Sunday, September 2, 2012

England part five - Capsule wardrobe episode #68

On the last day of our stay we went for a fun boat trip, departing from 'Rock' in Cornwall, on the River Camel. The pier had a great view over to Padstow, a small fishing village where seafood chef Rick Stein opened his first restaurant in 1974

Capsule pieces: white jeans and printed cotton top
Shoes: canvas sneakers
Accessories: Hermès 'Ex-Libris en Kimonos' 90 Carré, 'Elephant' enamel bracelet and Farandole necklace
Scarf tying method: scarf folded in the basic bias, wrapped once around the neck with the ends secured in the basic slide

In the evening, we crossed the river by ferry (the tide was high, which was lucky) and went to The Seafood Restaurant, which is one of the four dining places Rick Stein currently runs and owns.

The food was as delicious as the set up promised

Rick Stein's 'Coast to Coast' cookbook looked lovely and inviting, and is also available here

The Seafood Restaurant
Cornwall, PL28 8BY
Tel: 0+44 (0) 1841 532700

Hope you enjoyed the final part of the England travelogue! xx

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  1. How could we not enjoy your traveiogue, dear MaiTai!
    Es wird nie langweilig! :-)
    Have a wonderful evening and all the best :-)

    1. Das freut mich sehr, lieben Dank! Have a wonderful evening too, dear happyface!

  2. Thank you for taking us along on your great trip to England, my dear MaiTai, and for the beautiful pictures you always combine so well adding so much charm to your posts! <3
    The restaurant looks great and I bet the food was great too.
    Love your photographs taken near the sea! <3 You look so lovely!!!
    Have a great week ahead! M xx

    1. So happy enjoyed the pics and coming along, dearest Manuela, and wishing you a most wonderful remaining week too! xx

  3. So lovely and relaxed by the sea! It suits you,dear friend! There is something about the sea breeze that does seem to carry all worries away! Lovely outfit for boating...Farandole can act as a tether or anchor if needed!LOL!!
    The seafood restaurant looks sublime! Thank you for always taking us along! Have a great week ahead, T xx

    1. LOL, thought the Farandole was the most useful accessory to take along! It feels already like such a long time ago, but so glad you enjoyed coming along, chère amie! xx

  4. I should really know your routine by now - still I'm anxiously checking back at least twice a day to see, if there are any new entries. ;-) In any case - of course (as always) loving the capsule outfits and thanks for sharing these wonderful pics and inspirations with us! xox, Macs


  5. I do exactly the same thing as Macs, check your blog, at least twice or three times a day, to see if something new has happened ;) Guess your blog is highly addictive, my dear :) Manuela xx

  6. Macs and Manuela, hugs to you both <3 xox

  7. Aww.. your pictures bring back memories for me. How I love the south of England. I lived there for 9 months that my husband spent with the USMC. The people there are very kind. Thanks for sharing your pictures and ..... you look fabulous :)