Monday, December 17, 2012

Capsule wardrobe #80 - learning new tricks

A few weeks ago I went to an Hermès scarf tying event and learnt a fabulous new detail for tying a scarf into a shrug

The basic idea has been around for some time, and I always liked the striking back view.. it showcases a scarf's design like no other knot can..

 yet I hardly ever wore a scarf this way, as the front (where the scarf ends are knotted together) appears too laboured

The secret I learned is to hide the knots in the inside, 
which makes all the difference.. resulting in a simple and elegant front view

Capsule pieces: black jeans and turtleneck sweater
Shoes: black loafers
Accessories: Hermès 'Le Laboratoire du Temps' 90 Carré and Kelly Dog bracelet in black croc, earrings: Swarovski
Scarf tying method: knotted as shrug, how-to to follow

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  1. As always You are looking terrific elegant. Great idea for a casual Christmas-outfit. Thank You!

  2. Perfect way to show our scarves in full beauty - however, I cannot figure out how to make that knot, as I feel the scarf would fall waiting for "how to".
    You are pushing me into huge temptation to buy LLDT and such the situations has never ended positively for my pocket :-)
    TIA, Lea

  3. Thanks for sharing you are as usual "rayonnante". This is really a nice way to wear some scarves which are masterpieces. Have a nice sunday.

  4. I love this look MT - really looking forward to the how-to!

  5. This looks great - I agree that it is a great way to wear the scarves with interesting designs eg La Femme and Lab du Temps! Thanks for sharing MaiTai, SA:-)

  6. I love the look of the chocolate LDT on you , brown and black look fabulous together when worn simply like this .
    Like you I have never worn the shrug because of the knots , I just feel silly ! So I'm hoping for inspiration with the 'how to'

  7. I would have never worn a scarf this way and it still takes me a little to get used to it. It looks lovely on you, dear MaiTai - I guess I still have to wait a while and see ;-) Have a very HAPPY Sunday evening :-)

  8. So lovely ! Please do tell the trick !

  9. Brilliant! So beautiful and such a clever idea!
    Always seems so easy when we know how :)
    I've never heard of the Hermes scarf tying event. How often do they have these? Are they just in France or in the US, too? I'd love to know more,,,very intriguing!

    Many thanks and happy holidays,

    1. Most boutiques in France have some kind of an event once every year or two, it could be scarf tying, demonstrations by craftsmen, a party, monogramming service etc. I have no idea if it's the same in the US. Maybe someone else could chime in? Happy holidays to you too :-)

  10. Merci merci!
    Merci de nous faire partager cette jolie façon de presenter nos foulard
    Se samedi a la boutique hermes d avignon tellement de monde que peu de temps pour les explications mais quand meme de tres beaux achats

    tres belle semaine

  11. My dear Mai Tai,
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE using Hermes scarves as shrugs and you look GORGEOUS in this post!!
    I learned this years ago from my SA in NY but I do NOT know the "secret" or how to get rid of the ties!!
    I have tried to tuck but they dont stay and I am not fond of them just hanging I can't wait for your HOW TO instructions!!

    WHat a fabulous and versatile way to use our scarves for another layer of warmth....
    Oranges hugs and kisse,

  12. Very stylish dear tai. Can't wait to see how it's done:)

  13. PS.....The shrug also works with gm shawls.....but have the same tie issue!!!! Cant wait to be able to eliminate this problem....
    Hurry....we are all :-)

  14. Sorry to add to the pressure but all your fans are waiting... this is painful not to know how to..... Are we all going crazy with this scarf addiction?

  15. Nice way of wearing scarf, I think I get the idea of how to do it but would love to see a video.

  16. Wonderful, the LdT looks great tied this way- thanks for sharing.

  17. You look fabulous as always. Love the idea. x

  18. Dear MaiTai,
    Thank you again for all the inspiration - you always find new ways to showcase your beautiful scarves and accessories. When you post the how-to, I'd like to try it with my blue Laboratoire du Temps - I think it would be a nice look on a navy sheath dress

  19. Many thanks for the lovely and sweet comments, dear ladies <3 Hope everyone's preparations for the holidays are going well.. there is always so much to do :-) Yesterday, I finished my baking marathon and there are just a couple of small gifts left to buy. The how-to for the above is nearly completed, will post it later today. Enjoy a fabulous rest of the week everyone xx