Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Venice week #6 - turquoise

a beautiful garden and jetty on the Giudecca island (Cipriani Hotel)

Ceintures et Liens Cashmere GM in turquoise/aqua/violet 


terrace of the Fortuny restaurant, Giudecca island (Cipriani)

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  1. Hi Maitai!
    Congratulations on this wonderful new addition! These colours suit you so well: I have started to seriously love and consider turquoise for myself after reading one of your posts featuring the Brazil II Gavroche which I ended up buying ;-) Great choice!
    And of course, thank you for sharing your beautiful travelogue with us. Please keep the turquoise coming!
    Béatrice, Arctic Switzerland.

  2. Beautiful water colours and the Ceintures et Liens shawl is stunning. Congratulations and wear it in good health my dear!

  3. Dear National Geographic, I used to read you years ago, loving your beautiful photos and spirit of adventure wherever you go and whichever part of the world you were portraying.
    Dear Vogue, thank you for the time when I was staring at your models trying to figure out how to create my style based on their beautiful styling.
    Dear Both Above Mentioned Magazines of My Youth - thank you for having united and returned to me through MaiTai's blog.
    Now I dream through MaiTai's blog and love that dream so much.
    P.S. Turquoise is fabulous. I really think it suits and brightens anyone and it is fabulous colour itself.

  4. Ooh I love this turquoise it's delightful! Congrats on your lovely new GM! SAx

  5. That chair and that scarf is out of control MaiTai!! And I like how the dark scarf ring looks against the scarf, I wouldn't expect it to match but it does...Makes me think about getting a dark one now!

  6. Oh, what a beautiful shawl - I like the mixture of pinks, purples and turquoise, matching the water and the area perfectly :-) Thanks for all the lovely photos, dear MaiTai!
    Have a very HAPPY week :-)

  7. Wow!!!! Simply stunning! I didn't know this scarf. Is it from the Summer collection? It is absolutely fabulous and I can see how its beautiful turquoise colour matches your pretty blue eyes. Congratulations, dearest MaiTai!
    It looks gorgeous with your black suit, which is very chic too.
    I bet the gondolier could not take his eyes of you:)
    Love the photographs of the restaurant. What a wonderful place!
    You were absolutely right, my dear, I love this post!<3 and could go on and on watching your beautiful photographs from Venice. Thank you. Big, silky hugs, Manuela

  8. VeryVery elegant to go to a diner to Cipriani hotel this scarf in silk is beautiful. I a m surprised by the light again, was it very early? Anyway I hope you had a wonderful menu in your honour dear MT. Not understood what was the belt? A silk scarf??
    Warmest and kindest regards.

  9. P.S. Try The Locanda if a next time belongiing also to Cipriani which is a very romantic terrace in a garden a little be away by boat coming and returning to the Cipriani, hidden from crowd and with excellent foiod as well but for lunch time so romantic and peaceful. I love it.
    Good night dearest MT

  10. Dear MaiTai,

    Just wanted to stop by for a belated Birthday wish to you. Hope you had a great day, but I think it isn't difficult to have a great day in romantic Venice :-). Lovely pictures!
    Also, congratulations on your stunning Ceintures et Liens shawl, excellent choice! I have the same shawl and it's one of my favorites. Brightens up any cloudy day (and we have too many of them here lately).

    Have a great remaining week, dear!



  11. Congratulations on such a lovely birthday gift--such happy colors for a happy occasion and a happy lady. I am sure you will wear this a lot, and I look forward to all those posts!

  12. Your photos are so atmospheric and beautiful! I relish looking at them.
    I also admire your skill to always pick out the perfect items. This GM is stunning and a marvelous gift!

  13. Oh I loved that hotel, I've never stayed anywhere so wonderful in my life, looking over to Venice from the restaurant was so incredible. What a wonderful birthday!

  14. So schöne Bilder!!! Und das Tuch ist wunderschön. Ich kann nur jedem deinen Scarf Ring empfehlen der solch ein großes Tuch hat. Keine Knotenknitter mehr....
    Wenn du solche Reisen machst nimmst du immer eine Kelly oder welche Tasche findest du praktisch?

