Sunday, September 1, 2019

End of summer

Bye-bye summer and hello September! 

Happy Labor Day weekend to those who celebrate, and a wonderful start into the scarf season for everyone!

After a much too hot and long summer, it is a relief to see the light getting softer, nature preparing for fall and the nights becoming cooler. Because of our continuing warm temperatures, long sleeves (let alone jackets) still seem to be a distant reality, so for the moment, I am greeting the beginning of autumn by adding muted pastels and darker colors into the wardrobe mix while wearing my scarves in loose knots and drapes.


Combining two Chaînes et Gourmettes 70 carré into a Twist knot with a Picotin 22 in Etoupe and Clic H enamel bracelet in marron glacé.

Wearing a De Madras à Zakynthos 90 carré tied into a scarf necklace. Accessorizing with a Hermes Clic H enamel bracelet in marron glacé. 

Circuit 24 Faubourg 90 carré tied into a Cross Slide. Accessorizing with a Hermes Kelly Dog bracelet in black croc and a Farandole necklace. 

Brazil Maxi Twilly tied into a Criss-Cross Bow know.  Capsule pieces: short sleeve sweater by Max Mara, black jeans by Lewis. Hermes Charnière bracelet in black lizard and Kelly 32 in Ebene.

Brides de Gala 90 Dip Dye, Kelly 32 in Ebene, Farandole necklace and Quadrige printed enamel bracelet.

Cent Plis de Miao in a Twist knot Further accessories by Hermes: Bag as above, Clic Clac H bracelet in Bleu Indiens.


  1. Dear MaiTai, finally autumn comes! I can hardly wait to get out my beloved scarves and jackets. Your inspirations are once again terrific! You manage again and again to convert the colours of nature into your clothes. Really great! Let's start in that wonderful season!
    Best wishes Claudia

    1. Dear Claudia, - yes, finally fall is coming! With the insane heatwaves we had, I never looked more forward to autumn. Can't wait to wear jackets too, and boots! Have a fabulous start into the golden season. Ganz liebe Grüsse xxx

  2. You give me hope that one day, one day, one day, this endless heat will cease and we will surf into fall with its cooler temperatures, turning leaves and softer light. Until then, I just have to appreciate it in photos! I love the criss-cross bow knot best of all and was thrilled to see you include it. All of your looks have me looking forward to pulling out my darker colors and heavier fabrics and accessorizing with scarves and wraps. Thank you for heightening my anticipation!

    1. Aww, my dear Greta, what would life be without hope! The endless heat this summer has been difficult to take, and I wholeheartedly join you in the longing for wraps, shawls and autumn clothes! Hope the first crisp and cool air will be with you soon, and have a happy scarf season ahead! xxx

  3. :-) Dear MaiTai,
    me too! I am so looking forward to cooler temperatures and being able to wear scarves again. This summer was so hot, that I only wore extremely comfy dresses that didn't require silk scarves as belts.
    This season is showing us beautiful new Hermès let's start browsing.
    Have a very HAPPY start into the new cool!
    Claudia :-)

    1. Liebe Claudia, - same here! When at home, I wore Marrakesh style kaftans only. Thankfully, necklaces, earrings and bracelets don’t come with an extra heat factor… couldn’t live without accessories. Do you have an eye on some of the autumn designs already? Haven’t seen them in person yet, but looking very much forward to it! Ganz liebe Grüsse!

  4. Posting on behalf of Manuela:

    Dearest MaiTai,

    Beautiful photos, elegant looks, I still love your blog as much as I did when I discovered it some years ago...
    Thank you for the beauty you share, the inspiration and joy you give me.
    Have a wonderful Autumn, dearest friend.
    Much love, Manuela

    1. Thank you, my dearest Manuela! So happy you still enjoy the blog, although soon one could say ‘some decades ago’ ;) Sometimes I can’t believe how long it’s been, I certainly would not have thought it possible back then. Have a most wonderful and happy Autumn too, and a fun start into the scarf season! Much love xx

  5. Well for us on the southeast coast of the USA, it was bye-bye summer and hello hurricane! So not appreciated. And guess what? Even though, I thought the nasty hurricane might banish summer for another year, it's back in full blast oven force. No let up in sight.

    So, I'm looking at your pictures for inspiration and the cooling effect they have -- so fresh; so chic. Thank you!

    Love to all,

    1. Jerrine--

      I thought of you often during the storm. Did you have much damage? As I've tried to explain to so many people, it's not really the storm that terrifies us, it's the aftermath and cleanup, all without air conditioning! Fingers crossed that your power stayed on!

      And now I hear the tropics are busy again! Two other storms out there with a decent chance of becoming a hurricane? Boo, I say, Boo! It's too damn hot for that!

      It is so hot that apparently it never dipped below 80 here last night and when I ran this morning before 6 am--the 'real feel' was 97 degrees. It was brutal. When I stepped outside, the humidity smacked me in the face. I should have taken the hint and gone back to bed! Come on, October!


    2. Hi Sweets, the only damage here was to my nerves! Much dreaded anticipation, preparation and memories of last year, and all we got was a day of steady, much-needed rain and a breeze.

      I'm obviously relieved but feel for the people on the coast and the Outer Banks who weren't so fortunate. . . and, of course, the Bahamas. Please, no more hurricanes this year!

      It's so hot and humid in NC, too, 100 tomorrow - an endless summer, I guess. I keep coming back here to look at MT's refreshing outfits with much envy.

      Best to you,

    3. So very terrible regarding this hurricane and so sorry you had to go through another huge scare, my dearest Jerrine. Relieved your area wasn't affected in the end, but the pictures of the destruction in the Bahamas were just heartbraking. Much much love as always xx

      Greta, hope the temperatures have come down in the meantime. Temperatures in the 90's in the morning are just brutal, real or felt. xxx

  6. Well, somewhere along the way, Google ate my comment!
    I just wanted to say, darling Tai, that I love your looks in transition! Refreshing and chic as ever are you!
    Given that we are still in triple digit, record breaking days I will live vicariously through you!
    So looking forward to turning that corner into Autumn!
    Mwahs, T xx

    1. Oh this ever hungry Google, I'm so sorry darling Trudye! Very much hoping some cooler air has arrived in the meantime, and that your scarves and shawls are coming out for a play. If not, it hopefully won't be long! Have a wonderful Indian Summer with a fresh dose of Autumn cool. Biggest mwahs xxx