Sunday, March 15, 2020

Spring postcard with a new scar

I've been debating whether or not to post today's blog. When I started to work on it, the scale and magnitude of the COVID 19 outbreak was nothing compared to what it has become recently.

While everyone is confronted with worries, fears, and uncertainties, maybe it is too frivolous to be talking about fashion and accessories? In the end, I decided to go ahead. With ever-worsening news dominating our lives, perhaps a light-hearted distraction might be a welcome respite. I sincerely hope so.

I also hope that as a collective, we will be able to keep the infection curve as flat as possible. Keep your distance, wash your hands and stay safe.

Much love,

Zebra Pegasus 90 scarf in an Origami knot. Hermes Kelly Double Tour bracelet in Rose Sakura. 

I only realized after taking the picture that every piece of the outfit below has been in my wardrobe for more than a decade. Even the scarf (Mare Nostrum), which had a beauty sleep during all this time and therefore never featured on the blog. I originally bought it because its rust-red border detail was a perfect match for a bag I was planning to buy. The bag didn't turn out the way I imagined it and the scarf went into the back of the drawer.

To finally wear it, I thought I'd take some inspiration from my Scarf Art app and apply the filter that shows you all knots that do not feature the border of your scarf. From the options presented I selected Scarf Necklace and made it long so that it covers the neckline of my top.

As above but with jeans

My new spring scarf: Plumes en Fête! Here in a Criss-Cross knot, worn off-center. Hermes Clic-Clac H bracelet in Bleu Indiens and Picotin 18 in Bleu Sapphire. 

Variations! Clockwise from top left: Twist Wrap, Pleated Criss-Cross knot, Heart knot, and Two-Way Pleats.

Plumes en Fête 90

Ref. H003433S CW01

March has brought us typical spring weather. If we're lucky, the days can be mild, bright, and sunny, but then the next might be gloomy and dark, taking us right back to winter.

The Plumes en Fêtes is perfect for both scenarios ... depending on how you knot it, it can look like two completely different scarves.

On bright and sunny days, I like to emphasize the white and cornflower-blue ends:

With the new app, it's fun and easy to find these: Simply go to the 'What the knot highlights' filter and select 'Ends'.

From the suggestions, I decided to try these (clockwise from top left): Origami, Weave and Ascot knot, and looped Basic Slide)

On less sunny spring days,  I prefer to feature the rich, multi-colored feathers instead:

So this time I'd go to the filter 'What the knot hides' and select 'Ends':

No more blue and white! From the suggested knots, I chose these four to try with my new scarf (clockwise from top left): Croisée, Scarf Necklace, Sautoir and Bib knot.

Last but not least... Rose Encens satin lipstick from Hermes' gorgeous new lipstick line!

It has surpassed my expectations ... the texture is silky and light, it has high pigment and great staying power. I also love the chic and beautiful case and the fact that it is refillable.

Rouge Hermes lipsticks: here 


  1. Thank you so much for this post! Distractions, from bad things is so needed and beautiful distractions, all the better! I feel a bit calmer now! This gives me the incentive to get out of my workout clothes and put some makeup on!

    Thank you again <3

    Renee in Northern California

  2. BEAUTIFUL...............YES we need the distraction!
    THose bag inserts are speaking to me!Especially because I use BASKETS A LOT!

  3. No apology needed, lovely Tai, and no worries about the possibility of offending any of us with a bit of frivolity. Frivolity is a much-needed distraction now; frivolity is good medicine and a promise that our lives will eventually return to normal.

    Everyone is aware of the medical and economic crisis the world faces at this point. You cannot escape the dire predictions, the daily case report, the sad body count, the shortages, the closures, the plunging stock markets. It is bad news overload. It’s all shocking and demoralizing and downright terrifying.

    Yes, we need a distraction – a bit of fun; a lifting of spirits, and you always provide just that.

