Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yesterday in Paris...

.. it was a cold but beautiful winter's day. As usual, no visit would be complete without a stopover at FSH. The horseman on the roof top held Aloha Carrés from the SS2010 collection, matching the vibrant colours of the current corner window's display.

All other windows were in the process of being redecorated, so no new pics this time!

Moving over to the left bank, I went to check on new treasures displayed in the 'bamboo baskets' (love this expression, thank you, dear Scarf Enthusiast!) of the Rue de Sèvres boutique. I spotted a few more scarf designs turned into homeware, and the beautiful 'Plume' (by Henri de Linares in 1953) looked particularly lovely and inviting as heavenly bed sheets. The cashmere throws depicting the Quadrige pattern were another favorite, so gorgeous!

Stepping outside H, you'll see the fabulous department store 'Le Bon Marché' just a stone throw away. I needed a winter hat, and fell in love with this dark chocolate brown one, which kept me wonderfully warm for the rest of day.
Scarf: Brides de Gala Dip Dye 90 Carré
Scarf ring: MT Collection grande in black
Scarf tying method: Scarf wrapped once around the neck and ends secured with the basic slide method.

I was hoping to snap some pics of petite Parisians wearing jeans and ballet flats for dear Tabitha, Trudye and SMR, but as it was so cold, everyone was wearing jeans and boots instead. I decided to at least practice my 'paparazzi skills', and got lucky on the escalator in the 'Bon Marché', were a stylish Parisian was shopping with her daughter, carrying a beautiful Picotin!

I had no chance with catching up on everyone's lovely comments on the previous post, but will try my best to do so soon.

Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche
24 rue de Sèvres
75007 Paris
+33 1 44 39 80 00

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  1. Wow the plume bed sheets would look perfect in my bedroom...
    I guess I have the answer to my earlier question dear MT. So glad you got to enjoy Paris despite the cold weather.
    Great hat! You look very stylish.
    Have a lovely rest of the week,

  2. We are 'sheet twins' in thought, my dear booksnchocolate! And we could always add the Quadrige throw for extra warmth. Wishing you a lovely rest of the week too x

  3. The hat is beautiful, it feets you nicely. As I am hunting Picotin bag, a question on colour - which one is the one on your photo? Is it etoupe or some other colour? And the size - MM or bigger? Just for reference, if you remember it...interesting to look at it from different points of view and I will be in H on Monday, therefore, not bad to have some additional info :-)
    Paris is beautiful - I realized that flight to Paris is cheaper than road drive to the nearest Hermes...what a temptation, lol.

  4. I love the new hat, it looks very chic and warm! It's always fun to take a stylish trip to Paris with you MaiTai! Did you have a chance to visit 'Le Train Bleu' this time for a glass of champagne too? :)

    Melusine x

  5. Definitely hop on the plane, dear Lilian! The Picotin was a MM, and darker thank etoupe. My guess is graphite.

    Yes, I did go to the TB, dear Mesuline! It was wonderful as always.. such a nice way to say good bye to Paris (and no worries re missing the train!) ;-)

  6. Mai Tai, how kind of you!
    I just popped into to ask a question, last year we did the very haute Hotel du Cap and Grand Hotel du cap Ferrat.
    We're sitting trying to plan a small break but don't know France aside from Paris, St Tropez, Cannes etc.
    Where would you pick between these: Ramatuelle, Luberon, Cap Sur L'ille de Bendor.
    I would love your input!

    Thank you so much.

  7. Hello Mai Tai

    Firstly, thanks again for the scarf tying videos. I have ordered a few of your gorgeous scarf rings.

    Secondly, I love the Picotin in today's post.


    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  8. It looks as if the horseman atop FSH must be waiving goodbye to this frigid weather with the waving of the Aloha silks..or just wishful thinking ;)
    Thanks so much for thinking of your petit followers by trying to capture a "street " fashion shot ! I am especially fond of the woman with the Pico. I have this one in graphite GM that I have lived in all winter. Lillian,you will fall in love with this bag:)
    Looking smashing in your new winter hat and am so glad it kept you warm and toasty on this latest trip to Paris. Now all you needed was one of those TDF cashmere throws to keep you warm on the train.
    Thanks for taking us along. Love and the warmest of hugs,
    T xx

  9. MaiTai, I mean this in the best possible way: The hat+scarf combination is very gorgeous ingenue reporter who inserts herself into exciting political intrigue, inadvertently falling in love with the jaded-but-reliably-handsome agent handling the case. Stunning!

  10. I am a couple of posts behind so I don't know where to start my dear MT. I will pass on my big sigh of envy at the Saturday market (miss that very much from home), and will go straight to the gorgeous Plume sheets and even more divine Quadrige throws. Just when I think that I have seen everything H (and you in this case my dear) tempt me even more. I am yet to go to Rue de Sèvres, I will pop in during my next trip home, hopefully in the Spring.
    Ah, le Bon Marché, how I miss it too. The hat looks beautiful on you and you know how I love that yummy chocolate dip dye. Here is to you for sharing all these lovely experiences, and to my beloved Paris, and to a glass of Champagne rosé at le Train Bleu at the end of a long and miserable winter on the other side of the Atlanticus Oceanus.

  11. First off I have to say you look simply stunning in your hat!!

    I love how you manage to take pictures that give a feeling of sharing the day with you, it makes dropping in on your blog when I can snatch a few moments so worth it!

