Friday, May 15, 2009

My first Hermès scarf

Today wearing my first ever Hermès scarf (Courbettes et Cabrioles) which I received as a gift in 1985. It features horses and even though one can't see very much of them when the scarf is tied, it has a very equestrian feel.

I love this scarf and whenever I wear it, I find myself choosing clothes and knots that go with the theme. Today wearing skinny black jeans and a white shirt (reminds me of a dressage outfit) with the CetC in an Ascot knot, leaving the ends hang loose. To me, this scarf is a great example for the timeless beauty of H Carrés.. nearly twenty-five years on it continues to H-up a very basic and simple outfit.

H it Up!

Courbettes & Cabrioles Carré
Muse belt buckle & black box belt strap
Farandole necklace
35 Birkin


  1. Wow, I love the scarf! It is just exquisite! Thank you for sharing it with us, and you look fabulous as always :) The colours are lovely!
    I received my Tokyo twilly today! It's so beautiful! I'm trying to find ways to wear it though..

  2. Thank you dreamdoll and congrats on your new Twilly!! I have planned a few Twilly episodes for the LBS series, hope they will prove useful! x

  3. The scarf looks brand new. It's so pretty. They truly are timeless pieces.

  4. So true Bonjour Madame! Can't think of many things that I still love wearing after such a long time...

  5. Thanks MT! Can't wait to see more :)

  6. Dear MT, you look so fabulous in the outfit of white shirt and jeans with your first H scarf. I love your pic showing your perfect shape and the boot as well. Henrika

  7. Many thanks, my dear friend. The first one always remains so very special.. <3