Monday, February 20, 2012

Reader's style challenge - 'One outfit, different looks' #5

After the recent cold spell we had wonderfully mild and sunny days, which prompted little yellow flowers to appear alongside country lanes and between rows of vine. Continuing the black trouser/rollneck challenge in the same esprit..

by adding a small silk which also carries the promise of spring...

Capsule pieces: black jeans and turtleneck sweater
Shoes: black suede ballet flats
Accessories: Hermès 'Brazil II' Gavroche, MaiTai Collection horn bracelet in noir, rubis Picotin
Scarf tying method: Cowboy knot with ends secured in a basic slide with a petite size MT collection scarf ring (instead of using a scarf ring, you can tie the ends into a small double knot) Please click here for a how-to

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  1. Great Spring look, my dear, and
    what a great way of wearing a gavroche! You can see so much more of the scarf that otherwise is hidden. I will practice the little cowboy knot already tomorrow :-)
    Thanks for the sweet words in the last post. I didn´t mean a combination of pink and orange. I meant pink and orange separately, (for instance a pink cardie and an orange one),though the combo can be pretty, I agree. Warm hug, M xx

  2. Ah, snap, we are both wearing the Brazil II gavroche today and in the same knot. I think the cowboy knot works best to showcase most of the fabulous detail of this pattern.

    I am smitten by your c/w but do not wish to be greedy as I was lucky last week at Harrods when I found my c/w (c/w sticker missing but you have it as well, taupe colours with a turquoise? border). Apparently they found a box of stock...

    PS, I think the plant is dill, very much a mediterranean plant and to flower now it would have germinated mid December. You must have had a mild spell then.

  3. Like a breath of fresh air you are dear MT! I love the Brazil II gavroche in this cw with your all black! I have this in the same cw that Bienchen mentions and love the cowboy knot for this and every other silk or cmsc! It is my fav knot,probably because it is the easiest for me:)A toast to the cowboy knot and MT,
    T xx

  4. Bonjour!

    Avec une base noire tout va ,c est magnifique
    Cela donne envie de printemp et de douceur
    Je trouve que le noeud cowboy va tres bien sur le col roulé
    Tres cordialement


  5. Beautiful, as usual dear MaiTai. I always wear my gavroche inside my turtleneck, but now I must try the cowboy knot on top of the sweater!

  6. Looking fantastic MaiTai in black with a pop of colour. I simply LOVE this gavroche, like Bienchen and Trudye I also have it in the turq/grey CW. Inspired to buy it thanks to a post from you I suspect;)

  7. So effortlessly chic. A true classic. Well done as always, dear.


  8. I'm always amazed how a gavroche can lift an outfit, and love the casual look it creates .
    Your Brazil is beautiful with the black sweater.