Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rue de Sevrès - Koto Bolofo booksigning 'La Maison'

The vibrant and playful window of the Rue de Sevrès store could not have been in bigger contrast to the rich decor displayed at FSH, but of course much in tune with the colorful and lively atmosphere of the 6th arrondissement the store is located in.

Last Tuesday night, the boutique hosted Koto Bolofo's 'La Maison' booksigning event,

it was a truly fun and fabulous evening

Meeting the artist was more than special, I so much admire his work
Koto Bolofo

About ten of the book's 1000+ photos were on display throughout the store, on simple yet beautiful easles. One of my favorites is a portrait of Jean-Claude Ellena, creator of Hermès parfums ( the 'Hermesessence' line amongst many others ) since 2004.

The host of the evening, Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Hermès' creative director

It could not have been a more fun and lovely event, merci!

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  1. How exciting it must have been, my dear MaiTai!
    The shop at Rue de Sèvres is beautiful and perfect for an event like that.
    Thank you for letting us "take part" in it. Lots of orange and warm hugs, Mxx

  2. Thank you for sharing, dear MaiTai!

  3. It is good our H knows so good who to invite to their events. If I had been present, the title in Le Monde next day would be "Scandal at Hermes event", whereas subtitle would say "Mr. Dumas was approached by the lady desperately begging him to reissue Carre en Carre scarf in whichever colour combo. She continued explaining her passion for that scarf, as well as for Pani La Shar Pawnee carre 90 in olive green tones, she was dreaming daily about; it is considered one of the most inappropriate behaviours noted at any Hermes events so far and it obviously shocked everyone." There is no need to describe the person in the text of that article, LOL.

    Hope you enjoyed your Paris trip. Hugs, Lilian

  4. What a chic,hip event to be able to attend! I am sure a glorious time was had by all...and to meet KB was the icing on the cake
    Love your shots of the photos on display,in particular, THE NOSE of H fragrance !
    I am sure the people watching was well worth the trip and I am also sure you were the most stunning there! Thanks for taking us on your overnight journey! Happy days and nights indeed, T xx

  5. This book has been on my mind a lot. I just need to get over the price barrier first! It looks like an amazing event.

  6. It must have been very exciting to take part to such an event! It's so nice of you to share with us.

  7. How exciting to be able to attend the festivities! I love that Hermes really takes the time to honor and celebrate art, design, craftsmanship, and creative endeavors on all levels. And 'La Maison' contains such a beautiful collection of photos, that captures the unique art and craftsmanship of Hermes through the eye of the photographer. How wonderful to have met the artist. Than you for sharing your special evening with us!

  8. How wonderfull for you to have attended this wonderfull event im sure you had a perfect evening, would love to have seen what you were wearing, have a lovely week
    Best Jane x

  9. My dearest MaiTai,
    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful memorable event with us. So very, very happy for you to have met the artiste extraordinaire - I'm also an ardent admirer. Love the portrait of J-C Ellena too - my favorite cover photo from the 11 volumes. And most wonderful to see a glimpse of our dear monsieur Dumas <3 Raising a happy glass of bubbly in honor of this very joyful occasion. Wishing you a lovely week with much love and big cheerful hugs xx

  10. My dear ladies, so happy you enjoyed coming along to this special evening with me, champagne toasts to all of you! The school autumn break leaves me a bit short of time, so please forgive me to thank you ‘en groupe’ for the very sweet comments, I so much enjoyed reading them <3 Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the week x

    ladyjane, I wore all black (jumping boots, jeans, sleeveless rollneck sweater and Birkin) with a mustard colored coat and Grand Apparat enamel bangle. It is curious that this was one of the very rare occasions where I ended up not wearing a scarf, but the outfit felt just right the way it was.