Sunday, March 29, 2020

Mini blog

This is a short blog out of the normal rhythm ...  I just wanted to say hello and hope that everyone is ok and in good health. All is fine here. The restriction of movement (limited to one hour/day in a 1km radius from home, plus grocery shopping) was a bit of a shock to the system at first, as many of you will have experienced/are experiencing as well. But spring is unfolding in abundance and provides a beautiful and welcome distraction: delicate blossoms and leaves force their way out of buds to dance in the sunshine. Watching this takes the mind to a joyful place, even if just temporarily.

In the spirit of spring, I hope a new knot variation adds a light touch to your day. I was looking for further ways to highlight the multicolored feathers in my new scarf and wanted something similar to the Bib knot, but a little bit smaller and more contained. The solution is hardly groundbreaking, but the result is quite lovely and works really well: I reduced the size of the Bib by folding the scarf into a triangle twice:  Le Petit Bib was born!

Thank you all so very much for your comments on the previous blog. The camaraderie, humor and friendship that come from your words are incredibly uplifting. Stay well and safe xxx

Plumes en Fête in a Petit Bib knot (how-to below). Hermes Picotin 18 in Bleu Sapphire. 

Fold your scarf into a triangle:

Fold  into a triangle again:

Slide any smooth and round ring up one of the ends:

Slide the ring further down and secure the ends behind your neck in a small double knot.


  1. Dear MaiTai, you call your post "mini blog", for me it's great! I was so happy to get a sign of life from you in these uncertain times! It is sad to see what new behaviour the virus is forcing us to adopt...
    But: fortunately we see in nature that life goes on...

    Thank you for the new knot! For me as a poor non-scarf-app-user it is a great gift! I tried it immediately this morning and I love it, especially since I like to wear scarves under blazers.
    Please stay healthy!
    Warmest regards Claudia

    1. Dearest Claudia, - so lovely to read your comment and to know you are healthy and well! Wonderful that you tried out the knot immediately. You are right, it is perfect for wearing it under a blazer or cardigan. Keep up the good spirit, enjoy spring and stay safe! Ganz liebe Grüsse xx

  2. Please tell me the color of your new Plumes scarf. I cannot find it on the U.S. website.

    1. Hello Nanette, - the Plume scarf is CW01 (blanc/turquoise/multicolore) and the complete reference number is H003433S01. Sorry to hear it is no longer available on the US site, but maybe your SA is able to locate it in a search. Wishing you the best of luck!

    2. Thank you. I will keep searching!

  3. It’s really a spectacular scarf, and you definitely picked the best colorway. Love it tied in your new PB knot. It certainly shows off all the wonderful details of the feathers/plumes.

    I also like the smaller bib - it avoids that “I’m wearing a tablecloth around my neck” look and feel.

    Stay well, all,

  4. I notice you often wear the very pretty pink lipstick, as shown in your petit bib photo - would you mind sharing the brand and colour with us ? Many thanks !

    1. Hi Cyclistgail, - I can't quite remember which color this was, but I usually fill the lips with a liner (Mavala Bois de Rose or or Brun Tendre) before applying lipstick. I used to use Dior's Swan 263 quite often in the past, but the shade is different now (more orange, less pink). I very much like Maybelline's lipsticks too, and you could apply No 148 (Summer Pink) over a more neutral shade for a kiss of pink! (148 on it's own is too strong, at least for me).