Friday, May 13, 2011

Scarf it Up - going pink

My favorite roses are in full blossom, and inspired by their soft pink color, I reached for the Carré Kantha today. It is such a beautiful scarf, but I don't wear it often enough, maybe because I am lacking other wardrobe pieces/accessories to balance it with. Having placed some roses into small vases around the house, I felt in perfect harmony to go pink myself..

Inspired by the 'mille feuille' arrangement of the petals..

wearing the scarf in soft pleats too

Wardrobe pieces: black v-neck t-shirt and white 3/4 length jeans
Shoes: black suede wegde sandals
Accessories: Carré Kantha 90 Carré, black clic H bracelet, etoupe Picotin
Scarf tying method: Place your scarf face down on a flat surface. Fold into pleats, like an accordeon. Try and fold the pleats as tightly and accurately as you can, each about 6 cm (3.5") wide. Place the pleated scarf around your neck while holding firmly in both ends, careful to avoid the pleats from becoming loose. Secure ends in a criss-cross knot. Alternatively tie the ends into a double knot, which results in shorter ends.
Scarf ring: Grande Mother of Pearl

This post comes much later than inteded, but due to Google maintenance, Blogger has been in 'read only' mode for the last couple of days, not allowing new posts or comments. Will come back to the comments on the previous post tomorrow.


  1. Wow...what a beautiful post and look! The look is fabulous, beauty of the scarf is emphasized by the knot and T-shirt colour. Any hope to see video for this knot at some point of time, for some of us who are not very skilled? Hugs

  2. I love the way you have let the roses into your wardrobe ! I find pink scarves terribly difficult to bring together, but you have made you pink carre look effortlessly chic .

  3. I thought you might enjoy this post, my dear Lilian, as the scarf is clearly 'the independent star'here! As long as I stay far enough away from the roses, lol. The knot works exactly like the regular criss-cross, only fold the scarf first into an accordeon stripe, instead of the basic bias fold <3

  4. Thank you, Chiarina! I share your view re the difficulties of pairing pink scarves, it is so rare that I wear this one. I try and find a solution though, as pink scarves always look so very pretty.

  5. As pretty as a rose you are dear MT! The softness of the CK around your face gives you a lovely rosey glow!
    I hope your weekend gives you time to stop and smell the roses!!! Oh, love the new wedges:)
    Pink champagne toasts to you dear friend!
    T xx

  6. Very nice MaiTai. Love your sandals too.
    xxx S

  7. The pink is lovely, and you wear it so beautifully! The earrings go perfectly with the top and balance everything! Thanks again for another inspiring post!

  8. What a beautiful look! Fresh and elegant. We don't see it often but this pink CK suits you well.

  9. Gorgeous outfit -- black, white, and pink is so chic and the plisse-effect is so hfresh! I usually fret about how to wear pink, but you've provided so many lovely options. Oh, and we're "birth year twins," my 48th is coming up and I'm so inspired by yours to be happy about the occasion and celebrate with joy and panache. Skol! :) XO

  10. My dearest MaiTai,
    Your beautiful gentle pink roses took my breath away. And so did you, with the special Carré Kantha in the accordion criss-cross - so incredibly feminine and elegant - you are a true inspiration, dear MaiTai. I so much love and admire how you live in total harmony with your environment, so pure and natural. The soft pinks are just so, so lovely - one of my dear favorites colors. And your earring are most fabulous too. Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend. Sending you much love and warmest happy rosy hugs xx

  11. It seems you know it better than I know myself, my dear MaiTai. You are very much right, I like such the posts with scarf as independent start, as then the scarf is so much uplifting and its beauty glow in full shine. Regarding the wedges - now I know who bought the wedges I have been looking for, lol. Can you tell me where you bought them, which brand they are; so hard to find such the classic, nice things? If it is Cannes, then... I have tried this pleated knot-it takes time to "acquire the skill" in it, but the result is getting better, thanks for the instruction.

  12. Another scarf on my "must find it somewhere!" list! That one is such a beauty; I hadn't considered getting it in pink, but it looks smashing on you, Mai Tai. I need to be as fast as you are in snatching up the best scarves of each season; so many of my favorites are in your collection!

  13. This knot looks great and it is also quite easy, i realized:)...i wore it today with my Le pègase d'Hermès scarf and had received lot of compliments;)I am also trying all the other knots from your tutorials with my new MaiTai scarf rings:))...the only one i am not able to do nicely is the waterfall knot(probably need more practice);)
    Thank you for another great inspiration, dear MaiTai!

  14. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! The ultimate sexy, feminine look. You've never looked more beautiful, MaiTai ... like a glorious pink rose that has magically morphed into a breathtaking, elegant woman. Did I say wow? Wow!!!!

  15. Lol!! How timely this latest segment, I have just dipped my toe (as promised) into the dazzling array of H colors, and bagged a gorgeous little gavroche, Year Of The Ox(?) In pink!
    My inspiration was your deft use of color, yours an altogether more wonderful one, inspired by Mother Nature no less! As Scarf Enthusiast rightly points out, pink is a beautiful color on you!

