,
    You have chosen a beautiful color pallet and look fantastic. Also,the photo of your dogs and the mules is a prize winner!

    Hope your holidays are happy!

    1. Hello Constance, - it's my favorite picture as well:) The dogs and mules stare at eacher every time we go past, it's very funny. Have a wonderful holiday season too!

  2. Wow, Fall is certainly gorgeous and golden in Provence. Not sure it can compare with you, though. Love your combinations, and I think the new gemstone necklace is the most stunning rendition to date. I'm drooling!

    Love to you and the Weiners,

    1. I am glad the golden light finally appeared, the vines certainly didn't look as pretty in the previous weeks, with all the rain we've had. My cameras were starting to gather dust! Hope all is well, kisses and love from us all

  3. Dearest MaiTai and All Swans,

    What a beautiful postcard from Provence, the colours are so rich and subtle at the same time, and the new necklace is evocative of those tones.
    The picture of the Wiener Brothers and the mules steals the post, so funny.
    Hope everyone is having a good late autumn and the run up to Christmas is enjoyable and not too hectic. Looking forward to the follow up post inspired by early winter, which is approaching very quickly here in Ontario.

    Have a great week ahead,


    1. Happy you enjoyed the postcard, thanks so much for the lovely comment dearest Aneta! Autumn really lasts for forever in the South of France, and with so much golden foliage around even in late November, I am fooled every year into thinking that Christmas is still a long way away. Can't shake off having been brought up further north! Have a wonderful festive season ahead xx

  4. Darling picture of the Weiner Boys and the donkeys! xoxo

    1. Aww... the Wiener Boys wag their tails and say merci! xxx

  5. Oh, the pic of the boys with the donkey stare down totally steals the scene! Adorable!
    Beautiful sartorial inspiration from Mother Nature and you, darling MT!
    Bountiful Autumn to all. Mwahs, Txx

  6. Dear MaiTai,
    I stumbled across your blog yesterday. I did so because I have purchased my very own Hermes scarf this month and I was searching for videos on how to tie and style the Hermes scarf. I love your blog. I have spent the last 2 days catching up on 9 years of your style life. What an inspiration you are to me. I love the photos you take as inspiration for your outfits. My style is very classic and has been since I was very young, and I wanted to add more elegance and style with silk scarves. I have several different brands of silk scarves that I have been wearing for about a year (Tory Burch, Johnny Was, Burberry, etc..). But I have always wanted a Hermes, the ultimate scarf. I had planned to grow my collection slowly, but I am already addicted and know which Hermes scarf I will order next! I can't wait for your next months blog!

    1. Bonjour and a very warm welcome to my blog and to the orange side! Many congratulations on your new Hermes scarf, the first one is such a special purchase. Thank you for sharing your story! Thank you also for the kind words regarding my posts, so happy you enjoyed the older ones too (kudos for flashing past 9 years in two days!) Have a great weekend and enjoy your new scarf!