Thursday, August 19, 2010

Aquitaine and Pointu joys

Last week, we visited friends who live in the beautiful Aquitaine region, in south-western France. The climate there is very different from where we are, it is cooler and greener than chez nous. Perfect conditions for hydrangeas, which I absolutely love, but can't have at home as they would get blasted in the summer heat. Aren't they fabulous?

We had scarf wearing temperatures the whole time, a wonderful extra bonus. Hooked on black&white for the moment, teaming up with a 'Les Clés' Pointu in the basic slide knot, and a moyenne scarf ring in black.

We had a happy time and kicked off the evenings with a game of croquet and an aperitif..

And since everyone tells me they love the scarf rings, I allow myself to join in. I absolutely adore the way it gives structure to a Pointu. So far, I have only one Pointu, as I always found it hard to give body to it, but love the way it looks with the basic slide, and without any re-tying it stayed like this all day. Might have to go and re-investigate the AW Pointu collection...

Earlier that day, we took a trip to the Pyrénées, and had a wonderful picnic lunch by a wild stream..

My computer will have a much deserved rest coming up, as I am going to 'partir en vacances'..

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful summer, and looking forward to seeing you again at the end of the month! xx

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  1. Looking super chic there, I love playing croquet, it's the essence of summertime.

  2. Dear Maitai

    You look wonderful- what a lovely garden and picnic basket too.

    I love hydrangas but have no luck growing them, more's the pity.

  3. Looking FABULOUS as always (loving the pointu too, and B+W is just classic), I love hydrangeas as well! Am going to try plant a couple when we move next year, though I doubt they will survive under me (hardly any green fingers) =P Have a wonderful break! xx

  4. If I didn't you're real, I'd think of this as a wonderful magazine story - something you dream about, how you imagine your life to be. :-) You look too chic for words, so all I can say is Happy Holiday! <3, Macs

  5. MaiTai, I also love hydrangeas. The weather here in the south (Georgia)is brutal. I have them all around my house. When they bloom I clip them and bring them in the house and enjoy. I LOVE this black and white on you. And that scarf....WOW. Enjoy your weekend :-) Blessings-P

  6. Oh, for "scarf-wearing weather"! It's been much too hot and humid this summer, and I don't have air conditioning at work, so I miss my scarves! I also have a new pointu with which I plan to use my new MaiTai Collection petite scarf ring! Bonnes vacances, Chere MaiTai!
    Teresa xo!

  7. Des belles fleurs and Hermes scarves -- it doesn't get any better than that!

  8. One more delightful post dear MT. Thank you.... but, oh no, I am suddenly wanting a Pointu!!

    Yesterday I took some time for myself and one of the enjoyable things I did was go back through all of your posts-- from beginning to end. Your generous spirit shines through each one and I want to say thank you again for all the beauty you share.

    Wishing you a lovely vacation.

  9. Bonnes vacances, amusez-vous bien!

  10. I hope you enjoy your holiday.

    We'll miss you.

  11. Hydrangeas are one of the benefits (along with scarves) of living in a cooler climate! Enjoy your hols MaiTai - Looking chic as always!

  12. Dear MaiTai

    You look beautiful!!! Enjoy your holidays!Looking forward to having you back. Hug.

  13. We have hydrangeas but they certainly don't last through summer - unfortunately the first really hot spell usually wilts them terribly. But I do adore them, they are so lovely. Your outfit is gorgeous today - I love how the scarf ring works with this scarf - it's divine!

    Have a fabulous holiday!

  14. Beautiful Mai Tai! I'm going to copy your look tomorrow at work, casual Friday. Black 3/4 t-shirt, white jeans, black and white and gold scarf. Love your desk. I have a small secretary that I love. Sometimes I set up my lunch there! Have a wonderful vacation.