    Hugs DB xxxxxxxx

  16. Your post is so beautiful and the soft pink looks lovely on you! The roses are so pretty and so is your post! To Spring, my dear MaiTai, and all its beautiful flowers!
    I do like the new criss-cross knot variation. A very happy knot!
    Wishing you lots of sunshine! M.

  17. I, too, love the pink on you, dearest MaiTai. Wearing pink with the neutrals, as you have fashionably done, is the only way I feel comfortable wearing pink. Your outfit is so very chic!

    Love the new sandals, lip color, and the new scarf knot. I'll have to try it!

    Warm hugs, CS

  18. My dear Trudye, SMR, Samantha, booksnchocolate, Dr. V.O., Scarf Enthusiast, Lilian, Reese, Belle de Ville, Jana, Xandrah, DB and Manuela, it has been much fun to share my excursion into pink with you, many thanks for your lovely sweet comments and compliments.

    Most dearest Trudye, I shall look no further than your comment when trying to pair the Kantha next... pink champagne it will have to be! Chin-chin and hugs my friend! <3

    Mille merci, my dear SMR x

    As I so often use scarves to balance an outfit, I was really happy to have found the earrings to to the job instead. So nice you liked it too, dear Samantha.

    Merci, my dear booksnchocolate, I feel motivated to bring her out more often <3

    Here’s to the ‘63 vintage, and hugs to you, my dear birth year twin! Wishing you a most wonderful b-day ahead, filled with fun, joy and happy celebrations!!

    Thank you for coming to my rescue yet again, my dearest Scarf Enthusiast, how I love ‘’accordeon criss-cross’! Being close to seasonal changes is a wonderful part of country life, and I am grateful to the roses for giving the inspiration for a new twist on the criss-cross. Blowing rose petals to you, and wishing you a wonderful weekend too.

    My dear Lilian, glad to hear the ‘accordion knot’ is working out! The most important thing is to fold the pleats as accurately and tight as possible. Works best with crisp scarves too, perhaps try it with one of your newer ones. Bought the wedges in the Rue d’Antibes in Cannes, will check if I can find more details :)

    It looks like we share the same taste, my dear Reese! Hope the scarf gods will be smiling at you, and wishing you the best of luck for your hunt <3

    Thank you, dear Belle de Ville, happy you like it :)

    How lovely to hear you have been practising the new knot already, dear Jana, there is nothing more rewarding than receiving compliments straight away! Re the waterfall, the key is where to pinch the silk in the last step, keep trying in different places, or give the gathered silk a twist before pulling through he ring. Good luck!

    My dear xandrah, you have made my day <3 Will reread your lovely comment whenever I need a bit of wow in my life.

    Woohoo, my dear DB, so excited to hear!! The Year of the Ox Gavroche in pink is so pretty, congratulations on this fabulous choice. Have fun with your new treasure, I bet it looks stunning on you!!

    Many thanks for the lovely spring wishes, dearest Manuela, sending warm sunshine hugs right back to you! Here’s to pink roses and pretty knots, and to all the lovely things spring brings x

  19. I hope you will enjoy the new knot, my dear CS. Perhaps with your lovely purple Pegase.. Jana said she tried it that way today! Many thanks for the lovely words on the pink post, so kind of you to say x

  20. Simply stunning Mai Tai! I too love roses and those pink ones are truly gorgeous. And I agree that you do indeed look rose-like! :)

    Melusine x

    PS: I haven't had the time unfortunately to comment for a while, but have loved catching up on all your beautiful and inspirational posts! Happy belated birthday too!

  21. Gorgeous, Mai Tai! You have inspired me to dig this scarf out of the depths of my scarf drawer - we are twins! You demonstrate perfectly how pretty this is worn with neutrals - and a belated happy birthday to you too! x

  22. I wish I look as polished as you in a simple top and an Hermes scarf. It's wonderful to see the same scarves being utilized so often. I don't have a big collection but nonetheless, each one's special to me.

  23. You already know I'm a huge fan of your Carre Kantha, can't begin say how good it looks with black/cream.
    PS You're new wedges are fantastic.

  24. Well, my dear, pink is certainly your color, but on second thought, what color isn't your color!

    You look as fresh, beautiful and radiant as those lovely roses.

    I agree, though. Pink scarves seem difficult to work into one's wardrobe, but based on how delightful you look in one, I think I may try harder!

  25. Welcome back, dear Melusine, and thank you for the lovely good wishes. Please don’t worry re comments, but glad to hear you enjoyed the catching up!

    Twin hugs to you, my dear sushi queen! Will try and give my Kantha more frequent outings, it is such a pretty design.

    Dear Chocolate, Cookies and Candies, it sounds as if you have build the perfect collection, where every scarf is special. And yes, it is fun to see them in a different light each time one tries a new knot or outfit with them!

    We seem to share the same taste so often, my dear msT! I have never paired Ms Kantha with black and cream before, but it has now become my favorite.

    You are so kind to say, my dear Jerrine. I should be trying more often to take Ms Kantha out, merci for the encouragement!