Friday, February 18, 2011

'Scarf it Up' and reader's style challenge

Today's reader's style challenge came a couple of weeks ago via email, from dear C.S.
I read Frances' request for an asymmetrical shoulder wrap knot video, and was wondering if you would please incorporate into that a way to wear that style more casually, like with a pair of jeans?
When checking on previous postS featuring the wrap, I realized that I have only ever worn this knot in a dressy way, so C's request was an interesting challenge.

To me, a key element of this knot is to let the scarf define the neckline, which is why I think tops with a cut out neck work best (it might be great though with a rollneck too, and I will give this a try in the next couple of days) So for the casual look C requested, I chose my recently purchased v-neck (new clothes get the same treatment of being experimented with as scarves), a pair of jeans, and the Carré en Carré, as it picks up so nicely on the khaki sweater

Capsules: blue jeans and khaki v-neck sweater
Shoes: suede loafers
Inspiration: C.S.
Accessories: Carré en Carré 90 Carré, MT horn bracelet in honey & écru, 32 Kelly in Ebene (and a short necklace, which avoids having the neckline look bare)
Scarf ring: MaiTai Collection - light honey moyenne (instead of using a scarf ring, you can also secure the ends with a small double knot)
Scarf tying method: asymmetrical shoulder wrap click here for a how-to

Much like the waterfall knot, the asymetrical shoulder wrap looks different each time you tie it, and you can play with having it draping over one shoulder only, or both, or none.

I'm so glad to have discovered how lovely this knot is worn casually, many thanks, my dear C!

PS. Frances, I have not forgotten your request, and a how-to video will replace the photo tutorial soon.

Many thanks to all for the lovely and sweet comments on the previous posts ♥♥

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  1. CenC is beautiful, so beautiful that I always feel "sand" in my stomach for not having bought, particularly in this beautiful color combo. When I add dark jeans which I totally like and Kelly which I have, it makes this your look one of the favourite ones you presented (if such the selection can be done at all, as you always look unbelievably beautiful. Waiting in the line for video to give me further courage to experiment... Hugs

  2. Oh, MaiTai, thank you so very much for honoring this request. The look is stunning on you! Of course, in all other posts, you look stunning as well. You wear everything so well, dear MaiTai.
    I followed your advice regarding the neckline, and am very happy to report back that it worked beautifully. The necklace is just the right touch to cover the neck, but still keeping the look casual. Brava, dear MaiTai, Brava.
    With warm wishes, C.

  3. MaiTai, I want to move to France and take lessons from you on how to be gorgeous, and stylish, and unfailingly gracious! You need to publish a self-help book. Tagline : "Come to the Silky Side; we have cookies!".

    How do you make it look so EFFORTLESS? I'm madly jealous.

  4. Thank you for the lovely sweet compliments, dear Lilian, C. and Frances! xx

    Lilian, should I ever see a CenC in this CW, I will snatch it up for you, promise!

    So happy you like the outcome of the challenge, my dear C! Many thanks again for this great request, it makes this place so much fun xx

    Adore the tagline, dear Frances! You MUST come here and help me write the book, oh the fun we'd have! PS. Can we somehow work 'champagne'into the title too?

  5. Dearest MaiTai,
    How gorgeous! - so relaxed and a completely different flavor of elegance. Thank you to C.S. for the wonderful inspiration. The versatility of this knot is most delightful. You are truly a palette master, dearest MaiTai - every piece is in its perfect place. The CeC is such a special scarf, and love the pairing with the beautiful Cuirs de Désert in the back - when I went to admire the CdD once again, it was magical to see that you had paired it with the CeC the day you introduced it to us! Don't you just love it when this happens. Everything is so warm and gentle - your horn bracelet is simply stunning. Can't thank you enough for all that you have brought us this week - it has been the most amazing week of incredible treats! Wishing you a very happy and a restful weekend. Sending you all my love and warmest hugs xx

