Sunday, January 29, 2012

Reader's style challenge - 'One outfit, different looks' #4

Some scarf color ways seem to be inspired straight by nature.. the coloring of the little acorn is so similar to one of my winter favorites, the Brides de Gala 90 Dip Dye. As mentioned before, black and brown are one of my favorite color combinations, and since so many of you commented or emailed me expressing enjoyment of the black pants/roll neck series, I am accessorising this trusted canvas again today, with accents in chocolate, mocca, dark honey and ebene.

Capsule pieces: black jeans and turtleneck sweater
Shoes: black ankle boots
Accessories: Hermès 'Brides de Gala' Dip Dye 90 Carré, MT Collection scarf fur collar in mocca, clic enamel bracelet in black, Lena earrings and ebene Birkin
Scarf tying method: Scarf folded in the basic bias and pulled through all five loops of the scarf fur collar, ends secured in an Ascot knot

Variation with a blazer

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  1. Oh that is beautiful, I really need to pick up a brown scarf to make my brown collar work so well with black.

  2. Wow! What a beautiful outfit! Love both looks but the one with the blazer is "superbe"!!!!!
    Thank you for continuing the "different looks series". Looking forward to more.... Big orange hugs right back to you, M.

  3. Dear Mai Tai,
    Tres chic as always!!
    You have that special gift.....and reminding us all that rotation of accessories is the key to a million gorgeous looks!!
    Here in the states since the 2009 recession...we call it
    "shopping our closets"! AND you prove the point to perfection!!
    Always fun to find your blog!!
    My best,

  4. This is a simply wonderful outfit .Who would imagine that black and grown could look so gorgeous .
    I do think you suit the colours so well , they give you a luminosity not everyone will find there.
    Also, as ever you are pairing with some very delicious little pieces of jewellery from Hermes, and that seems to bring everything up a notch .
    I did buy a Farandole which is great, and worth every penny . But I have a problem getting over the hurdle of paying high prices for the non-precious pieces . I wish I could do though , when I see your photos ! A tiny word of encouragement may help please !

  5. Wow, again! What a gorgeous combo you are tempting us all with dear MT! Accessories,accessories ....they truly work magic to transform a look! I am enjoying the heck out of this latest tutorial;) hope you are enjoying it as much as everyone here:)) Thanks a ton and have a great week ahead! Must get busy trying to accessorize my outfit to watch Downton Abbey...decisions,decisions! Big mwah, T xx

  6. Your awesomely chic combo (and all it's variations) keeps making me forget my "colourful intentions". ;-) Also loving Ms. Moca and still drooling over Ms. Ebene, xox, Macs

  7. Loving this series MaiTai! I also love the black and brown combination, so chic! Stylish, elegant yet warm for a winter's day. The nature photos are also a wonderful touch.

    Have a lovely week!

    Melusine x

  8. You're teasing me again with your lovely mocca fur collar! I love the rich brown color. We're having such a mild winter, but your photos provide further encouragement. ;-)

  9. Bonjour Ms BdG! She always looks spectacular. Black and brown are great on you. Gosh makes me wish I could wear black, but I just can't.

  10. Bonjour
    Toutes vos combinaisons sont magnifiques
    Vous etes une source d inspiration
    Tres cordialement

  11. Great look!! You always make me reconsider things, ;-). I have a BdeG Dip Dye in the plum color, but I haven't worn it yet, and it's actually in a pile of H items that I felt should find a happier home. Maybe not. I've been eyeing a black Clic for years, and I suppose I could get the cost per wear down so low that it would seem a bargain overall. Hmmmm.

  12. The dip dyes add a different textural note to your style challenge too! This BdG is perfect for you and I do like the initiating collage photo of acorns and leaves.

    The Vivienne Files yesterday highlights a site where a photo or image you select becomes the basis of a colour palette: you have mastered this already!

  13. Oh, how I LOVE pairing black and brown! And you look absolutely stunning, dear MaiTai. Everything is done to such perfection!

    This is why I had been so disenchanted with the past two seasons. I would love to see more classic styles like the BdG again. Seriously, H, are you listening???

    LAURA: if you want to part with your BdG, please contact MaiTai. I would be interested, and positively giddy, seriously, over the top giddy, of the prospect of getting my hands on a BdG dip dye.

    Warm hugs,

  14. weave and spin, thanks so much!

    Have fun hunting, dear Tabitha. And please send a pic! ;)

    Many thanks, my dear Manuela. It was lucky it wasn’t too cold for just a blazer that day, loved the combination too <3

    Dear Paula, so lovely to having you joining us here. Combining the things we own into new looks is so much fun, love shopping my closet!

    Congratulations on the Farandole, dear Estrella! Re jewelry, I remember how my head was spinning when I bought my first enamel, spending so much on a non-precious piece made me think I lost my sanity. But I never regretted the purchase, and on a cost per way basis the price looks a lot better. One thing is certain, in a few years down the line, today’s price will look like a bargain! Oh, and they are addictive, too ;)

    Joining into the 'ode to accessories' chant, my dear Trudye! Having the best time with this series, and so glad you enjoy it too! Love Downton Abbey!! Mwahs right back

    Thank you, my dear Melusine, so nice to hear you enjoyed the post. Have a lovely rest of the week!

    Enjoy the mild temperatures, dear NiniKnows! Most of Europe is in cold grip right now, not taking my fur collar off for a moment (and would not even mind which color it is, lol)

    Warm BdG twin hugs to you, my dearest msT! Perhaps you could try wearing black with a scarf in a cowboy knot, it can be an ideal ‘buffer’.

    Bonjour Myriam, un grand merci pour votre appréciation!

    Dear Laura, it sounds as if your BdG might be finding a new and loving home soon! Agree with you on the clic maths!

    A million thanks for the wonderful link, dear pussywillow, what a fun and useful site! I know I’ll be spending many hours playing color games over there..

    Dear CS, hope your DipDye dreams will come true one day soon. Thank you for the lovely comment, and toasting with you to black and brown, and classic scarf designs. Hope H is listening!

  15. Hi MaiTai, the fur collar is beautiful. Can you tell me what the measurements are?

    1. Many thanks, Joanna. The lining of the fur collars is approx 52 cm (20.5") long, and the total length about 59 cm (23.5"). For more information, please click here