Monday, January 23, 2012

Reader's style challenge - 'One outfit, different looks' #3

Each year, the Chinese New Year falls on a different date, as it depends on solar and lunar movements. Every lunar year corresponds with one of the twelve zodiac animals, and today the year of the Dragon has begun.

Red is the most important color during the celebrations, as it symbolizes good luck. Accessorising with touches of red today, and wishing everyone a very happy Year of the Dragon!

Capsule pieces: black jeans and turtleneck sweater
Shoes: black suede loafers
Accessories: Hermès 'La Danse du Cheval Marvari' CSGM, Collier de Chien bracelet in noir croc, rubis Picotin
Scarf tying method: Cowboy knot with ends secured in a basic slide with a MT collection scarf ring in sunshine honey. Please click here for a how-to

I truly enjoy this series, and could probably carry on for the rest of the winter, but wouldn't want to bore anyone with too much repetition. So perhaps just one more episode with a smaller silk format, and then pick up the series at a later time.

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  1. You know, how much of a GM-fan I've become, so out of the (first) three looks, this one is my favourite! Lush, cozy, understated luxury at it's best - xox, Macs :) (PS: And thanks a lot from the HFT for making me lust for a subtle, light coloured GM ;)

  2. Raspberry red: my favourite!

    A lovely and bright outfit, perfect for a cheerful New Year's celebration.

  3. Many thanks, my dear Macs and Bienchen! It is fun you both voted, and now we have a score, standing 2:0:0 in favour for the raspberry GM look. Hope others will join the poll :)

  4. Happy Chinese New Year Mai Tai!

    Love the red in the scarf and picotin - just perfect!

    xo, sam

  5. Mai Tai this is beautiful!! And I am loving your Picotin collection. This beautiful relaxed post is making me want another. I would never have bought my first picotin if I hadn't seen you wear it on the tpf all those years ago! Thank you

  6. Dear MaiTai

    I have loved all 3 looks each one so different and fab in their own way, loving your CDC and KD also

    looking forward to the next year of fabulousnes


  7. I read that the sign of the Dragon symbolizes power,strength and intensity..Not bad at all!
    Exquisite all three looks but i'm partial to the last one!Flawless!

  8. How lovely and bright on a dull winter's day - I love it! xxx

  9. I'm with the first post on this , I'm totally converted to cashmere GM s for cooler weather . Because they always look stylish, they don't ever look too dressy, they lift a look .My second one is based on red and orange and neutrals , I love it and often wear with black .
    When I first rediscovered scarves the post that made the greatest impression on me was your post of your orange F I mousseline stole worn with black pants and top.
    You see dear MaiTai , we're very diligent students !

  10. Thank you, my dear MaiTai. I wish you a wonderful year of the Dragon too. This is one of my favourites GMs. Out of the 3, my favourite look (3 votes in favour of the raspberry GM!) Red enlightens your face and is so good on you!Thank you for posting one more look. I would not get tired to keep on seeing the amazing looks you are able to create...:-)Warm raspberry hugs, M

  11. Only now I noticed that the rasberry GM already had 3 votes :-)
    Big hug, M.

  12. I will chime in here with my vote for this being my fav out of the three! while the others are TDF,I am also a fan of the GM!Even in our sultry climate,I wear them all year!
    The ac is on most of the year and they make the most elegant of wraps to keep away the chill! Wishing you tons of good luck and prosperity with the wearing of the red for the year of the Dragon!I also agree with dear Manuela that I never tire of seeing the looks you put together for us here! A toast to our fearless leader, Txx

  13. P.S. Could not help but notice the little boy you are sitting with in "You may also like" has grown into a tall,handsome young gent<3 Mwah...

  14. Kung Hei Fat Choy!! Sydney has a huge chinese new year festival every year, with the streets all covered with red and gold banners, the city looks fantastic. As does your pop of red on black. The cashmere GM looks so luxurious and warm and Ms Rubis Pico is just gorgeous.

  15. PS.. My vote is with outfit #1, Ex-Libris en Kimono and the sanguine Picotin. Parfait!

  16. Happy Chinese New Year from fabbylife to you, Maitai! We all love your blog and your great sense in fashion :-).

  17. Happy Chinese New Year to you! Hmmm, I can't decide between any of the three lokks? They all have great points...or maybe its the fact I have enjoyed them all immensely as they have given me something great to look at and think about while I have been taken out with the most wicked cold? On that last point I guess my vote should go for the GM and its warm and cozy take on the outfit!
    Love them all, congrats on the addition of your gorgeous CDC too, looks fabulous on you!
    DB xxx

  18. I love, love! this series. Please do continue it. Your blog is never boring in any way; always inspirational. BTW, I love all three looks, as they communicate different moods and aesthetics. Sending a big hug.

  19. That was a great series, and I hope you'll add a few more looks for your fabulous collection! I loved the Picotin in this outfit, and your GM looks so cozy! I don't think I can pick a favorite out of the 3 looks, though, as they were different but equally good!

  20. Each of these looks is inspiring in its own way--I can't choose! And please don't worry about boring us! These have been such fun!

  21. Hi Sam! Hope you had wonderful celebrations, happy Year of the Dragon to you! x

    Many thanks, dear Sarah! Always fun to hear a ‘enabling’ story, and hope your first Pico will have a colored sibling one day soon.

    Thank you for the vote, dear ladyjane963 and for the warm welcome to KD and CDC. The new score is 1:1:4 (looks #1-3)

    marinaki, I agree, the characteristics are not bad at all! (DS was born in the previous year of the dragon, hope some of the characterics will help him through life) Thanks also for voting! 1:1:5 (looks #1-3)

    Thank you, dear Mrs.Exeter. Hope your weather has changed in the meantime to bright and sunny :)

    I remember the pic so well, dear Estrella, and yes, the orange FI mousse would work very well with the black rollneck sweater look too. Re your second GM, that’s a 20/20 ! ;)

    Dearest Manuela, thanks so much. The LDduCM is so rich and balanced, I love it too. Thank you for voting, the score is 1:1:6 (looks #1-3) Raspberry hugs right back!

    Awh Trudye, another vote for the GM, how fast our cashmere club is growing! AC joys are limited in France, so we have to make the most of those times we have chilly weather. Cosy cashmere hugs to you <3 New score 1:1:7 (looks #1-3) PS. felt the same when looking at the older pics, can’t believe how quickly it is happening!

    Oh it must be such fun to witness the celebatrions close up, my dear msT! Ms Sanguine blows you a big orange kiss ;) New score: 2:1:7 (looks #1-3)

    Wonderful to hear, merci and greetings to all at fabbylife!

    Hope you are feeling better, my dear DB <3 So lovely to hear you enjoyed the posts, and many thanks for the warm welcome to Ms CDC! Just wonderful to be cousins with you <3 New score 2:1:8 !

    My dear Dr V.O., SopehieG and weave and spin, many thanks for the wonderful comments, I am truly happy you are enjoying the series, as I do too :) Between you and Trudye and Manuela I am only too readily persuaded to add a couple more episodes! Enjoy a great weekend ahead :) The new score is 5:4:12 !