  15. Oh, how idyllic your visit with friends
    looks and you are too chic for words! I am stuck in a black and white mode also. Where is Fellini when you need him???
    I loved seeing you with your croquet mallet. I have not played since I was a child and that used to be a favorite summer activity!
    Wishing you a wonderful holiday and I know we all look forward to seeing the highlights upon your return.
    T xxo

  16. You look great. The scarf is beautiful. Perfect Tying to your outfit.

  17. Dearest Maitai, I have, I believe, found the scarf I want to start my collection off with:

    Les Rubans du Cheval

    I am in love.

    You look so pretty and chic, and the picnic looks wonderful.

  18. Mai Tai,
    What lovely photos, thank you for sharing them.

    My scarf rings arrived Friday and they are fabulous. I can hardly wait for cooler weather to use them!

    Enjoy your holiday!

  19. you look lovely! In your previous post you mention London, do you find you have enough shopping locally or do you miss the variation available in london?melissa

  20. Many thanks, dear Tabitha. Happy summer croquet greetings to you! <3

    Aww, such a shame about the hydrangeas, dear FF. If I ever move further up North, they will be the first thing I plant.. if ever suscessful, I will send you some flowers! x

    Thank you dear DD. Have to give the sweet compliment right back to you, loved your blog post with the b&w Losange, so chic! Good luck with the hydrangeas <3

    My dear hair-mess, you are truly the sweetest, thank you. It is wonderful to finally see the beautiful little H fairy here, I hope it will bring us all luck and many orange boxes!

    Dear Penney, your ingenious method might be the answer to my hydrangea prayers (hope Faux Fuchsia and Miss Kitty-Cat are reading this too), especially since the flowers keep so well in the house, and look beautiful when dried. Will try your method next year, mille merci!!

    Ma chère Teresa, I hope that perfect scarf wearing weather will come your way soon, and wishing you much fun with your new Pointu and Ms Petite! Amitiés <3

    Vous avez raison, C’estChic! Thank you :-)

    Dear SMR, you are not alone in wanting a Pointu, I want one too, LOL. So lovely to hear that your trip down memory lane was enjoyable. Thank you for your wonderful loyalty, your comments always bring happiness to me <3

  21. Hello A, and merci for the good holiday wishes!

    Many thanks for the sweet ‘bon vacances’, dear cecilia. So nice though to be back too!

    Aww, the cooler climate is growing more and more on me, dear sushi queen!! Let me know when you are ready for a house swap!

    Merci, my dear Manuela. We had a wonderful time away, thank you for your good wishes! x

    Hello, dear Miss Kitty-Cat! You and Penney give me courage to give hydrangeas one more chance, despite our hot summers! I hope you saw Penney’s comment, such a great idea for getting the most out of the pretty flowers. Thank you also for the kind compliment and good holiday wishes :-)

    Your casual Friday outfit sounds fabulous, dear Emily, so fun to have been ‘look twins’ with you! I love my secretary too, and always have my morning cappuccino there.. could not think of a nicer way to start my day :-)

  22. Black&white greetings to you, dearest Trudye! It's truly a great colour combo, especially when summer is slowly drawing to an end. And yes, where is Fellini!! Oh well, let’s mix a Bellini instead, and play a round of croquet :D xx

    Many thanks for your kind comment, dear scarf. Happy you liked the knot and look!

    Congratulations on finding your dream scarf, dear Frances! The Les Rubans du Cheval is a true classic, and the CW you have picked is just beautiful. Hope you are the proud owner by now, and wishing you many more orange boxes to come!

    Dear Marilyn, so pleased to hear that you are happy with your scarf rings, wishing you much fun and enjoyment with them! Merci for your lovely comment, have a great week ahead.

    Hello Melissa, and thank you.I love shopping in London, but luckily France offers fabulous shopping too. There are a few things which are hard to get here though. I am addicted to Malden sea salt and love Dish-matic washing up brushes, and when in the UK, I stuff my suitcase with both!

  23. Lovely and inspirational.

    Would you mind doing a post on how you care for your scarves - how they are stored, and if you launder and iron?