Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Les ailes d'Hermès ~ Carrément moi

Hermès has got a truly amazing corporate website 'les ailes d'Hermès' ~ a great way to discover and travel the world of Hermès, learn about the history of 'la maison', find a template for a (paper) Kelly bag, get educated about the skills of the artisans, see beautiful photographs, watch how many colors it takes to color a scarf, read about the cultural events H sponsors, listen to interviews and much more... it's a fabulous site.

There is a fun interactive feature for scarf lovers, called 'Carrément moi' or 'Tie a knot' (in the english/us version). Readers can send in a pic of themselves wearing an H scarf and with any luck it will appear on the next update of the site. My previous pic of a wintry market scene just got replaced by the light and summery one below. I am in wonderful company, as many of my scarf friends have their pic in there too!

De Madras à Zakynthos Carré (from the H it Up episode Animal print scarf)

And my earlier contributions to les ailes..

Projet Carré Plissé

Fantaisies Indiennes Mousse

Bolduc au Carré Twilly

Ciels Byzantins Mousse Gavroche


  1. You are destined to be on that site! I can't express how much you have inspired me to wear scarves since I discovered your blog.

  2. Bonjour Madame, your comment brought a bright ray of sunshine to my heart, thank you! Really happy you discovered a love for scarves :-)

  3. MT, you look gorgeous as always, and I can't think of a better choice to be on the H site! Likewise, you have inspired me so much from scarves to the mors ring and so much more that words cannot describe <3

  4. maitai

    every since your H it up, i told hubby i need more scaves and accessories. And this is the pretty etoupe picotin Chaz was talking about. Another on my wishlist:)

  5. DD, so honored you consider me your scarf inspiration.. you wear all yours so beautifully!! Thank you my dear, you are so kind. x

  6. casiewbao, I very much hope your husband is complying ;-) and yes, I'm Picotin twins with chaz! :-)

  7. I love ALL of these! Next, they should feature you on a scarf knotting card!