  15. Dear MaiTai,
    I stare at my screen and cannot find enough adjectives to describe your pics, your gift for style, your charm...;)

    Every single photograph is a picture itself and your photos are portraits of style.

    Please share more of your Venetian outfits, pleeeease :)


  16. Dear MaiTai, what gorgeous images, your eye for detail makes for a perfect photo diary of your wonderful visit. I'm just returning home myself after a little trip to the Chelsea Flower Show in London, so finding these on my return has been such a treat. I adore Venice (just off-season is ideal), and I think I will collate your posts as a little travel book for my next visit there. Thank you so much, your research is illuminating and thoughtful. Looking forward to more? Have a great day and thank you again, perfection. s

  17. Dearest MaiTai--

    Thank you for your wonderful gift to us, and of course, a very blessed and happy B-day to you.

    much love,

  18. Dear Mai Tai, My felicitations on your birthday , and thanks for sharing so generously your travel notes and photos as well as your fabulous style and joie de vivre.
    I too celebrated my 50th birthday in Venice, in coldest January .It was the most memorable time of my life...those mental snapshots of the canals and the Venetian women shopping at the fish market , arriving by gondola in their fur coats !
    I am having a long break in France sampling different areas in the South and happened on Hermes in Avignon. What a delightful little shop on a very unassuming corner and how charming the staff . I tried your turquoise C and L shawl , wish I'd followed DH's advice to buy it , he loved the colours as I did. I find the light in Provence so warm and clear : the colours that seem so strong in London light up and delight in the South . You look completely gorgeous in it , and now I'm waiting until I arrive in Nice next month as I know there will be more H shops there and around than anywhere else on the planet.
    What are your thoughts on the way different locations and light determine affect how we wear colour ?
    Sorry to be such a sporadic poster, I always read and enjoy your pages !

  19. Quel superbe moment dont vous vous souviendrez toutes votre vie et en plus avec le beau temps
    L eau étais assortie avec votre foulard qui est splendide
    J adore cette terrasse sur la lagune quel bon moment vous avez du passer
    Cette lumiere et inoubliable
    Je vous embrasse
    Bien a vous

  20. Dear MaiTai, of course this shawl had to come home with you, to remind you of these gorgeous colors of Venice! The color of the water is such an extraordinary turquoise, one of my favorite colors! Thank you again for sharing your beautiful photographs. :-)

  21. Wow! Mai Tai! These are luminous images of Venice~ They are postcard perfect! I also adore your new birthday scarf in such vibrant colours. You look absolutely stunning as usual!
    Barbara A

  22. My dear ladies, Thanks so much for the kind good wishes and compliments, and for giving the new shawl such a warm welcome! I enjoyed and appreciated each and every comment, and am terribly sorry for not coming back individually this time.. it's been a overwhelmingly busy day. Will try and answer all questions tomorrow! Hugs x

  23. Dearest MaiTai,
    Your special birthday scarf is so very beautiful, vibrant and joyful, full of happiness and cheer! And the turquoise waters are just heavenly - must have been breathtaking to dine surrounded by such gorgeousness. Lots of love and big sunny hugs to you xxx

  24. Love your birthday scarf, such gorgeous colours, picking up all those colours of Venice that you have been showing us.
    Love the Fortuny restaurant too. What a beautiful spot.
    You must have had a wonderful holiday and have such lovely, happy memories which, when you wear your happy scarf, will always be brought to mind.

  25. Hello - First of all, I know you must have enjoyed your wonderful birthday celebration - congratulations! Secondly, I truly savor your wonderful pictures and commentary so much. The elegant tone and the focus on scenes most people would not even notice is so unique and calming in this hectic world in which many of us live. Thank you very much for your attention to detail and your willingness to "take us with you" on your many travels and adventures. My best - SimplyFy

  26. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! All of it--Venice, the scarf and you!