    Note to self, I have to try and track down the quadrige in that c/w, its wonderful!

    Thank you for sharing your day, its a visual treat!

    DB xx

  12. Dear my H Muse :-)

    Congratulations - u really have a good style hunter eye to pick out all enVie beloved fabric cherries!

    Thanks for new inspirations & Bon Marché Hint!

    envie & sunshine regards from Vie,

  13. I don't even know how to thank you for this post! You look "dreadfully" chic (as always) with your hat and the pics of Paris are lovely and a much cherished treat, but the icing on the cake was that paparazzi shot of the lady with that chic, understated picotin. This totally confirmed my decision and I can't wait till I finally get mine. Now that I know, it can also be worn in the winter (with a coat) I'm even more excited. Blowing kisses - thanks, hugs and take care! xox, Macs

  14. Great pictures. Thank you for trying to find a few petite Parisians in their jeans and ballet flats... boots make perfect sense right now.

    Have a wonderful weekend... I am off to NYC and hopefully to the Madison Avenue H.... xxx S

  15. Your new hat is so elegant and looks so good on you!Congratulations, my dear MaiTai.
    Thank you for taking us again with you to Paris. I fell in love with the cashmere throws. They are beautiful! Wishing you a good weekend and sending you lots of warm hugs, M.

  16. My dearest MaiTai,
    What awe-inspiring pictures, you truly have a phenomenal eye. Thank you so much, dearest MaiTai, it was so sweet of you to call them 'bamboo baskets' - so very touched and honored. Truly beautiful shots - highlights the incredible grand scale - the bed is like a gorgeous miniature in a genie's 'basket', and love the side by side of the fabulous Quadrille throws next to the tea set. Never before have I seen such striking picture of the horseman - so powerful, like he's about to leap into air.
    A big congratulations on your beautiful new hat - it was waiting just for you - so stylish and perfect with your marvelous BdG. The store's interiors are just as stylish - what fun and fantastic criss-cross escalators - a delightful compliment to the 'bamboo' lattice. And how wonderful it is to see the lovely Picotin enjoyed - one of the sweetest, most lovable bags. Thank you, dear MaiTai, for always bringing us a part of your lovely day in Paris. Wishing you a most happy weekend ahead, with much love and warmest hugs xx

  17. Hitting myself on the forehead, as I just remembered your great "coat with picotin"-outfit. But first of all, you can wear anything (don't as me, why I view that as an excuse ;-) and 2nd, sometimes we just don't think of the obvious, hey? ;-) Anyway, hope you forgive my faux-pas and still glad to see another great winter combo! :D hugs Macs

  18. How fun and exciting to plan a trip to France, dear Tabitha! All three places are beautiful, it’s a tough decision! You seem to love seaside places, so the Cap sur l’Île de Bendor might be perfect. The Luberon is wild and some places are remote, and if this is what you are looking for, it’s heaven. Ramatuelle might give you a bit of both, as it is inland but close enough to St Tropez and the sea. As long as you don’t go in August, when all roads around St. T are in total grid lock. Good luck!

    Thank you, dear Sydney Shop Girl! Hope your scarf rings will be with you soon, and wishing you much enjoyment with them! Secondly, I loved the Picotin too ;-)

    You are so lucky to own a Ms Pico in Graphite, my dear Trudye! A true chameleon to go with all thing ‘greige’, and such a cutie. You are so sweet to think of me on the train, the Quadrige would have been perfect of course! xx

    Oh what a wildly romantic fantasy, my dear Frances, I love it! Looking forward to chapter two!!

    Bienvenue, my dear Jamais! So happy you enjoyed the vignettes of your party, and wonderful to hear you might come soon to celebrate the end of winter in your beloved Paris. I’ll ring the TB and make sure the champagne is on ice!

    Thank you, my dear DB!! So glad you came along to enjoy the day. Whenever I take my camera out, I I feel you girls are right there with me, so thanks and mwahs to you!

    Hello, dear Nina! So glad you enjoyed the little selection, thank you!

    Nothing is sweeter than to anticipate an H bag to finally come home, n’est ce pas, my dear Macs! Looking very much for Ms Gold to arrive, and can’t wait to see her debut on your blog!

    If the weather permits, I am hopeful to find them next time, my dear SMR! In fact I nearly got a pic, but as she was wearing an Ex-libris en Camouflage scarf, I was so busy studying the knot that I forgot to get the camera out, lol!

    Thank you for your kind and lovely words, my dear Manuela, and have a most wonderful and happy weekend too! <3

    As so many times before, your comments greatly inspired this post as well, my dearest Scarf Enthusiast! I tried to capture more of the sensation of being in a basket, and hence took the ceiling shots I previously missed. While there, I was thinking how spot on your description of them is, and so much more to the point than all the others I’ve come across.. tepees, tents, huts. Many thanks also for your beautiful narrative of this lovely day, ma chère amie <3

    I’ll forgive you anything, my dear sweet Macs! Didn’t remember the coat either, so we are doing just fine in each other's company ;-)

  19. Thank you Mai Tai! I'll pass this info onto hubs, I think we'll go in May or June, can't wait.
    Love your Valentine collage, have a lovely evening with your loved ones

  20. This came just in time for a visit =) Thank you for sharing - it is really a delight the new store! Would love to have a little coffee with you someday in the cafe. Can't wait to see the new display windows being revealed. xx