    As long as we follow the guidelines set up to protect us and curtail the virus spread: hand washing, face touching (none and so hard to follow), social distancing and, when necessary, isolation, we will get through this. What won’t help are fear, panic, depression and especially, not following the guidelines. As trite as it may sound, we’re all in this together, and everyone has to do their part to bring this to an end. And, more than ever before, we need to be understanding; we need to be compassionate, and we need to stay positive.

    So, bring on the frivolity. I’ve enjoyed the distraction of looking at the beautiful new purse organizers, which are, perhaps, the prettiest yet, as well as the new Zero Gravity scarf ring colors. And, I also enjoyed the knotting demonstration. During this period of social distancing and isolation, it is one of my goals to pull up the brilliant Scarf Art app and work my way through each and every knot until I’m expert at all of them – even the hardest ones!

    So, to all the lovely Swans, stay smart; stay sane; stay healthy and . . . WASH YOUR HANDS.

    Love to all,

  4. Yes, thank you for this - we all need hope and beauty right now! Best wishes to everyone

  5. I'm so glad you posted this. A welcome respite indeed!

  6. Dear MaiTai,
    thank you so much! Your blog-post is a ray of hope in all the dark news that is pouring in on us. Every single post from you brings so much joy into my life that I cannot thank you enough. Especially in these times! I can hardly get enough of the beautiful colours you've chosen!
    I hope that we all get through this crisis in one piece!
    Warmest regards Claudia

  7. Long time follower with an android, who can't wait to be able to purchase this app!
    Thank you for your work.

  8. Lovely post, lovely pics, lovely Mai Tai! Beauty is no luxury, in fact, if anything it is even more of a necessity right now. Like Toni I hope your app will be available for android soon...can't wait and will give it 5 stars no doubt. Lots of love from the Netherlands.

  9. This was so lovely- we needed the break!! Loving the app- have gifted it to several people!

    I have a style challenge for you if you’d be up for it. I have an adored 90 carre in the Tourbillons pattern, black CW with multicolored leaves. I always think of it as a fall scarf...any suggestions on how to bring it into spring?

  10. I loved this distraction from the frustrations of sheltering in place. There are so many beautiful things in this post I'm not sure where to start commenting. The new bag inserts are gorgeous! They make me wish I had an Hermès bag. The new lipsticks look gorgeous too. Tempted to select a color on line but I am afraid they might be too fragranced for my taste. I hope you and your loved ones stay healthy!

  11. Dear MaiTai, I agree with Jerrine! Your blog and your wonderful Scarf App are a bright spot during self isolation. Now I have actually got the time to work through the knots and decide which knot suits which scarf - an unexpected silver lining at a sad & difficult time. With best wishes, Elisabetta

  12. Hold high that standard of grace and beauty, dear MaiTai! The world is in desperate need of it. I'm having fun with the app, though I must say no other scarf has the marvelous weight and hand of an Hermes. I don't regret selling mine, as they gave me a few more precious years with Willieman. But I do look forward to owning one again some day soon! And your app works for any scarf! Here's to beauty and frivolity!

    1. I am so glad that your silks extended the time with your beloved Willieman. Hope you can build up your collection one day soon. xx

  13. Thank you for posting. I so look forward to the beautiful photos, inspirations, and discovering new ways to configure my wardrobe. What a delight to see you today.

  14. So appreciative of your time in providing us with this beautiful distraction! Always a delight and inspiration!
    Wishing all gathered here good health and well being! Actually, those of us gathered at the pond have been practicing social distancing for many moons! Keep it up swans IRL! Mwahs, Txx

  15. Thank you so much for this beautiful post, dearest Tai. Love the new Liberty print and the colour of the new scarf rings and would like to ask you if you consider making them as ‘normal’ scarf rings (the marron glassé and the vieux rose).
    Wishing you and all the ladies here all the best in the difficult time we are going through.
    Stay well and safe. Much love, Manuela

  16. Great blog, beautiful designs - always brightens my day! You dress beautifully, very elegant, I wish I had your eye for fashion....
    Bets wishes,
    M in northern Californioa