Friday, November 9, 2012

Capsule wardrobe #71 - late autumn

Capsule pieces: wool trousers and khaki sweater (brown sweater in look #2)
Shoes: brown ankle boots
Accessories: Hermès 'Carré en Carré' 90 Carré, 'Kelly Double Tour'  bracelet and MM Picotin in sanguine
Scarf tying method: Basic slide

look #2, with the addition of a leather jacket, and a brown sweater instead of the khaki

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  1. Beautifully composed post - congrats to you and thanks to your contribution to the Beauty.
    Btw, each time when I see Carre en Carres, my question to Hermes is: why don't you reissue such the designs which sold out in a second? I have only one CW and regret so much I did not buy them all...
    Have a nice week away, best, Lea

  2. Very lovely!

  3. Dear MaiTai,

    I just love these autumn colours they suit you perfectly you look fab, love the CEC and Picotin, and the collage of your pics are perfection they take my breath away could be from a magazine.

    Have a great time away look forward to hearing about it.

    Best Jane

    1. So well said - so hope it's okay, if I just sign theses lovely greetings from ladyjane and also Manuela. ;-) hugs, me

  4. Beautiful post with very beautiful pictures that you combine like nobody else does:) love the Autumn colours!
    Have a safe trip and a lovely weekend, my dear MaiTai!
    Warm orange hugs to you, M xx

  5. Lovely photos and combination of outfits. I hope your week away is for something relaxing and fun. Warm orange hugs,

  6. you look, as usual, absolutely gorgeous. Luff the scarf and I LUFF the shutters and the olive tree.

  7. You always reflect your surrounding so beautifully. Love how you colour and texture your look to nature. Very lovely indeed. Ax

  8. I love the photos of nature in late autumn, especially that wall with the gorgeous red and gold and orange leaves. I also adore the way your outfits always reflect the changing colours of the seasons and the natural world around you. I too tend to change the colours I wear depending on the season and have been wearing more browns and reds recently to reflect the autumn colours.

    Have a lovely week away and looking forward to catching up when you're back!

    Melusine x

  9. What a lovely comment by msT...."color and texture your look to nature". Just the perfect description for this lovely post of H,outfits and surroundings. The colors in Autumn never fail to stop me in my tracks! Thank you!
    Safe journey , T xx

  10. Parfait! Merci beaucoup, MaiTai! <3

  11. I love your elegant style!

    Erina x

  12. My dearest MaiTai,
    The glorious blushing foliage is one of the most beautiful and my favorite autumnal scenes.  How so very radiant you look with the loveliest CeC, and your Ms. Sanguine is truly a rare beauty. The vineyard photos are extra special - like dear Manuela said, your exquisite pictures tell such beautiful stories like no other. Many safe returns, my dear MaiTai. Thinking of you lots and sending you all my love with golden jumbo hugs <3 xxx  

  13. Thanks so much everyone for the lovely comments, compliments and sweet good wishes. Hope you all had a great week, and wishing you a most wonderful and happy weekend ahead! Much love xx

  14. Carré en Carré is one of my favorites - still hoping to find it somewhere sometime ;-)
    Such lovely colored leaves. Looks like Indian Summer in Paris. Have a very HAPPY week! :-)