Friday, November 25, 2011

Capsule wardrobe # 52 - black is back

Black on black has always been one of my favourite staple wardrobe combinations, it's so simple and easy, always chic, and a perfect backdrop for any scarf.

Capsule pieces: black jeans, sweater and blazer
Shoes: black jumping boots
Accessories: Ex-Libris en Kimono 90 Carré

And thanks to our Paris correspondent A-M, here are a fresh couple of shots from the Rue de Sevrès boutique, featuring the outside decor, consisting of sculpted Christmas trees (branches stapled onto a wood base) by inhouse florist Baptiste Pitou. Merci, A-M!

Have a great weekend everyone x


  1. This post came as a nice surprise to me and I adore its subtle panache character in your beloved blue scarf colouring - one confirmation more that you can wear any look and make it fantastic. And make me buy any scarf, even in colouring not fitting me best, LOL. The MT collection scarf fur collar works beautifully for the coming days. Since you replied the question about the skincare already, no question this time - just a statement that none of the skincare brands could produce the radiance your face has. It must be coming from inside, sigh (couldn't it be the last sentence in some movie like Casablanca, what do you think?), LOL & hugs, Lilian P.S. Have a very beautiful Saturday market-day and kill them with your charm :)

  2. Absolute perfection in everything about this look,again!
    Stunning,stunning, stunning ! Now rushing over to MT Collection to purchase the black horn bracelet! Oh,my...better hurry! Again, the backdrop blows me away every time you take a pic here
    Have a wonderful weekend. Big mwahs, T xx

  3. Dear Maitai, I love this look esp the black collar- you know my views on a fur collar- am a huge fan! How gorgeous are the autumnal leaves behind you? Happy weekend x

  4. You wear black so well ! I know it's become a fashion staple, but I don't think many of us Northern European women can wear it so easily .
    There's also my mother's warning that black should only be worn in the evening , still ringing in my ears .
    And for some reason I do find it hard to wear most of my H scarves with black , as for me the contrat seems too harsh .
    Then I saw this post and all my inhibitions are blown away ! Today I shall wear my new Ex Libris en Kimonos with all black and a touch of red lipstick ... Thankyou for the revelation !

  5. Trudye is absolutely right. You look so beautiful and chic! This is one of my favourite pictures of you! Everything about it is just perfect. Enjoy a lovely weekend, my dear. Warm hugs, M.

  6. OMG! I thought it was a picture of Claudia Shiffer wearing your fur collar. LOL!
    You look radiant, MT. Congratulations on both the look and the glowing appearance!

  7. O-Ton Karl: Claouudia, who?! c'est magnifique! You look amazing as always and that gorgeous (priceless) smile of yours adds an extra touch of glow. hugs to my tbbs, Macs :D

  8. Gorgeous as ever, MaiTai! We are twins with this wonderful scarf - my favorite of this season! Could I echo Jamais sans mon Hermes - I would love a faux fur version of your wonderful collar!

  9. Mmm....I, too, love black. You've elevated this to a new level, dear MaiTai. I simply love all of the different textures of black from the fur collar to the horn bracelet. And Ex-Libris en Kimonos is just the right amount of color to break up the black a little. Beautiful!

    Warm hugs,

  10. After having gone through many of your posts, a curious question: do you ever get stuck in front of your mirror not knowing what to wear that day? And what do you go for then? I mean - what is your escape when you are maybe down or not willing to put the look together on that day? Is it black? What scarf are you using then? Or no scarf at all? Jewellery? Or maybe no such days in your life?(My escape then is to use as simple clothing as possible, the colours which "hate" each other and do not fit at all, no jewellery and no scarf - resembling a tramp.) Hugs, Lilian

  11. The Ex Libris en Kimono is a gift from my husband and my treasure... So beautiful!

    Seems hard to find another scarf so gorgeous... Wich is good for my dear half of pie, by the way!

  12. My dear Lilian, Trudye, Faux Fuchsia, Estrella, Manuela, Jamais, Birkinmary, Macs, sushi queen, CS and Anne, thank you so much for your sweet and lovely comments, as always, they gave me so much happiness and joy. Please excuse this short reply, I am so very much behind on everthing, and with Christmas coming closer, it's not going to get better in the next couple of weeks. Hope everyone is enjoying a festive and happy holiday season. Much love MT xx