  6. Thanks for being so kind, dear MaiTai! I adore your CenC for beautiful colour combo - you can wear it the way you actually want, to dress it up or wear casually and I am soooo (positively) envious for it! Scarf Enthusiast described your outfits in the best possible and most accurate way - every piece in a perfect place and it is truly an art whose master you definitely are. Have a nice weekend, today I looking forward to my style exercise - taking my clothing and scarves out of the wardrobe and combining it. It is so much relaxing for me - the favourit outfit goes with me to the city stroll! Hugs, Lilian

  7. That's a great casual look! It goes to show how the colorway of a scarf can contribute to the casual or dressed-up vibe. Perhaps I'll try that knot soon, when it gets warm and a little bit of silk is all you need to take a walk outside. Thanks!

  8. Dear Tai, I appreciate that all these "how to" posts this week were probably a lot of work for you. Just a quick word of appreciation. I have long admired the waterfall and the assymetrical knot, and now I think I can try them out, thanks to you. I really like the many posts of the week. Its kind of like a daily wardrobe inspiration. Bisous. Terese

  9. Great looks MaiTai. Like your scarf as wall art too! SA

  10. What a beautiful combination! I tried my hand at this knot but I failed miserably. I can't wait for your video.
    Thank you for what you did for us this week, it was such a pleasure to see a new post every other day. I'm afraid I'll suffer from major withdrawal next week ;-P

  11. My dear MaiTai

    I couldn´t agree more with Scarf Enthusiast thanking you for so many beautiful posts this week. So sweet of you to share so much of your free time with us. I do agree with Frances too. I think you should publish a book.I am sure it would be "superbe!!!" Wishing you a lovely weekend, hugs, M.

  12. My dearest Scarf Enthusiast, your observation skills are absolutely amazing, I did not even notice that the CenC and CdD have switched places, what an extraordinary coincidence! I must have been in the same mood on both days, searching for something warm, bold and colourful! Many thanks for your sweet and warm words re the knot and bracelet, and hope you had a wonderful weekend too! xox

    Lilian and Manuela, I could not agree more with you on our dear Scarf Enthusiast, the master of observance and beautiful words! Lilian, hope you had a creative and relaxing Sunday playing with your scarves and clothes :)

    Thank you, dear Aesthetic Alterations. The wrap would be a perfect companion on a warm and beautiful spring day. So true re the CWs, one could make a study out of comparing the different effects they have on a design!

    So happy to hear the how-to’s were useful to you, der Terese, many thanks! Wishing you much enjoyment with the new knots, and hopefully you’ll like the new video on the shoulder wrap too.

    Thank you, dear Scarf Addict!

    Glad you enjoyed the Valentine treats, my dear booksnchocolate! It was a great week for me too, and I wish I had the time to do it more often <3

    Awh, Manuela, you are the sweetest, thank you. So happy you too enjoyed V day week. You and Frances need to get Lilian on board, she's the master of persuasion! Have a great Sunday evening x

  13. Oh,how I love this non-chalant way of knotting the silks!
    Especially with the CenC in this beautiful cw. The whole ensemble is so perfect,chic and so MT!
    I will add my words of thanks to the chorus hear for such a delightful week of offerings. Thank you for your most generous efforts to brighten our days. Yes,spoiled we are dear MT ;) Hope your weekend has been sunny and bright and the week ahead full of the same! T xx

  14. This week has been such fun, my dear Trudye, thank you for taking part in each episode! Many thanks also for your kind words and sweet wishes, hope you'll have a wonderful and sunny week ahead too <3

  15. CenC is lovely, and this style of wearing it really shows off its beauty. I love the style challenges, and how you always put the right touch, elegantly casual and tres chic all at once =)

  16. My dear lifeatmyfingertips...sigh...oh, yes, this style of wearing really shows off the beauty of the beautiful CenC soooo much. I am crazy about that scarf and was not able to resist posting about it again...sigh. Lilian

  17. Thank you, my dear lifeatmyfingertis. I love the style challenges too, they bring so much diversity here.