Friday, April 17, 2009

'How to' for a Plissé flower knot

This is my favorite way to wear a Plissé. It's such an amazing look and yet it takes less than 20 seconds to achieve.

I hope this 'how to' video works, it's the first time I am posting one.
I used my Projet Carré Plissé and Regate scarf ring, but any other similar shaped scarf ring would do.


The knot turns out differently every time and it's fun to discover the different shaped flowers it produces:

For a bigger 'flower' follow the same instructions, but leave out the simple knot at the beginning:


  1. Not only the knot, but the How to video is fab!! Congrats!iSight is a wonderful tool, no? Hugs, V.

  2. Thank you so much for the video. I was curious how you did this. I am definitely going to have to get a plisse now. They are so glamorous and interesting. Now I have to pick a color, the fun part.

  3. Hi Van, thanks! Is there a difference between iSight and iMovie? If so, could you show it to me in June? xx

  4. The video is FANTASTIC! NOW I get it. Thank you so much for sharing. (At the risk of sounding pushy...maybe you could show us some of your other knots on other scarves this way?) I am loving this blog, thank you for your generosity.

  5. Thank you C'est ma vie, I very much appreciate your lovely comment. I am so pleased to have got the video demo working and will definitely experiment on further installments :)

  6. Thank you Mai Tai! I tried it last night for Symphony (Boston) and got many intrigued stares. You are right about the look being different every time. So much fun!!!
    Catherine Anne

  7. This is great to hear Catherine Anne! Hope you didn't lead the orchestra to distraction.. ;-)

  8. Thanks for posting this! It's so simple - how did I not know how to do this?!

  9. A-T-G, thanks sweetie! Hope to see a pic of you with it soon.

  10. This is INGENIOUS, and I love your blog. I just came upon it tonight and added it to my blog reader so I won't miss another posting. I am so delighted to have discovered it, and look forward to wearing my Hermes scarves again. (I ran out of ways to tie them.)

  11. Marsi, your lovely words put a happy smile on my face, thank you. So glad to hear your Hermès Carrés will be worn and loved again. Have fun! :-)

  12. Hi Mai Tai!
    I keep coming back to see this - I am a fan of yours :)

    I do not have a regate ring, but I do have a selection of (not even sure of the name) leather ring's with buckle's (sort of looks like a miniature belt)...I've found it quite hard to use them with 90cm carre's - so I haven't dared to use it with my plisse's

    Do you find the regate to be the best for 90cm and plisse's or is there something better? I am just very afraid of damaging the scarf inadvertently...


  13. Hi Sonia,
    Yes, I do find the Regate a perfect ring for the 90s and Plissés and it is certainly the best one for the above Plissé flower knot. The Regate is probably the ring I use most.. It also works beautifully with the 70s and definitely won't damage your scarves. I am glad you like the knot so much and thank you for your kind words, you are very sweet to say so :-)

  14. Hi MaiTai,

    the flower knot is just so beautifully done! makes me want to get a Plisse and a regate ring right a way...i'm not good in wearing scarf so a lot of my collection had just sat at the bottom of the draw since i brought them home, but reading your blog inspires me and i think i can wear them more often to "spice" up my look.

    Do you find maintaing a Plisse difficult? how do you clean it? and does the "wrinkles" go away easily with time and cleaning? i'm seriously thinking of getting one to try :)

  15. Hello TL,

    Thank you for your kind comment. Very happy to hear that you are inspired to use your scarves more! :-)

    A Plissé is a great purchase. Just be careful not to get it wet (not even rain), as the pleats would disappear. It is dryclean only. Over the years and with heavy use the pleats may flatten a bit/become loose. It has not happen to mine yet, but I have heard about it. You can send it to H and have it repleated for arond 35 Euros.

    Enjoy your scarves!!

  16. See? I keep coming back :)
    Hi Again! I just wanted to say hello - and I continue to be wow-ed by everything you do - I am having so much fun with my regate - THANK YOU!!! Love that flower knot - makes it look so wonderful each time!

    I am curious though - I've seen some pictures where people wear their plisse's in a simple loose knot around the neck - my favourite way to wear them - but the problem for me is they slide undone after a while - how do you make sure that doesn't happen?

    Best Regards,

  17. Sorry I meant the loop knot comes undone...even if I double knot it...

  18. Hi Sonia, great to see you again :-)

    Happy to hear you got the Regate in the end and that you are having fun with it.

    I know what you mean about the Plissé coming loose. You could secure the knot very simply, by threading both Plissé ends (coming from the same direction) through your Regate ring and then sliding the ring upwards just until the knot. Hope this helps!

  19. MaiTai, I've just watched your video and tried it on my plisse! OMG, how amazingly simple a technique to achieve such a beautiful result! Guess which scarf I'll be wearing tomorrow? Lol. Thank you for your video!


  20. So happy to hear, dear Yenners, many thanks! Have fun tomorrow :)

  21. Hello Mai Tai,

    This looks really nice. It looks like the Regate ring is no longer made, so I could I please ask which of your scarf rings could substitute this (I am worried about damaging the scarf with too small a ring).

    Best wishes,

    1. Happy you like the knot, many thanks Angela. The Anneau Infinity has a similar diameter to the Regate ring, and works in a similar way. For an example, please see the last photo in this link: Infinity scarf ring with 90 Carres

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