Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hermès Rive Gauche

And here the dernier snippet of my trip to Paris last week.. a visit to Hermès' new store on Paris' left bank (opened a couple of months ago), located at 17 Rue de Sèvres in St. Germain de Près. The space is enormous (14,500 square feet) and used to be the indoor swimming pool of the Hotel Lutétia. Many of the original art nouveau features were kept, such as the mosaic floor and iron balconies. The vastness is broken up by three wooden 'tents' in the middle of the basement floor, designed by Denis Montel. It is a truly breathtaking sight, and to explore them, one walks down a sweeping staircase with fabulous curved banisters made from ash wood. The 'tents' feature the interior design collection, and it was fun to spot many familiar scarf designs, which were turned into cushions, wallpapers, trays, plaids and throws.

There is a book shop called Chaîn d'encre (encre is 'ink' in french, a nod to the chaîn d'ancre design element), a tea room called Plongeoir (diving board), and a flower shop (by Baptiste), which is located right by the entrance and is part of the front window display.

The store has a scarf department, and a small rtw, shoe and bag section, but focuses mainly on interior design. Below a bedroom display in one of the tents, wallpaper panels (Pele Melee and Bibliotheque) and some designs of the fabric collection (OP'H and Finish).

I found a lovely souvenir at the store, a clic-clac bracelet in bourgogne. I have persued this colour for some time, and am so glad to have finally found it.


  1. Congrats on your beautiful, new bracelet dear MaiTai. It is very pretty and can be combined with many colours! The new Hermès shop seems huge! Can´t wait to see it next time I am in Paris.
    Thank you so much for the great pictures and for bringing the City of Lights a little bit closer to us. Warm hugs, Manuela

  2. MaiTai Congratulations on the Gavroche and the H Bracelet. I look forward to seeing you model the Ex-Libris as I have been considering it myself. Thank you for the wonderful pictures

  3. Thank you for the lovely INsight to the new store. The pics are stunning and the fabrics TDF. But,one would expect no less from the House of Class !!!
    I picked up this same enamel just before Xmas! I am in love with the color and love how it goes with almost everything I own in my wardrobe ! Glad to see we are twins again :) <3 T xx

  4. Hello MT,
    the clic-clac H bracelet in bourgogne is real beauty! I didn`t even know that this color existed.
    I got the black one as a Christmas gift and it`s now my favourite ... ;)



  5. I was just there over the holiday and 'twas ,indeed something to behold. Also, was très thrilled to have a Barefoot Contessa siting while there. And, the flowers were gooorg...XXOO

  6. Thank you for sharing pics from your visit to the new H boutique. I really look forward to seeing it in person someday.

    I do have one question. Do you recall if the Bibliothèque print was a curtain or a sample of wallpaper? Either way, it's beautiful.


  7. Thank you, my dear Manuela, Julie, Trudye, Lenka, Summer is a Verb and Valencia <3

    I am really looking forward to play with the bracelet, my dear Manuela. Happy you like it! Hope your next trip will come up soon <3

    Thank you, Julie! The Gavroche is from a few seasons ago, but it seems to have been reissued again. Here is a link that shows it in a flower knot
    in a basic slide knot
    and in combination with the blue/black CW

    Twin hugs yet again, dearest Trudye, woohoo!!! We could do a house swap in summer, and wouldn't need to pack a thing (we could leave the books behind too..x) <3

    Congrats on your black clic-clac, dear Lenka! I saw the bourgogne first time last Spring, but picked up the bleu indienne instead. Since then, I never saw it in my size again, it was just bad luck. Happy at last!

    Thank you for sharing memories of your trip, dear Summer is a Verb, I love hearing Paris reports and sightings. The flowers are so amazing indeed, and I wish I had taken a few more pics..next time!

    I hope your trip will come up one day soon, dear Valencia. The Biblioteque was a wallpaper panel, but I can imagine it is available in fabric as well. If you like, I can check for you next time, just drop me an email (maitaicollection@orange.fr) so I have your address.

  8. Simply breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing and congrats on making your lucky find - such a beautiful colour! xox, Macs

  9. It always feels wonderful to finally own something you have been pursuing. Enjoy your lovely new bracelet and thanks for the great pictures.

  10. Dear Mai Tai

    I haven´t been on your blog for a week and what a wonderful catch up.
    Gorgeous photographs, what a slice of H heaven....
    And congratulations on the bracelet, brilliant colour

  11. My Dearest MaiTai,

    Congratulations on your gorgeous new bracelet - what a beautiful and heartwarming souvenir from a memorable day in Paris! It's so lovely - such a wonderfully rich color with so much depth and dimension. Thank you so much for showing us the new H store - it looks like a most remarkable space. Those wooden tents are amazing - like huge bamboo baskets - must feel incredibly fun to be inside one. And of course, just adore the Bibliotheque wallpaper panels. Thank you again, can't wait to see it one day. Much love to you with warmest hugs xx

  12. Well done on your bracelet MaiTai!RdS is definitely a good place for special "finds" I have been lucky there too recently! Love the new boutique and the place is just amazing, love your pics. SAx

  13. Merci, my dear Macs! Have a great upcoming weekend xox

    Thank you, dear Reese, and yes.. this bracelet feels very special indeed :-)

    Welcome back, dear Sarah! H heaven indeed, happy you enjoyed the post :-)

    Bamboo baskets, oh how I love the description, my dearest Scarf Enthusiast!! I’ve been wrecking my brain how to call the constructions, and as always, you came to my rescue, thank you <3 Their are amazing to walk into, it feels private and cosy, and yet incredibly airy and light. Looking forward to hearing your description one day. <3

    Many thanks, dear Scarf Addict! Sounds you had a lovely trip yourself and loved your pics to. Congrats on your special finds! :-)

  14. Dear MaiTai
    Thank you for sharing the details of the new store! Denis is married to my cousin (an Australian) so I'm delighted to see what they have been up to. So tremendously clever!! Oh to have that eye for design and detail. Love your blog!!
    Phoebe x

  15. Oops, I forgot to say thank you the other day for this post. So nice seeing the new store and the wallpaper samples.... can't wait to visit in September.... would simply love it if we ended up there at the same time Dear MT. <3

  16. Dear Phoebe, happy you enjoyed the post and how simply wonderful to have this visionary and talented man in your family! Thank you for sharing, will think of you the next time I visit the store :-)

    My dear SMR, I am so excited to hear that you are coming in September! Please email me your itinary, would love to meet you too <3 !

  17. lifeatmyfingertipsFebruary 9, 2011 at 2:09 AM

    Thank you for sharing this - what a lovely new store, I cannot wait to visit! And congratulations on your new bracelet too (Love the colour!) xx

  18. Thank you, my dear! Have a wonderful and fun visit! xx