Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Counting the days until Christmas ~ Advent calender

With the 1st of December the countdown for Christmas has officially started in our house!

For me it means the start of all preparations and working off my lists, but for DS it means happy anticipation of the big event. Each year he gets an Advent calender to help him counting the days. It helps me too, as I won't be having any trouble getting him out of bed in the morning. Well, at least until Christmas ;-)

I found this beautiful hand crafted calender on a Christmas fair in London ten years ago.

It has buttons sewn on from which one can suspend little parcels.

All packets contain tiny things, sometimes a sweet, sometimes a little gift. It gets increasingly difficult to find these things, as they have to be small, lightweight and not too expensive!

Every parcel that gets taken down, is replaced by a beautiful handmade ornament.

and when it's almost Christmas, the calender is such a pretty sight, with all it's ornaments on display!

Wishing everyone a very happy Advent season!


  1. Thank you, MaiTai

    In Denmark we have this calender tradition as well. It is so exciting for the children!
    Warm regards, Manuela

  2. Thank you Manuela! I still remember the exitement I felt as a child.. it is so lovely to repeat it for one's own child! :-)

  3. This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing, and happy Advent season to you too xxx

  4. Oh db, would it not be fun to have one filled with treats for oneself! :D

  5. This is a truly lovely advent calender, perfect for DS. I got one calender from DH and gave him one too. ;-)

    Happy advent season!

  6. q9y9 thank you. Such a lovely idea to exchange calenders with hubby! :-)

  7. That is just lovely!! And whats good is that you dont have to buy another one each year!

    Hope you have a wonderful festive season also!!


  8. Gorgeous!! What a wonderful treasure!
    Wishing you a wonderful advent season too! xxx

  9. Thank you JA_UK, I like the 'receycle' aspect of it too and for DS it is the comfort of having the same every year! :-)

    Thank you darling DB, I just know how special you make this time of the year <3

  10. Thank you A-T-G! I wish I'd have one too, lol! x